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By Ion Saliu, Founder of Mega Millions Mathematics

Learn math, mathematics of Mega Millions: Odds calculator, online random generator.

I. Introduction to Mega Millions: Calculate Odds
II. Mega Millions Winning Strategy: Pick the Numbers Most Likely to Hit in the Next Lotto Drawing
III. Mega Millions Resources: Online Random Number Generator, Odds Calculator, Software
IV. Top Mega Millions Numbers Ranked by Frequency
V. Mega Millions Links, Resources, Software, Strategies, Systems

Mega Millions is a lottery game drawing 5 regular numbers AND 1 Mega Ball.

1. Introduction to Mega Millions, Mega-Millions: Calculate the Odds

Mega Millions is a two-ballset lottery game, but somehow different from Euromillions-type lotto games. Both Mega Millions-type and Euromillions-type are two lotto games in one. Like Euromillions, the first drawing machine of Mega Millions draws five regular lotto numbers (from 1 to 75, in this case). But the second machine draws just 1 ball, also like regular lotto numbers, from 1 to 15. The last Mega Ball can be equal to any of the five regular numbers.

The odds of Mega Millions are calculated for two dependent lotto games. The first part of the game, 5 of 75, has a total of 6 types of odds, from 0 of 5 to 5 of 5. The second part of the game has two types of odds, from 0 of 1 to 1 of 1. The rundown of the Mega Millions probabilities (odds):

The probability to win the jackpot is 1 in 258,890,850. Evidently, the Mega Millions game offers far fewer prizes than the total number of odds elements.

The new Mega Millions game required an update to the online odds calculator and random generator. Version 7 of the super generator employs superior innate filtering for lotto games, including for Mega Millions.

The Powerball_6 module generates optimized combinations for Mega Millions, the same way as for the other lotto games (except for Keno). The pick, horses, roulette and sport betting combinations are not optimized. The generating online control generates now 1000 combinations instead of 100. As I have stated many times, the more lotto combinations generated, the higher the probability to win (degree of certainty). According to Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG), the chance to hit is lower in the beginning. We must go closer to the FFG median to have to highest winning chance. It did take a very long time to get the FFG median by generating just 100 lottery combinations at a time. Now, the generator offers better time compression. Think about it as saving money. You ran the generator for a few thousand Mega Million combinations. Chances are they were not winners. But you didn't play them either, so you saved money. A higher number of repetitions get you closer to that highly elusive winning combination (worth over half billion dollars sometimes).

Generate online free random, optimized Mega Million lottery numbers, combinations.

Lotto software, systems, strategy are offered by founder of Mega Millions science.

2. Mega Millions, Mega-Millions Winning Strategy: Pick the Numbers Most Likely to Hit in the Next Lottery Drawing

There is also the strategy in gambling, including lotto and lottery. Even a game like Mega Millions is prone to strategies, especially number pairing (and especially in the second ball set). Who knows what games will we see in the future? The lottery commissions will constantly change the games to counter-attack the computer impact.

There is no lotto strategy that I specifically designed for Mega Millions. But you can apply the general lotto and lottery strategy I present on the main strategy page. You can divide Mega Millions in two lotto games: One game draws five numbers, the other draws two numbers. It is similar to the Mega Millions or Euromillions-type of games. I present Mega Millions-type strategies based on the first five regular lotto numbers.

The mathematics of lotto and lottery, including Mega Millions, is founded on the Fundamental Formula of Gambling:

        log(1 - DC)
N = ----------------
       log(1 - p)

In the Fundamental Table of Gambling (FTG) there is a column p=1/8 that describes exactly a lotto game drawing 6 winning numbers from a field of 48 numbers. 6 divided by 48 is 1/8 or 0.125. That's how you calculate the probability p, when considering one lotto number at a time. If the Mega Millions game draws 5 regular lotto numbers from a field of 75 numbers, the individual probability is equal to 5/75. That is very important parameter. It is thoroughly analyzed at this website, specifically on the main page dedicated to lottery strategies.

You can download from this site general-purpose software that analyzes the skips for the Mega Millions game: SkipSystem.EXE. Open the two reports (SKIPPb.1 and SKIPPb.2) in a text editor, like MDIEditor And Lotto WE. You may want to set the font to Courier 10 point. The report #2 can be of valuable help to you! Read also: Necessary Updates to the Pick Lottery, Lotto and Roulette Skips Software.

The most powerful software capable of handling the game of Mega Millions is known to the world as MDIEditor And Lotto WE. It has specific functions that crunch the Mega Millions: statistical reporting (frequency and skips), filter analysis, and optimized combination generator. Read the comprehensive guide to MDIEditor and Lotto. Steps in menu: Lotto, then Powerball 5+1, then type of Mega Millions combination generating.

• Not to mention, MDIEditor And Lotto WE is totally free to run for unlimited time (for registered members of the software download site)!

The best lottery software also works with Mega Millions games with 5 regular lotto numbers.

This site offers also the best, bar none, Mega Millions random numbers generator and odds calculator. The engines are online ActiveX controls you can run at any time — freely, of course! Not to mention that the Mega Millions combinations are optimized. You won't find such feature anywhere else.

Other valuable resources include the past results, drawings of Mega Millions from the beginning of the lottery game and statistical reports of the Mega Millions lotto numbers ranked by frequency. Such resources require paid membership (a reasonable fee valid for the lifetime of this Web site).

Here are the best winning systems, strategies, software, odds calculators for Mega Millions.

Mega Millions needs the best software software, systems to reduce the gigantic odds.

3. Mega Millions: Online Odds Calculator, Random Numbers Generator

Nota bene – If you do not see the two controls (online applications) as the image in section 1, please follow the instructions on the dedicated page:
Probability, Odds Calculator, Random Combinations Generator.

IonSaliuGenerator — The best random numbers, combinations generator, including Mega Millions

Version 7.0 of the super generator employs superior inner filtering for lotto games, including Mega Millions. The Saliusian filters are founded on the most significant parameters of probability theory and statistics. You'll notice on your lotto cards. The patterns follow more closely the patterns of real lottery drawings.

Click the PowerBall_6 button to generate lotto combinations for Mega Millions. Just enter the correct parameters for your Mega Millions game (the biggest regular number; e.g. 75; the biggest Power Ball; e.g. 15).

IonSaliuCalculator — The best odds, probability calculator, including Mega Millions

Click the Powerball button to calculate the odds for Mega Millions game. Just enter the correct parameters for your Mega Millions game (the biggest regular number; e.g. 75; the biggest Power Ball; e.g. 15).

Run these best, free odds calculator, online random generator for Mega Millions.

4. Best Mega Millions Numbers Based on Frequency

And here are samples of statistical reports for Mega Millions (number frequency). The reports represent the 5/75 + 1/15 Mega Millions game format. Of course, the stats vary from period to period. The statistical reports for all numbers can and should be updated to the last drawing. Also, the reporting can be done for any parpaluck: Number of drawings analyzed. The best available lottery software to rank lotto numbers by frequency, from hot to mild, to cold is FrequencyRank.EXE.

The first graphic shows the Top 10 Mega Millions numbers ranked by frequency regardless of position.

                The Mega Millions 5/75 & 1/15 Numbers Ranked by Frequency 
                File: C:\MegaMillions\DATA
                Drawings Analyzed:  289    Date: 07-28-2016
                Frequency norms based on probabilities:   6.67% &   6.67%

         R E G U L A R   Numbers              M E G A   B A L L S
 Rank  Regular #  Hits   Percentage       Powerball  Hits   Percentage

   1      25       31     10.73%               7       28      9.69%
   2      29       31     10.73%              15       27      9.34%
   3      35       31     10.73%               9       24      8.30%
   4      20       28      9.69%               4       21      7.27%
   5      31       27      9.34%               3       21      7.27%
   6      41       26      9.00%              10       20      6.92%
   7      49       26      9.00%               2       19      6.57%
   8      51       26      9.00%               6       19      6.57%
   9      50       25      8.65%               1       18      6.23%
  10      11       25      8.65%              12       17      5.88%

The second graphic shows the Top 10 Mega Millions numbers ranked by frequencies position by position.

                The Mega Millions 5/75 & 1/15 Numbers Ranked by Frequency - By Position 
                File: C:\MegaMillions\DATA
                Drawings Analyzed:  289    Date: 07-28-2016

    Rank     Position 1         Position 2         Position 3         Position 4         Position 5     
          Number Hits   %    Number Hits   %    Number Hits   %    Number Hits   %    Number Hits   %   

      1     2    23   7.96%   29    13   4.50%   35    13   4.50%   45    13   4.50%   73    19   6.57% 
      2     3    19   6.57%   18    11   3.81%   33    12   4.15%   41    12   4.15%   74    18   6.23% 
      3     7    16   5.54%   14    11   3.81%   25    11   3.81%   58    12   4.15%   68    16   5.54% 
      4    11    15   5.19%   20    10   3.46%   29    10   3.46%   47    11   3.81%   71    14   4.84% 
      5     9    14   4.84%   23    10   3.46%   31     9   3.11%   49    10   3.46%   66    14   4.84% 
      6     8    14   4.84%   25    10   3.46%   27     9   3.11%   50    10   3.46%   70    14   4.84% 
      7     1    13   4.50%   26    10   3.46%   30     9   3.11%   51    10   3.46%   75    14   4.84% 
      8     5    12   4.15%   15    10   3.46%   44     9   3.11%   56    10   3.46%   72    13   4.50% 
      9    10    12   4.15%   28     9   3.11%   51     9   3.11%   35    10   3.46%   69    13   4.50% 
     10     6    12   4.15%   31     9   3.11%   26     8   2.77%   62     9   3.11%   57    11   3.81% 

•• View the charts showing the sums or sum-totals with the respective amount of combinations for this American (U.S.) multi-state lottery game: Mega Millions Sums chart. The unique lottery and lotto software to plot the sum charts is Sums.EXE.

Mega Millions, Mega-Millions: Software, systems, combinations.

4. Useful Mega Millions Links and Resources

Win at Mega Millions with best mathematical software, systems, combinations generator, odds.

Study diligently all about Mega Millions, software, systems, probability theory.

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