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Online casinos must stop deceiving, cheating and robbing online gamblers.

Posted by xser on August 1, 2001.

Hi all,

Recently I went into online Jazzy Casino (owned by and out of a 200 dollars deposit, I won 100 dollars and cashed out. So I got 300 dollars and all is fine.

However, I received an email from them claiming that I was able to count cards because I was able to win a high percentage on their games. I spoke to them saying that claim has no base cause how the heck do you count cards in an online casino. They then claim that there is a glitch in the system and they won't give me any money. Anyway, I then found out only a few people with this supposedly "high winning" percentage is refused of the money. Can anyone help me here?

The customer support I spoke to told me the owner, Leo Kuvayv, email address said specifically not to pay me my winnings. Does anyone know if there is any higher up people I can speak to get my winnings? Can they just not pay? Can I report them to any agencies?

Thanks all for your help.


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