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Time, Determination, Priorities, Creativity, Generosity, Altruism

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Posted by Ion Saliu on December 11, 2000.

• I recollected recently of my past winnings. I wondered whatever happened to me. My lottery software was weaker. My gambling systems far were less comprehensive. Yet, I was a whole lot more successful than I am today. I did win some money back then.

The first explanation I have come up with is Time. Indeed, I am extremely busy right now with my income-generating job and commute. Heck, back then I had also a full-time job (granted, without a real commute). The difference: I had more determination back then. I put more effort back then. Nothing can be gained without effort. I just experienced that recently—again. More effort, more gain.

I realize also that the effort to maintain this message board entails to little gain, if any. I best advise to copy the messages of use to you. You never know if you would be able to find them again. I also best advise to download ALL my free software from the “FTP Download” site. You never know if you would be able to find them again. Then put some extra effort to categorize the software, following some of the ideas in the messages or tutorials. Categorize the lottery or gambling software by game, always using the newest version of the programs. Tinker with batch (.BAT) programming. Edit the .SCR and MENU.BAT files to adapt the files to your needs. Don’t rely on others. I witnessed this phenomenon. Nobody wants to share their knowledge here. I offered free code. I am certain there were programmers who already wrote programs based on my source code. Nobody offered their programs for free, never will.

We need prioritizing, in addition to determination and, of course, time.

Best of luck!

Ion Saliu

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Time, Determination, Priorities, Creativity, Generosity, Altruism.

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Ion Saliu: Software, Programs, Apps, Systems, Strategies.