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Search on Philosophy: Keywords, Socrates, Plato, Apology, Dialogues, The Republic

By Ion Saliu, Philosopher At-Large

Well organized search keywords on philosophy make it easy to find philosophical resources on the Internet.

I. Introduction to Philosophy and Internet Searching
II. Essential Resources in Philosophy
III. Read Plato's Dialogues:
• Apology of Socrates
• Symposium (Dialogue of Love)
• Republic (Humans, Social Systems, Politics)

IV. Philosophy: Top Keywords in Internet Searches

Philosophy and Internet Search, Searching, keywords, keyphrases.

1. Introduction to Philosophy and Internet Searching

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This is to help you find more easily the information you have been looking for. Many Internet users search for common type of information. Sometimes, the search strings are identical; for example, Greek Philosophy, Socrates Apology, Plato Dialogues, Philosophy, Psychology, etc.

Philosophy and Internet searching categorized by search queries.

II. Essential Resources in Philosophy

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You can read at this website Plato's greatest dialogues:

Apology of Socrates.
• The trial of Socrates represents the event with the greatest impact in history. Religious events (fictitious creations for the most part) don't come even close in importance. The mythical crucifixion of Christ did not make the Christians the conquerors of the world. The Renaissance rediscovered the Trial of Socrates and the reasoning of the Ancient Greeks and Romans. It also liberated the Europeans from Christianity and religion in general. That Renaissance created a great (and powerful) civilization in Europe. The Islamic civilization was more advanced (and powerful) than the Christian civilization at one point in history. But Islam failed to free the humans from religion. That's why Islam failed so miserably in human advancement. Symposium, the dialogue of love.
• It is about homosexuals alright. Socrates was homosexual; Plato was homosexual. I am not homosexual. But I do not discard of great ideas just because of an inconsequential act of behavior. I strongly believe that Socrates was Plato's lover — the strong partner. The description of Socrates and his lover in the dialogue reveals very intimate details. It is firsthand experience. Plato speaks from an intimately personal perspective. It is very clear to me that Plato reveres Socrates as a god and also lover.

The top human priorities are exactly the same survival priorities of their predecessors: the animals. The top survival priorities are, in the order of importance: breathe oxygenated air, drink uncontaminated water, eat nutritious food, and reproduce via fit heirs. That's where the animal–human biological equality stops. The humans added three more survival priorities, in this order of relevance to Fear_Survival: hatred, love, and worship.

The Republic, one of the greatest works in history.
• Plato was a harsh critic of democracy. He had a good point. If freedom prevails, there are not many ways to gain power. It is very difficult to win support for your ideology because of free and therefore strong competition. Consequently, Plato debates, democracy ends up as a crowd–pleasing spectacle, kind of a circus. Think of those thousands of balloons during electoral campaigns! That is the falsity-necessity of democracy. We can see it today during every electoral campaign. The democratic politicians kick opponent butt but kiss babies in public. The fittest politician in a democracy must be a beast who knows how to please sizable crowds. It is the most fair law of governance.

Plato offered a highly impractical political option. He thought that twelve highly trained philosophers is the eternal answer. It doesn't work. I can only think now of the nine justices of the United States Supreme Court. The justices are highly qualified judges, from a juridical perspective. They are proficiently trained. But they are always human beings. It seems that the judge and the human cannot be separated. Most decisions of the United States Supreme Court come at the edge of minimum minimorum majority: 5 to 4. In my opinion, a supreme court should consist of 100 justices. A 55% majority is significantly more convincing than 5/4. Still, there will be 100 human beings. Only huge advancement in computer software might replace the human justices with totally unbiased judges. It's all about interpreting the constitution; interpreting a document, that is.

Philosophy: About Socrates, Plato, Apology, Dialogues, Greek Philosophy.

Philosophy: Top Keywords in Internet Searches

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Philosophy: Second Tier Keywords Referring Visitors
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Clearly, you are interested in philosophy, Socrates, Plato, Dialogues, Republic, Greek Philosophy.

The Universal Good is related to philosophy, Socrates, Plato, Apology, Civilization, history, God, Universe, humans, randomness, religion.

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