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The Original Newsgroups and Pick-3 Lottery Strategy Sites

By Ion Saliu, Excel-ist At-Large

Newsgroups Excel Spreadsheets and Pick-3 Lottery Lotto Strategy.

Posted on June 27, 2000.

I made so much more LotWon software available for free. It didn't make sense not to restore Newsgroups and STR30 to their original content. The two pages also have some very useful tips, especially on pick-3 strategy files and using Excel spreadsheets for lottery analysis.

I understand some of you still have problems with the basics. Try to gather the information from all places: tutorials, the “Help” and “What New” pages, plus the messages in this forum. Try to to write down the main steps, using your own language. If a step doesn't work, go back to the info, and run the software again. In the end, you'll get the hang of it. I believe at least 90% of the LotWon lottery software users have no problem at all with the basics. The only remaining problem for everybody is HOW TO SELECT THE FILTERS SO THAT I CAN WIN VERY OFTEN. Well, nobody, including myself, can give a sure-fire answer to that question. But please take a look at all the resources that follow, including the up-to-the-date footer of this page.

Best of luck!

Ion Saliu

Resources in Lotto, Lottery Software, Wheeling

Lists the main pages on the subject of lottery, lotto, software, wheels and systems.

  • The Main Lotto, Lottery, Software, Strategy, Wheeling Page.
    Presenting software to create free winning lotto, lottery strategies, systems based on mathematics. Get your lotto systems or wheels, the best lottery, lotto software, combinations, winning numbers.
  • Lotto wheels for lotto games drawing 5, 6, or 7 numbers.
    The most advanced theory of lotto wheels or reduced lottery systems. Get also original lotto wheels for lotto games drawing 5, 6, or 7 numbers: Balanced, randomized, and free.
  • The myth of lotto wheels or abbreviated lotto systems.
    Statistical analysis of real lottery data proves the negative effect of playing static (unbalanced or split) lotto wheels.

  • WHEEL-632 available as free lotto wheeling software — the best on-the-fly wheeling software; applies real lottery filtering.
  • Free lottery software for players of lotto wheels: Fill out lotto wheels with player's picks (numbers to play).
  • Software to verify lotto wheels for missing combinations and generate lotto 5, 6 abbreviated (reduced) systems.

  • Wheels, balanced lotto wheels, lexicographic order, index, number set.
  • Check WHEEL and lotto wheels for winners.

  • Genuine Powerball wheels.
  • Genuine Mega Millions wheels.
  • Genuine Euromillions wheels.

    LotWon lottery software users have no problem at all with the basics. The only remaining problem for everybody is how to select the filters so that lottery players can win often.


    Excel Spreadsheet and Pick-3 Lottery Strategy.

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    Ion lottery software is all about true filters or reduction of the lotto combosnations to play.