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Interesting website on gambling, lottery, philosophy, meditation

Interesting website on gambling, lottery, philosophy, meditation.

Posted by TradeMark (Trevor) on December 18, 2000.

Hi, ION.

You have a very interesting name. I notice you are fairly serious person as to never mention the comicalness of your name being the same as a Particle Charge. ;-) (At least not in these posts or on your website.) Well, I just wanted to say reading your website was a very good experience for me. I have never read anything like that before from someone who is so open minded. You don't seem to be bogged down by typical society standards which made reading your pages much more comforting for my FS factor of encountering some mind numbing information i.e. tangents, long drawn out "you need to know" rants. You just simply quoted your meterial and pointed the user in the direction if they wished to look up more information, then, continued on with your WEBIOGRAPHY(!)?

How did I come to find your pages on the web? I was doing a search in Metacrawler for "lotto software", then came up with a link to the "Lottery Directory - Resources & Search" website. So I go there, and find many dead links. Then I come to a heading: "Return to Socrates: Humans, Computers, Gambling Science", your webpage title no doubt, and click on it. NOT because of the title (sorry), but because it had, "Download free text editing and lottery software" in the description line.

Now that I'm here I would like to respectfully give you some information, (I like to share information, it benfits all/that benifits all), in exchange for downloading your free software programs, not that you need compensation for it, or you would have charged money in the first place. In hind thought, after reading your pages... i wonder why you didn't. You seem like a very kind hearted person and are obviously just shareing you talents and knowledge for the benefit of others. That is another reason I would like to give you this informatino I have. I believe it would greatly increase your potention for your mind and your FS inner voice.

So, because I've read most of your posts on this page. And they are all concerning lotto or other gamblings, regretfully will not post the information on this page. But I do ask of you to e-mail me personally at my return address where I will send you a reply with some intresting websites for you to read and learn about the Amygdala. The amygdala is a small portion of the brain, (actually two small portions, one in the left hemisphere of the brain and one in the right hemisphere). It is beleived to be in connection with periods of insperation and verious other psi factors of thought, expecialy in the study upon artists. Artists have a more active pre-frontal lobes than the average human, considering that frontal lobes is where all (or most) of the imagination proccesses take place withing the human brain.

I'll discuss more with you in 1 to 1 e-mails as I would like to sends you webpage links. Because this is a public post I have included a WebLink for those of you who may have read this far and are intrested in learning a/some new mental techniques to free (practically) 100% of your currently (something like) 3% of your brain activity and thought proccesses. I don't know the exact numbers... they really aren't my main concern. What is my concern is that I learn a profecient medidation technique that I can feel comfortable with. Just recently I have notice minor imporovements in my thoughts.

I normally meditate on a daily basis. From reading your pages you have been practicing also for many years. You may be happy with your current meditation proccess and not be intrested in this post, but I urge you, at least send me an e-mail and I'll send you some links for you to look at. And with that I say goodbye.

Trevor M.

Find an interesting website on gambling, lottery, philosophy, meditation.

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People find an interesting website on gambling, lottery, philosophy, meditation.

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