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Introduction to Socioculturology: Philosophy of Artistic Science, Science of Philosophical Art, Art of Scientific Philosophy

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Socioculturology

Socioculturology, Socioculturologie is philosophy of scientific art, art of philosophical science.

Published on September 5, 2004 (4 WE).

Socioculturology came to life in the 1970's while this author was a college student. The institution was the Academy of Economic Studies, Bucharest, Romania. The main building was an impressive baroque construction. I put to good use the massive wood desks. I carved a portrait like the one at the top of this page. Underneath, this text in Romanian:

"Autoportret cu sapca rosie, de Jaqka Fowuru (1331 BCE - ), parintele si intemeietorul socioculturologiei: filosofia stiintei artistice, stiinta artei filozofice, arta filozofiei stiintifice."

The American translation:

“Self-portrait with red (baseball) cap, by Jaqk Fowuru (1331 BCE - ), the father and founder of socioculturology: Philosophy of artistic science, science of philosophical art, art of scientific philosophy.”

The inscription became quite notorious. The consequences were not positive to me, in general. Some professors considered socioculturology being a sarcastic parallel to Marxism. Only one professor, I remember, told me that he would have preferred to read a book rather than desk inscriptions. My answer was a reminder that Socrates wrote no books, not even inscriptions…

Socioculturology has reached the Web age. I remember posting in newsgroups something related to socioculturology. I got the same kind of questions as in college: “What the heck is that occult discipline?”

Well, socioculturology is the harbinger of my theory centered on the human-computing-beast paradigm. It is a hybrid of philosophy, science, with a touch of art. Plato's Dialogues might not have had the same great impact without the literary presentation.

You'll find more and more references to Socioculturology, also socioculturologie probably all over the Internet. Am I proud? Yes, of course! But I am also in the mood to kick the rear end of the pirates. Piracy happens to many of my things that make me proud, including but not limited to Socioculturology.

Stay tuned!

Socioculturology is the philosophy of artistic science, science of philosophical art.       Ion Saliu: Socioculturologie, socioculturologia e filosofia stiintei artistice

From youth to maturity: Socioculturology, Philosophy, Science, Art, Theory, Socioculturologie.

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    Ion Saliu is the founder of Socioculturology of Philosophy, Science, Art, Theory.

    Indeed, there is a theory named Socioculturology founded by Ion Saliu, aka Jaqk Fowuru.

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