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Re: My Daughter, Aloneness, and Nietzsche

By Ion - Incredibly Deserving At-Large

I and My Daughter, Aloneness, Nietzsche.

Posted by Ion N. on July 04, 2000 (0 WE).

In Reply to: My Daughter, Aloneness, And Nietzsche posted by Ion Saliu on July 04, 2000.

Thanks for your reply. I keep visiting your site reguraly. Your FearSurvival concept is brilliand and in my opinion it deserves some serious thought by philosophers, scientists and just about everyone who cares to understand life.

I wonder why did we spent thousends of years searching systematically the laws of nature but didn't care that much to discover the "laws of life" - that's philosophy.


PS: I admire you Ion because I think you don't belong to the herd...

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