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Immortally Ill: A Philosophical Art of Redemption

By Ion Saliu, Vaccinator At-Large

Immortally Ill: Redemption, Deadly Viruses, Vaccines, KGB, Gulag.

Written by Ion Saliu on August 9, 2002.

• My newsgroup request (rec.gambling.lottery, 8/8/02) puzzled people all over the compass. I offer as free software programs that are lots more potent and valuable than INDEX6. Yet, I charge a fee for INDEX6 instead of offering it for free, in my usual style!

Problem is the Boober Zans of the world.
Humans paralyzed by hatred. They can't step without painful falls, for they are deeply preoccupied with other people's creativity and achievements. They are also paralyzed by the Truth. There are two steps for Boober Zans to recover and become accepted parties in any sector of the compass:
1) Come to terms with the Truth
2) Let go hatred towards others.

My offer is an incentive for the Boober Zans to redeem themselves. We all make mistakes but we all must change according to our mistakes. Let Boober Zan create a program like INDEX6. He can use the 10-number outputs from INDEX6 to benchmark his program. Let Boober Zan create a fully working program and offer it as freeware. Let him also present to the public the source code of such functional software. Let him use an original name for the program, although I would favor this name: BOOBER6.
I would tip my hat off.

•• Just look at this great incarnation of the combinatorial software: DrawIndex:

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••• I would like to share this redemption story. There was a great Soviet filmmaker who lived a nightmare under the KGB. His name was Vassily Maximovich Booberzanov. He created an extraordinary film: “Immortally Ill”. The KGB harshly banned the film soon after its release. I was lucky to see that film uncensored.

In real life, the filmmaker, Vassily Maximovich Booberzanov, was sent to Gulag. He escaped and ended up in exile, in Nepal. He was selling his invention to make a living. It was a specially wired plastic bag to keep ice cubes warm at night.

The American virus scientist or doctors can learn from this story. He or she or they should seek redemption by creating new antidotes. They also should come out of closet. Instead, he or she or they mail Anthrax to kill their sisters-of-opposites and brothers-of-opposites.

Of course, our Boober Zan case is minor by comparison. The morale is: Redemption has made humans stronger than the environment.

Don't let hate mud your human behavior!

Immortally Ill: Immortality, Redemption, Deadly Viruses.

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Create deadly viruses - if not, incarcerated in Gulag.


Humans must redeem themselves after committing sins or mistakes, voluntarily or being forced upon.

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Those who intensely hate other human beings must redeem themselves by offering free software to all.