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Triple Crown History (Results) By Post or Horses Numbers: Information Appreciated

Triple Crown History (Results) By Post or Horses Numbers: Information Available After a Decade!

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Horse Betting Mathematics

It is important to wager on horse numbers or post position in Triple Crown races.

Posted on May 06, 2001

There has to be a history of the Triple Crown races by post positions (the post numbers). It would be absolutely great if there were also a history BY BETTING ORDER! Your info will be hugely appreciated. Please let me know in this forum, or via email. Thank you in advance.

Here is what my strategy was for yesterday's Kentucky Derby, the greatest horse race in the world. I also posted at daily racing Form my four trifectas:
It was the result of running BELLBET and HORSES (with mandatory combinations of favorites and eliminating trifectas of long shots).

Unfortunately, I didn't have a history of the Kentucky Derby horse races by post numbers. I don't really care about the names. Horseracing is very much a random event, almost like a lottery draw. Handicapping plays a role, however. Therefore knowing the past results by betting order can further improve the chances to win serious money at horseracing.

In my case, the strategy had to be limited to just four trifectas ($2 apiece, since trifectas pay good money) and $10 to win for the first horse in threesomes. Cost: $48; payout: $115.
Gambling is a dynamic process. It has a historical perspective. One plays knowing the past and being aware that a singular event (race or draw) can be a loser. The overall result, at any given point in time, must be a winner. That is the dialectic of gambling. The right perspective: I will win every N events (N dependent of the game's probability).

More proof of how important knowledge of randomness is? How about the killer payouts at the Kentucky Derby 2005? TV Sports, Ratings,  Drama, Tragedy; Kentucky Derby. "TV Sports, Ratings, Drama, Tragedy - even at Kentucky Derby 2005".

It was very hard to get the results by horse numbers in the Triple Crown races.

Problem solved!

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Horse racing in Triple Crown History has results by horse numbers or post positions.

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Get here Triple Crown horse racing results by post numbers, position.


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