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Better Lottery Software: Lotto Wheel Generator or Full (Lexicographic) Combination Generator?

Full Wheels is an Oxymoron, a Contradiction in Terms
By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lotto Wheeling Mathematics

What lottery software is best: lotto wheels generator Wheel-6 or full wheel combinations generator?

Posted on November 10, 2000.

In Reply to: Lotto wheeling software? posted by Scrooge on November 09, 2000.

: Hi Ion,

: I'm using your LotWon99 lotto software and am just wondering which type of combination generator do you prefer? The free combs generator or wheel?

: Regards,
: Scrooge

WHEEL is a better choice than Power, or MDIEditor Lotto.

1) The software generates a reduced number of lotto combinations with no duplicates.

2) You can run Wheel for shorter periods of time to reach the median zone (where the winning combinations fall most of the time).

3) WHEEL generates reduced or abbreviated lotto systems that meet minimum guarantees; they are known as lotto wheels or lottery wheels.

There is a limited number of unique abbreviated systems in a lotto game. For example, the 6-49 lotto games has some 750 4 out of 6 reduced systems. The probability to get the winning system (jackpot) in the first run, or the 2nd run, or the 100th run is low. It gradually increases towards the median. Read more on this in other posts here (regarding lottery filters, lotto wheeling, etc.)

The latest:
Running the lottery programs hundreds of times in random generating mode makes a real difference. Better still, download and install Bright / Ultimate Software packages, the newest applications for many lotto games worldwide (you provide as many drawing-results-files as you want or have available -- free on the Internet). Lexicographical combination generating with the latest filters is the most powerful method in lottery wheeling.

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Software generates reduced lottery systems known as lotto wheels.

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