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New Lotto 5 Software Offer: Command Prompt Lottery Programs plus MDIEditor Lotto WE

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lottery Mathematics, Lotto Programming Science

Lotto 5, software, DOS, LotWon, 'MDIEditor And Lotto WE, suite, lottery, program.

II. Special Offer to All Registered Users of Ion Saliu's Lotto/Lottery Software
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Lotto 5, software, DOS, command prompt, 'MDIEditor And Lotto WE, suite, lottery, program.

Authored on March 1 & 12, 2006.

• I made a mistake and I truly apologize for giving such high hopes. I apologize to all well-intended users of my lotto software. I recognized a few respectful names who had already sent PayPal payments. The bad news is that they were vastly outnumbered by beggars or enraged bullies. I recognized the IP address of one or two of them among those who made PayPal payments!

I withdraw my special offer. I discovered two errors. The first error was caused by the compression software. It led me to recheck my software as well. I did find a glitch. There might be more. I want my software to be perfect, although there is no perfection in the Universe. I will do the most thorough checking, but only in the privacy of my space. Nobody else will be involved in the testing. Therefore, my newest lotto software will not me made available to the public.

No payments will be accepted.

I do not take any replies. What a huge waste of time the email has become! I am sick and tired of most emails I receive. They get deleted automatically. I never have nearly enough time to take care of my endeavors even without email...

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2. A Special Offer To All Registered Users of Ion Saliu's Lotto/Lottery Software

I must take one special action, however. It's not being nice. It's paying respect when respect is due.

A number of people, not very many, paid for my lottery software at one or more moments in time, beginning in 1989. I owe them a lot of respect. They paid when so many bastards got my lotto software for free!

Look, I know the real figures. At least 99% of those who download and use my lotto software for free are decent, honest people. They don't cross me. I don't cross them. We don't even interface. There is no need for contact. More importantly, there is no time for contact. All knowledge is right there, included with the software. And the user doesn't need to be a genius in mathematics, either. I did the hard part, of tackling the mathematics of randomness. The user is isolated from the so–called scary math. Nevertheless, the user with good mathematical knowledge has an advantage.

The tools that I offer for free offer the very realistic chance that at least one in 100 users gets to win the highest lottery prize. It is far better than playing randomly. Even my online random generators are far better than any bare–bone random number generator. Actually, every user, one in one, has a realistic chance of hitting the biggest lottery prize. I've done it in pick–3. I've seen real data in lotto–6. The important matter is to put reasonable effort into it. I haven't put all the effort myself for a few reasons. First and foremost, developing the software is a hugely time consuming activity. Try it for yourself, if you don't believe me. But, you gotta believe me that I have awakened. You might not see me offering tons of free lottery software again. It's time for me to be a user of my own lottery and lotto software and theories.

No user of my lotto, lottery software is under any obligation. I only made allusion to sharing with me a percentage of the big prizes. I think I was under the influence (of religion) at that time. I might have had in mind that tithe thing in the Bible. Is it how they call the 11% donation to one's church? The ten–percenter, or so. I don't think I want to ask people for donations. Again, nobody is under any obligation whatsoever.

Those who paid for my software might have a good point. They might say: "Look, we paid you. Meanwhile a bunch of bastards got your software for free. Not only that, but the more they got for free, the more they hate you…" So, what, crocodilule? Let them behave according to their nature. They use my lottery software more than anything else in the world. Yet, they never mention public(k)ly that they even use my software. Au contraire, the only thing they mention in public(k) is their intense hatred leveled at yours truly.

I want to let you know about an important person who resides inside each and every one of us. It's the resident judge. That judge might be sleeping most of the time. They will tell you about judges who are so bored during court sessions that they do fall asleep! They've heard so many cases like that boring one, that they get bored, really! They fall asleep! Nevertheless, the sleeping judge awakens unexpectedly and rules a tough judgment! The resident judge in each of us is most notorious for those kinds of unexpected awakening. Sometimes, the resident judge punishes the host very severely!

Now, to the chase. If you are a paying user of my lottery software, I want to email to you the new lotto–5 software: BRIGHT–5. Just send me an email with 'registered' in the subject line. I need also your real name to check in my databases. There is only this clause of honor on your part. My BRIGHT–5 software is for your use only. That's it.

BRIGHT5 is exactly that: an EXE file. In truth, it is a compressed, self–extracting file. I may not offer my software in any other form. The majority of people have no problem receiving emails with an EXE attachment. You may want to ask your email provider to allow receiving of EXE attachments. The most important factor is that you know who is sending you the email — and you trust him. The file size is also an issue sometimes. BRIGHT5 is 1MB in size. Yahoo mail seems to be the most accommodating.

As I said, the software was not tested the way I always want to. The testing came just after I was struck by shingles. I can say in about 99% confidence that BRIGHT–5 is not bug–ridden. You have no obligation to let me know about any glitch you come across in the software. I'll do it myself, as I have already done. When I can 99.99999% confidently say that the software has no bugs, I will send you the fix (for free, of course).

I am not ready to offer any other lottery package in the manner of BRIGHT–5. I just discovered some issues and made corrections to BRIGHT–3 and BRIGHT–4. Besides, I simply can't afford to spend that much time emailing 1MB attachments…

Yes, I had issues with a few registered users of my lotto software. They bothered me with requests to reveal the essence of every filter in my software. Ain't nobody business but mine. I revealed a lot about lottery filters. Nobody should bother me no more regarding the filters. Nobody needs to know how the filters are built. I forget sometimes what a particular filter does. But I don't really need to know. I take a filter as just a name. I could have named all the filters in this conventional manner: Filter1, Filter2, …, Filter_N. Or, even simpler: F1, F2, F3,…, F_N. The heart of the matter is the number that defines a filter in a particular drawing. Even more important is the median of the filter.

Best of luck, old pal!

Ion Saliu's most interesting and intelligent signature.

All about lotto lottery: Software, systems, generate winning  combinations.

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