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Posted by KM on March 27, 2001.

In Reply to: Most powerful lottery strategy? Pairs, pairings, frequency, lotto 'Wonder-grid' posted by Ion Saliu on March 24, 2001.


This may not be particularly what you're looking for, but it has been helpful in those instances when I've had far too many potential wheeled combination.

I freely admit that this strategy has its faults. However, since I cannot afford to play thousands of combinations, I had to come up with a criteria that at least decisive to cull down the herd, so to speak. It is as follows:

Utilizing your ffg I get a pool of potential numbers and wheel them with one of your wheels that automatically eliminates unlikely pairs, all odds, all evens and etc.

: Let's take the lotto 6/49 game, the most common worldwide. The median is 6 (use my freeware FORMULA to do the calculations for a 50% degree of certainty). We need software to plot the skips for each lotto number. A skip shows how many drawings a number waits between hits. My freeware “MDIEditor and Lotto” and UTIL-6 do the best job at charting the lotto skips. One more reason why playing static lotto wheels is a no-no. See also my post on this message board: “The myths of lottery: frequency and systems”.

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The best lotto wheels eliminate unlikely pairs, all odds, all evens, all low, all high.

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