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Posted by Karl Malmberg on August 20, 2000.

I have recently had the opportunity to test run two commercially available software programs: Platinum Plus by Prof. Jones, and I also tried Lottery Advantage by Gail Howard. In my opinion the first one for $150.00 dollars is a waste of money. Ion's software is vastly superior. Furthermore Platinum Plus cannot edit/cut/paste data directly from a state lottery website nor even from a file on one's hard drive; with Platinum Plus you have to type it all in one by one. And, even if you could copy and paste the lottery data, Platinum Plus would still require all digits below 10 to have a zero in front of them otherwise it rejects all the lottery data. Frankly I got better results with inputting lottery data into my SPSS statistical analysis software. I suppose SAS statistical software would work equally well or whatever you may have.

Lottery Advantage Software, in contrast, is vastly superior to Platinum Plus. While it does the typical descriptive statistics like mean, median, mode, range, min., max., etc.; it also has over 50 charts devoted to number pattern analysis. I personally have a fascination with repeating cycles as per my last posting, and this program covers them in a vast amount of ways. Interestingly, this Lottery Advantage program costs about half--her wheeling program(s) cost extra--what Platinum Plus costs; but Lottery Advantage seems to me to be vastly superior. And I like the fact that they download all your local 5 and 6 number lottery/lotto data into your software for free.

In conclusion let me say to you all that Ion's software is a terrific deal. His MDIEditor and Lotto WE software is worth at least as much as Platinum Plus. I particularly like his any/ver theory, even if I find the wheeling filter methodology confusing. I personally don't use it, and that solves that problem. Regardless, I have analyzed over eight years worth of data, and there does seem to be consistent, albeit imperfect, performance with particular numbers predicting certain other numbers.

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Karl M.

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