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On Dreaming, Fishing, Success, Money — Clear Dreams, Not Lucid Dreams

By Ion Saliu, Clear Dreamer At-Large

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Written on May 5, 2002 (2 WE).

• What a beautiful clear dream I had this morning. I wrote a little about clear dreaming on the psychology page. I needed that dream for a change. I had a few bad dreams lately. In one, I was shot at and I had to fly high, then land, then fly high again… In another oneiric experience, I was a witness to medieval executions. Royalties were beheaded with shiny wires! (Incidentally, I am operating now a machine with big knives!)

I could not get an answer. The sirens of the nearby firefighting station woke me up. I was lying in bed, thinking of an answer to my question. The clock showed 5:50 AM, Sunday, May 5, 2002 (2 WE).

My dream is full of meaningful symbols. It is the most relaxing dream I can remember. The symbols are meaningful to me only. My first reaction was to make ALL my software freeware! Shortly, however, I severed the thought. It would have been utterly unfair to those who paid for my software. Also, I would have been an easy victim of manipulation. Some want more freeware from me. Others want to buy my software now, not when it was available! Besides, “the public lake” is large enough and is populated with “fish, and clams, and gourmet snails”! No need to use dynamite for fishing…

There are so many symbols I'll have to interpret. There was a quick thought that jumped at me. I remembered the saying "If the mountain doesn't come to Mohammed, Mohamed will go to the mountain." One should go to success, even if it's a two-day drive, or run, or walk, or fly...

For Life is about the joy of Success, and Success is for the joy of Life.

Dreams are not sexually driven, but influenced by individual concerns.

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There are no lucid dreams, there are only CLEAR dreams or vivid dreaming.

Dream of goals and concerns, then drive to success with confidence, taking risks.

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Dreams are not lucid, but a dream can be very clear and vivid, in full color.