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Wheel-6 lotto wheeling software with lottery filters

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Posted by Ion Saliu on October 21, 2000.

In Reply to: Wheel-6 Lotto Software - Too Many Filters? posted by Gurdial on October 20, 2000.

: Ion,

: I have been using Wheel-6 lotto wheeling for quite some time now. The filters I deploy are UPS, Max Pot, All the 2-#s, All the 3-#s except Sums, BUN_5,BUN_6, BUN1,BUN2,BUN3 & BUN4. This results more often than not in granting 3 winning numbers out of 6.

: Am I using too many filters? Any suggestions how I can improve on getting at least 4 out of 6 numbers?

: Thanks Ion.


It is better to select the lotto filters conservatively first, then more aggressively gradually. I recommended looking first for 3 consecutive increases (or decreases) of a filter. Obviously, a filter goes up or down with a 50-50 probability. Look at the Fundamental Formula of gambling (FFG) table for p=1/2. In 90% of the cases, an increase will show up within 3 drawings. That is, in 90% of the drawings, an increase will not skip more than 3 drawings (the same is true about decreases).

Let’s say you found 4 filters that show 3 consecutive decreases. An increase has a 90% expectancy. The combined probability that all four filters will show an increase the next lotto drawing is .90 to the power of 4 = 66%. You still have a good expectancy to get all four filters to increase the next drawing. You won’t miss many times in a row when selecting four filters. But if you select 7 such filters, the combined probability will drop under 50% (48%). In such a case, you can expect to lose a few times in a row, maybe 6-7 drawings.

Using FFG is the best thing to do.
The next best thing is to create a simple text file. Write on it the lotto drawing date and the lottery filters you use. Something like this;
10/21/00 UPS=5, TWO-1=3, MAX-TWO-1=7 etc….
After the lottery drawing, mark with * the filters you missed. Chances are you do not miss the same filters consecutively, or many times.
10/21/00 UPS=5, TWO-1=3*, MAX-TWO-1=7 etc….

This is good visual training that involves more alpha and theta brainwaves.

Ion Saliu

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