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By Ion Saliu,
Thinker At-Large, Founder of Randomness Philosophy, Mathematical Axiomaticism, Socioculturology

Study the Book of Ideas in philosophy, Socrates, Plato, God, Universe, randomness.

Φ The content of this site is inspired by Socrates, the wisest of the mortals and gods ever.   I worship no gods here, nor do I worship humans. I only draw your attention to Socrates' dialectical method: Everything is a unity of two opposites. At the very beginning of the end there is the very end of the beginning: Infinity and Nothingness. Expansion created by the Big Bang followed by Implosion created by the Big Crunch and so on forever and never. If A is legitimate, non-A must have legitimacy as well. For there is no logical foundation for the expression only A is legitimate; or, only Opposite-A is legitimate. I synthesize these statements in the Fundamental Formula of Philosophy (FF0):

Creation = Destruction

There are no principles (forces, in terms of physics) above or more general than Creation and Destruction. The creation of creation is still creation; the destruction of destruction is still destruction. At the next lower level, there is the unity of the opposites Energy and Matter. Matter represents relatively static states of Energy. We may write the next lower level Fundamental Formula (FF1) as:

E * D = M * L
(Energy times Darkness = Matter times Light)

Everything in the Universe has an opposite. How can it be only light, but no darkness? The famous formula E = MC2 considers light only. Worse, light is a so-called cosmological constant — a highbrow name for God!

Albert Einstein is considered to be the most brilliant scientist of all time! Many humans worship him. Yet, others, yours truly included, think of Einstein as one of the most intelligent mystics of all time.

Einstein made Light the true God who doesn't play dice with the Universe! How can be the speed of light a constant in a dynamic Universe? Even a car needs a certain distance and time to reach a certain speed. Einstein, however, believed like a cleric that God does His work empirically and doesn't care about our mathematics! Probability does not exist in Einstein's theory; only the absolutely-certain laws of God. Truth be told, Randomness Almighty does play Cosmic Roulette with The-Everything, including our disorderly world.

Another brilliant human, Isaac Newton, even argued against himself! His brilliant side discovered the law of gravity (and also calculus in geometrical design). Newton had what some call a “dark side” (created by his mysticism). He was such a strong religious believer that he calculated that the end of the world would come in 2060 (based on his interpretation of the Bible)!

Philosophy is the most rigorous form of consciousness. Science can often go wrong if only relies on some facts, but ignores other facts. Worse, science can go badly wrong if it imagines facts (it's called science fiction). Again, Einstein put it this way: “Imagination is more important than knowledge.” Wrong again.

I say: “Philosophy is rigorous imagination based on known facts leading to new facts and new knowledge.” True knowledge places Truth above anything or anybody. That was the mission of Philosophy from Day One, when it dared to challenge religion and institutionalized mysticism. It happened around 600 years BCE (Before Common Era) in Ancient Greece.

ΦΦ The introduction to this Web site was written in 1997. It is now the year of grace 2011 — when contemporary mystics prophesized the end of the world for May 21! We are alive and kicking...

This might be the typical expression of automatic writing. I followed no planning when my journey started. Those poignant thoughts were in me. The thoughts raised me as the blue grass nurtures the speed in the colts.

The first experience the visitor and reader has experienced tastes like drinking a glass of shock. The shock was stronger when I started this mission. My thoughts and the manner I expressed my ideas were poignantly new, aggressively original, and fearlessly challenging. Thanks to the thousands of gods who counseled human imagination, I did not have to live during the Inquisition. Thanks to the thousands of gods who tortured human imagination, I do not have to live in an Islamic nation. Thanks to Marx-Engels-Lenin for my successful escape from under Communism!

Change is the only constant in the Universe, as Heraclitus put it. The major change regarding this Web site is the way it influenced that reaction of shock in the visitor and reader. My thoughts are now as appealing as the best of the red wines. I, the extraordinarily proportionate-in-thinking author, face now piracy and plagiarism of my creations. It is not that I have to fight nearly as hard as before to argue my case. My hardest effort now is required by actions against piracy and plagiarism of my ideas, theories, software, and gambling systems!

Meanwhile, I still face vicious attacks purposed at silencing me, or bringing me down, or, at least, inducing me into changing my mind. Mankind has always been driven by a formidable force described as homo homini lupus. Man is a wolf to man. Wolf can be more benign, however. It only kills when hungry or threatened. Homo Computing_Beast can be inquisitional (as in Inquisition). He can torture and/or can kill when not hungry or threatened.

O tempora! O mores! Oh, the times! Oh, the habits! What times, O Cicero? Your rhetorical complaint has been the constant of all times. But we all humans have loved to pirate your adagio forever now…

You have seen in the banner a mention of the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). In other sections of this eBook, you will find the same formula named The Fundamental Formula of The Universe. The translation of the numerical relation into words becomes:

The Everything is Certainly Probable.

It all is the ever changing result of random interaction between Certainty and Probability. The formula was started by the French/English philosopher and mathematician Abraham de Moivre. The probability is very high that de Moivre stopped the formula in its incipient stage out of religious fear. The fundamental formula leads to the mathematical proof of the absurdity of the God concept. Absolute Certainty is an absolute absurdity mathematically. It is proven beyond doubt by the fundamental formula. Meanwhile, God's fundamental attribute is Absolute Certainty. Nothing is absolutely certain, but God. Therefore, God represents absolute absurdity!

I brought the fundamental formula down to earth. The random interaction of opposite forces specific to life is ruled by the fundamental principle I named Fear-Survival. The humans (Homo erectus first, then Homo sapiens) ascended from the animals. There is no debate here, amongst well-brained humans. The Fear-Survival principle created a very special species I name Homo Computing_Beast.

A greatest thinker, Aristotle, a disciple of Plato, who was a disciple of Socrates, defined the human species as Zoon politikon = City beast. Hence, Political beast. Hence, politics. I use the term beast rather than zoon, animal for a strong reason. Human evolution was not meant for the faint at heart. It took a strong and aggressive beast to rise from the jungle all the way to the Moon!

These ideas are scattered all over this Web site. Again, many, in the beginning, took these fundamental thoughts as shocking. Now, I have a hard time trying to protect them from piracy and plagiarism. That's why I have not yet published my entire opus magnus (a bombastically great piece of philosophy with a mathematical foundation).

I preserved my writings at every step of my evolution. We must keep an audit of our evolution. We can learn a lot at every step, and then we can learn even more in hindsight. And, of course, we must make changes when the Truth requires. Nothing and nobody must be above the truth.

Read a wealth of information and resources created and offered by author Ion Saliu aka Parpaluck.

ΦΦΦ Axiomatic one, you might not want to take any of the following actions before reading the writings of the author of this Web site:

Web site presents randomness, certainty in Universe, philosophy, science, truth, God, Socrates.

Is Ion Saliu Socrates? Only better! Ion has the advantage of history and evolution.   Ion Saliu in his visual masterpiece: self-portrait wearing a red axiomatic cap.  Ion “Axiomaticus” Saliu — 'Self-portrait with red axiomatic-cap'
Philosophus Maximum Maximorum

"The truth is above anybody and anything."

“A trustworthy man is an axiomatic man; an axiomatic man is a good man. Be axiomatic, Homo Sapiens!” – Ion Saliu Axiomaticus, 3:14, 6:18

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The horrendous trial and death of Socrates made Reason the engine of human advancement.

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