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Mark Anthony Howe, Stefano Hourmouzis, Insane Gambling Authors, Pirates, Scammers

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Gambling Mathematics

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Title of insane gambling system author goes to Mark Anthony Howe, Stefano Hourmouzis a criminal.

Posted by Mark Anthony Howe ( - ( on March 12, 2002.

In Reply to: Casinos in the gambling systems business? Beware! posted by Ion Saliu on May 13, 2001.

Roulette can be beaten, if you use a computer – NOT, because of the frets and wheel tilting.

An editor's note
Mark Anthony Howe is a clinically pathological case (in Sheffield, England). He probably is confined, then released, then confined, then released... He is just an annoyance, as mental patients at large can be. Sometimes his acts cause disruption. I could not believe my eyes when I saw a post at Mark's message board! It was signed “Ion Saliu”. That “Ion Saliu” gave high praise to Mark's roulette computer! I had to respond, because some people might have believed I was behind that insane operation! Some emailed me about the incident. Some might have been inclined to actually send money for a chimera! Of course, it was identity theft — not only a mad action, but also a criminal act. The fabricated message (see read:

IP Hi Mark, It took me a little longer than most to get to grips with the computer, but it does indeed work exactly as you have claimed, my apologies for been doubtful in the beginning. I hope I can meet up with you soon, it would be a great pleasure. Yours Faithfully, Ion Saliu.

By the way: The IP address is located in San Ramon, California. I've never been there! And, only the Brits use the salutation Yours Faithfully — never the Americans!

Mark Anthony Howe claims he built a (pocket) computer that can track the speed of the roulette wheel. By the way, to those who might be heart-fainted as far as roulette is concerned. The speed of the wheel has no consequence on the random process of generating roulette numbers. Unless, the wheel is badly damaged — the casinos can notice such a threat long before it can actually happen.

The more severe "madness" occurs when people believe that Mark Anthony Howe actually has such a device! I saw one of his ads. The speed tracking "computer" was a toy. Something like a plastic PC-toy for kids (Fisher something). The toy was manufactured in the early 1980s. That's real madness: To even think of such a device being a real computer! If you read Mark's "maths" at his website, you really feel the vibrations of madness in the air!

Another disturbing fact. Mark Anthony Howe registered to my lottery-gambling message board as tisborro. You can see his posts right there, in the roulette forum! I let him live, as long as he doesn't cause any disruption. And, yes, I put Kelly and tisborro in the same category! Tisborro maddened by nature; Kelly maddened by envy and hatred (very likely a casino mole or slave)! And let's not forget another “gambling author” struck by insanity, who is also a criminal (stock-market fraud, piracy), Stefano Hourmouzis:

Read more on my first-hand experience with maddened casino guys who wanted to knock me out — but it was me who knocked out most of them. Others have been just knocked down… for now!

Plastic toys exploited as winning roulette computers!

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Read about roulette computers, Mark Anthony Howe, Stefano Hourmouzis, insane gambling authors.

The roulette computers are toys and represent fraud by gambling scammers.


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Mark Howe, Stefano Hourmouzis cheat gamblers with roulette computers, fake electronic devices.