The visitors only have to type accurate URLs, otherwise HTTP error 404 is goes off.

HTTP Error 404 - Bad Request: URL (File) Not Found at SALIU.COM

By Ion Saliu,
Site Owner, Webmaster, Software Developer

HTTP Error 404: File URL Not Found at this website – probably deleted or typo.

• Error 404: The requested URL (file) was not found on this server.

Make sure you typed the correct file name. Keep in mind that the file names are case sensitive. The sub-string /BBS/ is different from the sub-string /bbs/. Unix/Linux operating systems are unforgiving in this matter. One popular page at this site - LottoWin.htm - is mis-spelled sometimes lottowin.htm; hence, the 404 HTTP error! Also, some visitors add extraneous characters to the URL (address); e.g. LottoWin.htm; or Saliu2.htm.. The ; and . after htm trigger the 404 error!

•• a
In case you wanted to run the ActiveX controls to generate random numbers/combinations or to calculate odds/probability, they must have been replaced by newer, more powerful versions. The footer of this page always links to the latest random generator and probability calculator. Be sure to edit your browser settings to allow running these two ActiveX controls. The safety is absolutely guaranteed: My ActiveX controls have been…active for many years now; millions of people have downloaded and installed the two potent applications. There has been no complaint whatsoever. You may also need to make this website a trusted site. See the options of your Internet browser.

•• b
If you wanted to read a message, it may have been deleted. The web master performs such an operation in order to save web space. The operation is also performed to assure maximum clarity and easy navigation. Some messages were nothing but sleepy-mindedness trash.

Probably there are other messages still live in the thread. You can launch a search on the keywords that brought you to this link. Click on the “Search” button. It is recommended to use the search engines in your toolbars. The Likes of Google, Yahoo, MSN spider frequently — several times a day. The most relevant pages of this web site are indexed up to the minute, including the latest messages. The new messages are, actually, Ion Saliu's latest writings and announcements.

The footer of this page lists the most significant links (pages and resources) at

••• Sometimes you may get this error message if you try to post on the message board or reply to an old post. The posting to this BBS is suspended from time to time, if not all the time. There is a message on the forum index page presenting the current posting status. The action is necessary in order to offer the best usability and navigation. Of course, it is also necessary to keep the bastards at bay. When one is involved in unusually original and useful matters, one attracts the most adverse reaction from smallness men. The first sign of merit is hatred from smallness creatures.

Beware! If you are one of those who knowingly run the inexistent message posting facility, you might be in for serious trouble. You can't hide your traces. Your act is illegal and chances are you gonna be hit by the long, strong arm of the law!

•••• Be mindful that this world is always far from perfect, no matter whom you ask. Vicious behavior will always be with us, no matter whom you ask. This site is the target of vicious behavior more often than not. Piracy, site snatching or hijacking, virus attacks — to name but a few acts of hostility — can bring the web site down, or slow it down considerably sometimes. But we are not giving up; we are fighting hostility as strongly as ever. Read: • "Acts of Hostility (Piracy, Site Snatching, Virus Attacks) Targeted at Ion Saliu and SALIU.COM".

Sometimes, there is a very large number of simultaneous visitors who want to download software. Your system seems to freeze. Simply give it up at that moment. Come back later on. You are always welcome, axiomatic one!

••••• Here is a list of the most common HTTP errors.

Client Error Codes
Error #                Error Code        
400                Bad Request        
401                Unauthorized        
402                Payment Required        
403                Forbidden (user was banned probably)        
404                Not Found (the most common HTTP error code)        
405                Method Not Allowed        
406                Not Acceptable        
407                Proxy Authentication Required        
408                Request Timeout        
409                Conflict        
410                Gone        
411                Length Required        
412                Precondition Failed        
413                Request Entity Too Large        
414                Request-URI Too Large        
415                Unsupported Media Type        
416                Requested Range Not Satisfiable        
417                Expectation Failed        

Server Error Codes
Error #                Error Code        
500                Internal Server Error (try to refresh, reload)        
501                Not Implemented        
502                Bad Gateway        
503                Service Unavailable        
504                Gateway Timeout        
505                HTTP Version not supported        

Custom page for HTTP Error 404: Page or URL Not Found at SALIU COM.

try to avoid HTTP Errors 400; 401; 403; 404; 500.

HTTP Errors for cases Not Found; Ban, Deny, Bar Visitors.

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