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Beware! They Use my Name to Sell Gambling Systems!
Acts of Piracy against Ion Saliu's Gambling Systems, Lottery Software

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Lottery Mathematics

Ion Saliu's gambling systems pirated in casinos, on the Internet.

Written by Ion Saliu on February 04, 2002 ... 2005.

• Disturbing things take place out there. I find out about them through the eyes and the ears of others. For no one person can be in many places at once. Some happenings are minor. A snippet of code I wrote was included in an online code library without my permission ( Actually, they say the author is unknown. The code was first published in “Visual Basic Programmer's Journal – 101 Tech Tips”. A fellow programmer and visitor to my site saw the online code and remembered he saw it in print too. That's how I found out.

Other issues are a lot more serious. Authors of gambling systems or lottery/lotto software either try to steal my ideas, or try to sell my systems. I received messages such as this one from...Chip:

I have doubts that any user of my systems would try to sell the systems. In fact, they might try to make my life so miserable that I would never sell my systems again! That course of action is a lot more plausible — and it has happened. There is also the possibility that some users chatted about my systems. Or, maybe they played in the company of friends. Intelligent viewers can figure out some of the mechanisms involved.

I think I have a more plausible explanation. My name is already recognized now. I can see what searches lead to my site. I can see where they come from. Without false modesty, my name is recognized as the most reliable authority in mathematics of gambling. It has been expressed directly, in email messages or newsgroup posting. Sorry other fellows, that's reality. A sample of web searches: “the best gambling systems”; “scientific gambling systems”; “winning systems”; “Einstein lottery and gambling”; “Socrates gambling math”; “beat the casinos guaranteed”; etc. Of course, there are directly nominating searches: “Ion gambling”; “Ion Saliu lottery”; “Ion winning systems free”; etc.
Therefore, scammers try to take advantage of my name.

A grave incident took place in 2005. Half a dozen roulette players asked me about the performance of a so-called “roulette computer” (?!) The roulette computer was the “creation” of one Mark Anthony. He happened to post in my forum in 2002: Turnaround Gambling System, Ion Saliu's Roulette Strategy Systems.

The roulette gamblers who contacted me wanted to buy (?) Mark's roulette computer. But they wanted to know more from me, the “official endorser” of the electronic device (?!) I could not believe my eyes when I saw a post at Mark's message board! It was signed “Ion Saliu”. That Ion Saliu gave high praise to Mark's roulette computer! I had to respond, because some people might have believed I was behind that insane operation! Some might have been inclined to actually send money for a chimera! Of course, it was identity theft — not only a mad action, but also a criminal act.

Much of my lotto, lottery software is free. But it turns out to be expensive for innocent lottery players! There are pirates out there who pirate my software for their own profit. They sell their pirated systems for high prices! Some facts are presented on this web page: Lottery Strategy, Lotto Sums (Sum-Totals); Odd Even, Low High.

The most disturbing fact is the blunt piracy of my website.
Noticeable in 2005, they started more intensely to pirate my web site, to snatch it. I saw several pages with different names and addresses but displaying my Web pages. Something like Celebrity, UDGROUND.COM, etc.

UDGROUND.COM is a horrible case. The address bar always shows UDGROUND.COM, but the site displays every page at SALIU.COM. A look at the source code reveals this Web trick:

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FRAME name=top src="595.html" noresize

I know some of the kokostirks who commit such acts. Some of them are formidably hateful competitors. They badly want to do what I do, but they are incapable. As such, their only remaining "successful act" is my demise. That is, if they could, they would want to see me disappear completely. Another group belongs to online casino "businessmen". They feel that my web site badly hurts their financial interests. I strongly advise against Internet gambling because of the huge scale of fraud. The cyber casino guys, as per above, want me out — completely silent and, if possible, morto definitivo! I know that from the highly emotional emails I received in the past. I still receive such email messages now and then. The physical casinos might as well have an interest in my silence. I reveal too many things that are not favorable to the casinos, including mathematics of winning–increase–loss–decrease.

I created a Web page dedicated to acts of piracy against SALIU.COM. I reveal the criminals, with their Web addresses, emails if possible, IP numbers, even postal addresses. The data is collected from the Web log of SALIU.COM. It is physical data that serves as undeniable evidence.

I realize the Internet is the most wonderful village on planet Earth. But it also the most crime-ridden place in the Universe. It's impossible to keep it crime-free!

The What's New page is the only OFFICIAL — and reliable — source of information concerning the availability of my systems, software, and anything else. Otherwise, I no longer feel responsible for what others say or do or act upon in my name or against my name. Only what I say at this web site is what I stand by. The latest writing always represents my official position. My latest writings are introduced via the message board, forum. Check also the footer of this page for the most relevant pages and resources at SALIU.COM.

The identity of posters or email messages origin can be validated or invalidated by looking at the IP address or number. I offer at this website a tool to convert IP numbers to domain names and hosts — and vice versa: Convert IP Addresses, IP Numbers to DNS Domain, Host Names.

I appreciate any feedback, from anybody, however. Just think what's just. Just think how finger pointing the unjust can improve things around us. But please don't curse if I am unable to reply. I can only thank you in advance.

Ion Saliu intellectual property is protected by the copyright laws of the United States of America.

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Beware! Ion Saliu's gambling systems are pirated in casinos.

Working gambling systems by Ion Saliu are attacked and plagiarized by many authors, casinos.

Piracy of gambling systems, formulas.

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