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Lotto Wonder-grid best options

The best software to win the lottery, entirely based on mathematics theory of probability logic science; The lotto 'wonder grid' or lottery pairs.

Posted by Ion Saliu on July 28, 2001.

In article qYx87.13970$, Franc Jose says...


As I understood you cheched for lotto winners with the draws that has made the pairs and your 49 lines wheel , isn't it?

The best way to check for winners it would be:

1- to divide your lottery in two parts; let's think your lottery is UK; you select the 250 draw to divide UK lotto in two parts. With the first 250 first draws you make your wheel by your method ( five most frequent pairs); 2- Now that you have a wheel with 49 lines you check for winners next 250 lottery draws and see what you would win if you played this wheel in UK lotto after the 250th draw.

If your method is really a good one , any player playing by it would win more than the odds. Really I'd like to know which results you get with this test. I know your lotto software is free and I can do by myself but you are expert on it and I have no practice with it.

Only one problem with your method: if many lottery players adopt it they will be concurrent because they are playing the same lotto wheels and the jackpot will be divided or the second prize.


• The best results so far have been within a range equal to 'N/2 = the biggest number divided by 2' (25 for a lotto 49/6 lotto game). You have a DATA-6 (exactly 6 lotto numbers per line, real drawings). You can delete a number of N/2 lines. Save the file under a new name: DATA-6.2. Run the frequency report (F in UTIL-6) for DATA-6.2.
Create a 'best pairing' file WHEEL6.2. You can check now WHEEL6.2 against DATA-6 for N/2 drawings. Or, you can do the frequency report with the current DATA-6.
Use the resulting BEST6 file for the next N/2 lottery drawings.

There are plenty of options.
1) You can do a frequency report after every drawing and use BEST6 for the next lotto drawing only.
2) You can do the frequency report starting at different positions in the 'most frequent pairings'. By default, the program starts at position 1: 'the best lotto pairing'. You can start with the 3rd most frequent pair, or the 4th best pair, etc. The middle ranks will join the elite. The probability is significantly lower that the bottom will skyrocket to the top…

By the way, this lottery strategy came to life after I received a critical point from a person who wants to be known as “Johnny G of Florida”. The 'lotto wonder-strategy' has absolutely nothing to do with Mr. Z, or Mr. T, or Mr. Misterfield. As you know, many claim to be heroes… after the war!

Ion Saliu

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