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Gambling Formula, Randomness, Norman Wattenberger, Abuse of Laws, Narcissism of Bogus Complaints

'Gambling Is Science': Adverse, Hostile Reactions to a Newsgroup Article
by Ion Saliu, Founder of Gambling Science

Norman Wattenberger filed a false copyright infringement complaint against Ion Saliu out of envy.

Norman Wattenberger started firing at me hostile email messages immediately thereafter. His harassing emails served the purpose of intimidating me. He labelled me “CON MAN” expecting me to get intimidated and withdraw my theory from public view. Later on, the hostile reactions and threats against me followed from a bunch of casino agents and moles. I will mention on this page the most notorious hostile acts: John Schroder (MGM Grand Casino chairman), John Patrick (gambling author and on casino payroll), Wizard of Odds (Mike Shackleford, casino consultant). This is the period late 1990s – early 2000s.

The Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) is a name I coined, a formula that I developed from works starting with Pascal and de Moivre. FFG started wildfires in the gambling community! When I published FFG, I did not mention any person or entity. The formula was pure mathematics, nothing personal!

Casino executives and consultants, gambling authors (both of systems and books), lottery software developers, were rattled, however! Everybody's reaction toward the Fundamental Formula of Gambling was complete denigration. The formula was against the “rulings” of the infamous gambler's fallacy — which is nothing but a mathematical absurdity!

My new theories in probability and gambling conflicted with various interests right from the start. For one, the casinos do not want gamblers who can use mathematics to their advantage. The casinos are interested in gamblers who play fast, without thinking much. Some gambling authors do not want theories that raise doubts about their theories.

Norman Wattenberger point of anger was also the soon-to-become-famous Fundamental Formula of Gambling. He angrily messaged to me:

Argue?! With whom? Again, I had never heard of the sender before that particular email. I still replied — with solid facts, true facts.

And that's when he burst... out of proportions! Even in the year of grace 2014, persons with an interest in gambling mock him for the following idiotic statement he made (secretly in his intention but published by yours truly):

My response in this regard has always attracted adverse reaction, hostility from those casino executives and consultants, gambling authors, lottery software developers. I mention that even representatives of the academia disagree with my fundamental principle of randomness.

At that statement I made, Norman Wattenberger went berserk! He even involved a bunch of gambling authors, all very much into the gambler's fallacy bedlam :)

Norman Wattenberger couldn't stop sending me hostile messages. I thought I cooled him down by declaring that his behavior was insane and I would possibly take adverse action.

At the same time, the casinos and their interested agents have an adverse reaction to mathematics, probability theory applied to gambling: They want mindless casino gambling players. There is a mathematical reason for that: Too many consistent winners would certainly bankrupt the casinos. Not to mention that a majority of casinos are bankrupt anyway (speaking of the period 2008-2010)!

"I received a phone call
From one who claimed was tall.
Then, he cursed me even worse
For my gambling on the horse."

Norman Wattenberger, author of card counting software, filed a bogus copyright infringement.

Ion Saliu gets many more searches at Google compared to Norman Wattenberger search queries.

The image above was taken soon after my website came back to life (April 2014). Things improved and more valuable search queries came to the forefront. The norman wattenberger query dropped to position #83 (from #9 previously) in the 4,203 a month Google searches that referred visitors to SALIU.COM (January 25, 2015). Still the query on crazy norm shows an increase in impressions, from 40 to 52. Bravo! Currently (January 2016), the norman wattenberger query dropped to positions below 300 (from over 15,000 Google search clicks), in the same range as john patrick gambler queries. N0rm Watterburger must be fuming again at the boiling point of manic depression!

After the Norm Wattenberger debacle, website gets significantly more searches and referrals.

See also my new “forum”:

  • New SALIU.COM Forums Index.

    You can read with great interest a similar legal case of BOGUS COPYRIGHT TAKEDOWN (Lawrence Lessig v. Liberation Music):

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    Fighting hostile casino moles is not easy task, but founder of gambling mathematics won hands down!

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    Norm Wattenberger and identity theft: He assumes the image of Mahatma Gandhi!    Weirdo Norman Wattenberger, the Fake Gandhi residing at The Mote in God's Eye

    Vicious attacks against Ion Saliu, founder of gambling math, never ceased, but fights stimulate him.

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    Hatred triggers hostility, attacks against founder of gambling science from Norman Wattenberger.

    Thanks for reading the essay on Gambling Is Science, Casino reactions to gambling newsgroup.

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    This was some fight on casinos, gambling, mathematics, formula, Norm Wattenberger, Wizard of Odds.