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Are lottery and gambling winnable consistently — or is Ion Saliu just another crook or lunatic?

By Laius Usail, Human At-Large

Winning Lotto, Lottery, Gambling: Truth or Myth

Of course, lottery and gambling are winnable. Many humans have become millionaires as a result of winning the lotto jackpot. Many other humans have become rich as a result of their gambling winnings. The keyword here is consistence. Consistence is the effect of a strategy — a special form of planning. Planning is the effect of solid knowledge in the field of action. Consistent winning is the opposite of pure luck. Pure luck is a one–time random shot that strikes the gold pot. Winning consistently represents a never–ending chain of losing streaks annulated by bigger winning streaks. Consistent winning not only takes into account the losing shots — it takes advantage of the losing streaks.

So, here comes this fellow by the fairly rare name of Ion Saliu. He claims and performs some unusual things. Let alone the fact that he was a lucky refugee two decades ago. He is supposed to work hard day and night, ain't he? That's what he should do. Instead, he spends most of his time devising theories — while starving, as it were. Let the people who were born where they were born to spend time on theories and that kind of stuff!

But, again, let's forget about that jingo stuff... refugee, ye know. This guy Ion Saliu shouts in agora (public places) that he discovered how to beat the odds. He beat the odds alright when he became a refugee. He should have stopped right there and take advantage of his blind luck. But, no. Ion (the ion is a supercharged particle in physics) upped the ante. He claimed he could beat at any time any kind of odds: lotto, lottery, casino gambling, horse racing, sports betting… You name it — Ion would beat it consistently.

As a newly resettled refugee in a rich country like America, Ion had enough money to buy a used car, if not a brand new bicycle. But, no. The physicist at–large bought a…personal computer! His fellow migrant workers from Mexico laughed at him like crazy! They were farm hands like Ion — but far less educated. Yet, many of them were driving cars to work. Seems like the less educated were better knowledgeable at the science of living than our biologist at–large. Ion Saliu, that guy with a hard–to–pronounce name, was driving a used bicycle to work, rain or shine, sometimes snow! He claims also that he knows a thing or two about the genetic code, ye know!

And thus the legend was born. Ion Saliu became the fastest human in history to write his first 500 computer programs. What kind of lottery you wanna play? Pick–3, pick–4? Those games are easier to win 'cuz the odds–against are lower. Ion himself won several times at pick–3. He wrote for you and everybody else dozens of computer programs. Guess what? Most of Ion's programs are absolutely free! Is he nuts? Many people think so — but they still download the programs and run them with high hopes. Ah, I see. You are interested in the multi–million lotto jackpots… No problem. Ion has even more computer programs for the lotto games.

Before he bought his computer, Ion applied his strange knowledge to manual methods (based on pencil–and–paper). He won the lotto games two times in a row; the very first times he played lotto in America. Some of his farm fellows were impressed. They offered Ion free rides to the grocery store and the lottery store. They played lotto in a team. The odds–against are really high — yet this story was widely talked about in Ion's farm community. I quote here from the web site of our webmaster at–large. (Oh, yes, Ion is big in the Internet, too. Reportedly, he became the fastest human in history to write his first 1000 web pages.) Says the farmhand at–large:

I started work on a tree nursery and orchard. One day, a Porto Rican gave me some lottery materials and tickets. He said he had a hunch I was a lottery expert! I could not drive at that time and I rode a bicycle to work. The Porto Rican would give me sometimes a ride to the food store. But first we would stop by a lottery agency and buy lotto tickets. We won the very first two tries, 4 out of 6. I used the same non-computer system I used in Romania. I worked as an economist in the early 1980s. Communist economist was really an oxymoron. I didn't have serious work to do, or nobody took seriously an economist's job. So, I spent time, at work, developing gambling systems. The soccer pools represented the number one job. Secondary, I analyzed the lotto games as well. My lotto system was based on the most frequent pairs, triads and 4-number groups. Two of my colleagues, an economist and an accountant, saw the numbers I came up with. They played the numbers without even asking me to participate. They won serious money, by local standards. I was kind of peed-off: They didn't share a dime with me!

In America, I saw immediately the huge potential of the mighty personal computers of those years. I started with a Sinclair (16 KB!) I moved up to an Atari 800 XL (64 KB of RAM!) Another Porto Rican joined our lotto club. He was born in 1925 and I saw him still working a couple of years ago (he must have been close to 80 years old). He is a songwriter extraordinaire (Ion sings on YouTube "El Compositor"). He inspired my singing in Spanish. I put my Atari to work and we won a few more times “4 out of 6”. Then, a day many others remember: February 12, 1986.

My lottery programs had to be very short to fit in RAM. The programs were based on my soccer pools system. The Italian soccer resembles the lottery quite a bit. I noticed that patterns such as “X1X1” tend to repeat, while patterns like “2222” do not. My lottery programs would generate combinations of 9, or 12, or 13 numbers each. The programs would eliminate patterns as above. The computer would slowly but steadily run for days and nights. I would stop the program soon after coming back from work, about two hours before the lotto drawing. I selected the combinations at the bottom of the screen. Then I applied some of my lotto wheels. The Porto Rican who started our lotto venture had a son. And that son had nothing better to do on February 12, 1986 WEB but visit his father. So, my colleague said he did not have time to wait for me to fill out the lotto tickets for that drawing. We decided to play the previous combinations again. Had we played the new combinations, we would have hit a 3-million dollar jackpot! The very last 12-number combination started with the 6 winners! To make it short, we suffered a shock. We were even mocked by our colleagues for weeks to come.

The incident has been documented independently at later times. Read the presentation of that incredible event: Lotto Strategy, Software: 12-Numbers Combinations in 6-Number Lotto Games. Some gathered that Ion was traumatized by the event. Nah! He has never looked traumatized at all. In fact, he barely escaped a deadly accident while driving a tractor (not trained!) in a frosty orchard in 1988. He never looked traumatized, instead he joked.

Ion goes on and on and on reporting how he beat the odds at lottery, horse racing, casino gambling, sports betting...

Ion Saliu, the refugee at–large in Yugoslavia, won the soccer pools. After the party, he found out that another party member cleaned up his pockets of all winnings!

Then, a medieval, beautiful winter set in. Every country in Europe would use only the Italian soccer games for their pools. I hit the second prize. Actually, I predicted all the games, but I applied a “minus-1” system (a wheel). Anyway, the prize paid good money, especially by the standards of a shoe-challenged refugee. I didn't have time to do anything, after cashing in the prize. Just about everybody in my “politically-correct” entourage wanted a big party. The refugees live under tremendous stress, in case you didn't know that. So, I said, yeah, let's do it, we need it! I thought everybody got drunk that night, but not everybody did. 'Cuz somebody stole all my money over night! Nothing was left in my pockets after the big party! Truth is, I arrived in America wearing bad shoes, perhaps to prove to myself the American dream. “Give me your poor, your shoeless, etc.”.

Frankly, I know how to talk the talk. And I back it up by walking the walk. But I forget sometimes that, in order to walk the walk, one need wear a pair of sensible shoes…

His web site is full of such reports. Once he was kicked out of the casino because he was applying some super system; he was using a notebook. It's a long, somehow interesting story: Casinos Bar, Ban Winning Gamblers, Skilled Gambling Players, The Best-Ever Gambler Ion Saliu. Ion wanted to file lawsuit against the casino, but couldn't find a lawyer, etc. My question, other people question, Ion's own question was: Why did he leave the casino? Would the casino fellas have shot him? So, what? Ion never gets traumatized…

Ion shocked the world in November 2005. He discovered that one of his mighty roulette strategies, multiple mathematical systems had been released illegally over the Internet. Some Napster–like thieves were stealing all kinds of roulette systems and sharing (swapping) the systems among themselves. Well, the damage was done, Ion thought to himself. Self, let honest people, too, know about my super roulette strategy. And thus Ion's roulette super systemic methodology is now free for all to use. Ion strongly and honestly believes that some gamblers are going to win big at roulette with his super strategy. May the odds–in–favor be with them!

One coolheaded and unbiased individual can find open opinions on Ion Saliu's theories. A few opinionators are downright hateful to the bone. They resent him personally because Ion outshines them in a field they want to be in. They totally disregard the foundation of Ion's theories. Mathematics is mathematics. Math has nothing personal in it. There should be nothing personal when it comes to mathematics. Many people look at it that way. They realize that Ion gambling theory has mathematical merit. The formulas are undeniable mathematically. Moreover, nobody in history has done as extensive and thorough testing. Data analysis is impressive and Ion's free software makes it so easy to test, verify, validate, or invalidate. Again, the software is thorough and free! Where else can you find a similar treat? I've seen real Internet statistics. Ion's web site is popular with academia and universities. Several luminaries consider Ion Saliu to be the authority in probability theory, combinatorics, combinatorial mathematics, gambling mathematics; philosophy, too.

Ion Saliu makes openly honest assessments of his theories and compares them to other theories, methods, strategies, software, etc.

In all honesty, I don't see anything out there that offers better ways to winning at gambling or lottery. I wish there was something easier and more efficient than my approach. Ain't nothing, honestly. IF my methodology doesn't win the lottery and gambling — there is absolutely nothing to accomplish such daunting tasks. Never will be, if my research has been futile. Never mind that they will continue to put huge efforts in playing the stock market or predicting the weather. The latter two phenomena are equally random to gambling or lottery. They have some advantages, but lottery/gambling have their advantages as well. In the end, it's all about streaks and skips, no matter what the phenomenon is. The skips (misses) are shorter and the streaks are longer if the probability is higher; and vice versa.

If Intrinseca Ludica Roulette System sells for $10,000, then my Super Roulette Strategy must be worth at least $100,000! Actually, if any roulette system/strategy/method sells for just $100, then my Super Roulette Strategy must be worth at least $100,000!

Ion wonders sometimes how other authors can take such huge risks. Their systems are so bad, yet so expensive! Selling such systems are daredevil acts, really. The buyers could attempt to kill the authors, literally! Most gambling authors, however do not use their real names and never, ever give their real addresses! Some of the developers/vendors are casino fellas in disguise. Gamblers want systems? Let's give them expensive gambling systems that lose big!

Unbelievably, there are thousands of lotto/lottery software packages out there! You can put all of them together. The bunch does not deliver more than 10% of what Ion's free lotto/lottery software does offer. Ion Saliu's software also provides the free tools to verify the theories and strategies for free, without spending any money at all. The rest of the lottery programs take into consideration just one element: the frequency of numbers. It is a very weak parameter. Good random number generators give better results than lottery softwares based on number frequencies. There may be one other lottery program out there that has a mathematical basis, as thin as it may be. That package takes into account an important probability parameter: the skips of lotto numbers.

Now, there is one problem with Ion Saliu's lottery/gambling software: COMPLEXITY. It applies a plethora of probability/statistical parameters. It looks intimidating. A number of users are frightened right from the start. They probably give up on using the software. Ion Saliu's software requires a good deal of discipline. The strategies are guaranteed to hit (win) according to their skips. But the user must follow through.

Here is a scary thing for many people: Mathematics is everywhere. Mathematics is at the very foundation of everything there is, including nothingness. It is if mathematics validates the it; it is an absurdity if mathematics invalidates. The only reason why God hates mathematics, while Einstein hates gambling.

Ion Saliu's gambling mathematics, probability, philosophy.

••The heart of the matter of this investigative report. Ion Saliu receives numerous questions on this theme. I asked him, too. Some people ask the question in good faith. Others ask Ion this question mockingly. A few others hatefully.

With such powerful theories, methods and software you must be a very rich man, Ion! How much have you won so far, crocodilule?

Ion's sincerity is well documented at his web site. In fact, he is the natural father of blogging. He started the act back in 1997–1998. Ion opened his soul to the world. He's had problems that most people hide — Ion talked about the problems at–large. He's had ideas that most people don't have or ideas that people hide — Ion Saliu wrote the book for all people to read at–large.

Ion Saliu is poor by all local standards. He doesn't hide the fact that he is facing serious financial and health problems. But how can one honestly solve the huge contradiction? On one hand, self–proclaimed powerful tools to make one rich money–wise. On the other hand, the creator of the tools lives in poverty and hardship.

Ion goes to work and people are astonished. Such a brilliant man looks so poor! He drives a car in a miserable condition. Now, even when he speaks he widens the impression of his misery (the condition of his teeth). Furthermore, he walks these days with visible difficulty. What a pity the life of this intelligent man is! Struck by shingles and after that the never–ending post–herpetic neuralgia! How can he live at all, a few people wonder?

How about his personal life? Seems as if he doesn't want anybody penetrate the fortress of his life. He refuses (declines, Ion says) other people's friendship. They might attempt to alter his ideas. There is a high probability of disputes, even fights. He doesn't want that, especially in and after 2005. It is the moment Ion Saliu reached the age of being philosopher according to Plato's Republic. An astonishing coincidence: Ion Saliu's words started to fall clearly in place after he reached the age of philosopher!

Ion believes he is a terrible father and son and brother. He hasn't seen his daughter in more than ten years. He hasn't visited his parents and sister in over a dozen years. Still, they love him and they believe Ion when he says he dearly loves them. Money is the only problem, Ion explains. If he had enough money, he explains, he would prove factually what a great father, son, and brother he really is. How about all those powerful theories, and strategies, and software? Aren't they supposed to make him big money?

"What's going on, crocodilule?" I asked Ion. (He loves that word, crocodilule.) What's wrong with this picture? I received some answers from him. I also did my investigation, almost like the invisible man. I've never been seen while searching his tiny but cozy albeit not–well–maintained apartment. It's cold in there in winter time when he is not home. It's hot in there in summer time. He claims he is a conscientious citizen of the world by saving electricity. There are piles of computer books and magazines, and computer disks, and CD–ROMs in that intriguing place of his. Incidentally, he doesn't really starve. His fridge is never empty. The curious thing is the huge amount of vitamins, supplements and herbs he takes. I thought he was a heavy drinker, but NOT! I saw on rare occasions a container of red wine or a bottle of French brandy. He also owns big piles of pens and pencils, although he writes thousands times more words at his computer. He might be also masterful at hiding things like disks, words, papers… Shingles forced him to curse a lot more than he sings. He rarely sings nowadays. Not to mention that his neighbors have dogs. The dogs used to bark like crazy when he was singing. The dogs bark now like crazy when Ion's stereo plays his musical collection. I think I counted about 1500 songs/musical pieces in his music library. He has lots of CDs and tapes of classical music. He also has many cassettes of classic rock. The interesting thing that we may want to replicate sometime: Ion recorded music off the FM radio. Only the songs he liked, mostly classic rock. There are 74 numbered cassettes and a number of other tapes that are not numbered. Personally, I really loved some of the cassettes: #1 (starts with In–a–gadda–da–vida), #37, #54, #55, #74. Actually, every tape is a great musical experience, playing the songs without breaks or commercial interruptions. Continuous sonic pleasure! Not for the dogs, though.

One might expect to find piles of lottery tickets in Ion's apartment. Or casino receipts, horse racing wager slips, sports betting slips or receipts, etc. NOT! NON! Ion Saliu hasn't played the lottery in years and years and years! His last trip to the casinos took place in 2004. His last trip to a horseracing parlor took place in 2003. Meanwhile, Ion has written thousands and thousands of lines of source code. Probably millions of lines of software source code!

I checked Ion Saliu's bank records. He never balances his checkbook. He thinks he keeps it secret. I accessed his online account, though. Not much money in his account.

Meanwhile, I've seen scores of software and strategy tests. All show winning records, but some high costs. Something like: "Spend $10,000 to win, in most cases, $20,000." Ion Saliu has never had that much money to spend! I figured what bankroll means. He needs that minimum limit for casino gambling. Probably $20,000 is a more reasonable minimum limit, given the casinos' circumstances these days. The lottery can be played with far less money. As I understand it, Ion's theory, the strategies have skips. A player can also skip several drawings before playing a strategy with real money.

Evidently, Ion is not poor because he gambles his money away. Not playing is not losing. But not playing is also equal to not winning! No risk, no loss. No risk, no gain. He once discovered that a lotto jackpot can be won with just one combination. Ion Saliu's software is built around the concept of filtering. A filter is a parameter that discards of a number of lottery combinations. The filters follow rigorous probability laws. Every filter has a median. On rare occasions, a filter takes what Ion calls wacky values: 5–10 times the median (or the median divided by 6–10). Only a small collection of filters with wacky values can win the jackpot with one or very few combinations. A strategy based on wacky filters generates no combinations at all most of the time. Ion noticed the wacky feature back in 1989. Wacky filters have occurred many times since. Such wackiness happens all the time. Problem is, the wackiness is a rare event. It requires patience and discipline. Ion never paid the required attention to that. He has always been extremely busy with a lot of things. One thing is significantly more absorbing for Ion Saliu than any other thing.

It is all about FearSurvival. Ion Saliu discovered that the fundamental element of all life is a principle he calls FearSurvival. The FearSurvival principle is not an aberration in the Universe. It is a sub–structure of all universal unities of two opposites: CreationDestruction, EnergyMatter, TimeSpace, ActionReaction, RepulsionAttraction(Gravity), etc., etc., etc.

Ion Saliu holds the strong belief that he discovered the essence of The Everything. He always makes a rigorous argument. Ion doesn't leave a stone unturned. He believes that his FearSurvival system takes him to walk or run on paths that his consciousness might not want to. He has consciously tried many times to live a normal life. He did live moments of normal life, like an ordinary, happy human. But he hasn't been able to go on too far on the paths of ordinarility. Ion is dragged back to the path of what he believes is the illusion of immortality. Although all forms of life — including the humans — die for sure, the humans created the illusion of immortality. The humans are aware of everything, including death. Death is a painfully uncomfortable idea. Therefore let's defeat that pain with the illusion of immortality. For most humans, that illusion has been translated into gods and after–life. For a few humans such as Ion Saliu, that illusion has been translated into the urge to create acts that last way beyond one's physical life.

Ion Saliu's act to go beyond his physical life is code–named HumanComputingBeast. Ion's FearSurvival guide made changes to his consciousness as well. I mean, visible changes; the human FearSurvival is always a synergetic combination of the biological and the mental. Ion Saliu is now fully conscious of his path, including the hardships and other risks. He gives a somehow chilling answer to the cynical question we posed above (poor but with power tools).

Let's say I'm faced with this choice:
1) Poor as–is with the illusion of immortality;
2) A rich millionaire without the illusion of immortality.
I will always choose #1.

Why not both, I wondered. After all, You have the tools to achieve #2, too. It could be that #2 impedes #1 insofar as the absence of challenges diminishes the creative response. If life is too pleasurable, too easy, it ain't good for nothing else. The humans would have never evolved from the animal stage if life were too easy, Ion Saliu says publicly. On the other hand, Ion is aware that too many challenges might as well put an end to the creative response. The FearSurvival automatic pilot takes good care of the individual. There is no absolute certainty in the Universe, however. Ion is aware of the effect of his shingles. The debilitating condition struck in a period of devastating hurricanes (Katrina) and earthquakes (Pakistan). The FearSurvival guide can only do so much.

Ion thinks seriously about playing the lottery/gambling once again. His self–declared purpose is not to achieve the pleasurable life of millionaires. He doesn't want his creative response get comfortably numb. He wants to win big in the game versus Randomness because that would constitute a very special act. It's a miracle, some people would believe. One's ideas are taken far more seriously if accompanied by acts resembling the miraculous.

Last time I intruded Ion Saliu's place of small miracles and big pains, I was unable to find where he hid his HumanComputingBeast workings. I found instead a new project: TsaebGnitupmocNamuh. Has he become a refugee again?

Laius Usail
Doctor en Ciencia Oculta de la Verdad,
Doctor in Occult Science of Truth

Winning Lotto, Lottery, Gambling: Truth or Myth?

Are random events winnable on a consistent basis? Gambling mathematics is proof-positive.

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Mythology or Reality: Is Ion Saliu a true master of gambling mathematics and lottery, lotto?