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What's True?
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Questions about TRUTH from an apparent religious fanatic - a fanatical Christian.

Posted by Steve Mills on April 16, 2001.

I would like to have some answers to some of the questions I have about life. Of course I have my own opinions, but how do I know if I am right or wrong.

To me, being right about an issue means that you know the truth about it. But how do you really know that this is truth? Is it because your parents raised you to believe what they believe? So what they believe forms your opinion before you form your own. What if they are wrong?

Can you at least do me the favor of entertaining the possibility? I believe in what I see, and what I have experienced. Anything else is another's account of what has passed, and therefore insufficient. I know that I bleed when I am cut. But do I know that China exists? I've never been there to see with my eyes. So when my child asks me about God what do I tell him? Do I tell him that I don't know because I haven't seen God? Is it the Truth?

I believe that something created everything. To me the "Big Bang Theory" is about as ridiculous an example of human ignorance as a person could find. Okay an explosion happened that spawned life. I don't think so buddy. Can you really tell yourself that something exploded (at this point scientists would probably tell me that it is much more complicated than that, but that isn't relevant) and as a result of that explosion, I am sitting in front of this screen using fingers to push buttons on this contraption in order to communicate my frustrations about life to the world?

Like I said, I don't think so. So I believe without seeing that something created all of this. What I'm not sure of is why. Why create this and then keep it in the dark about its purpose. I have listened to many sermons from Christian pastors, so I am more familiar with the facets of this religion than any other.

Basically, on this planet a man was born named Jesus. He is called the son of God, among other things. He performs all of these miracles, and then is killed for what he proclaims. Three days later Jesus rises from the dead, and now is in heaven with his pops the big "G". Now his message is that we need to believe that his death was needed in order to save the rest of humanity. That he died for our sins, and we need only to give credence to this fact, in order to get into heaven with him and God. We need to believe this without any kind of proof whatsoever.

Okay now if I am really supposed to go along with this then why was I created to be such a skeptical person. Why do I only believe what I have seen, but am expected to believe what I cannot see. Believe me I have tried, and lied to myself. But I am on a search for the truth, and when I have looked as deep inside of myself as I can and asked myself whether I believed it or not I just don't know. I'll continue this later maybe.

Religion interprets reality by means of Fear and Hope, regardless of Truth.

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Questions about TRUTH from an apparent religious fanatic - a fanatical Christian.

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TRUTH is based on cold, hard facts, free from any beliefs enforced in early childhood.

The TRUTH cannot be found in religion or blind faith, hallucinatory facts.

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Religion is the crutch of those who are mentally weak and need gods.