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"We'd better be nuts than vegetables!"
Gambling, lottery, philosophy, meditation Web site - add wine!

By Ion Saliu, Meditator At-Large

Ion Saliu: Software, Programs, Apps, Systems, Strategies.

Posted by Ion Saliu on December 18, 2000.

In Reply to: Interesting website on gambling, lottery, philosophy, meditation posted by TradeMark (Trevor) on December 18, 2000.

: Hi, ION.
: You have a very interesting name. I notice you are fairly serious person as to never mention the comicalness of your name being the same as a Particle Charge. ;-) (At least not in these posts or on your website.)
: Well, I just wanted to say reading your website was a very good experience for me. I have never read anything like that before from someone who is so open minded. You don't seem to be bogged down by typical society standards which made reading your pages much more comforting for my FS factor of encountering some mind numbing information i.e. tangents, long drawn out "you need to know" rants. You just simply quoted your meterial and pointed the user in the direction if they wished to look up more information, then, continued on with your WEBIOGRAPHY(!)

I do appreciate messages like yours. Regardless what other people may say about you, don’t stop. I’d better seem nuts, than vegetating.
I will email you as soon as I can. This nut has already started yet another job moments ago. Busy again, learning again to work and live. It keeps the brains at the peak, and the whole being youthful in the process…

Best of luck!

Ion Saliu

Gambling, lottery, philosophy, meditation web site - add wine!.

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Gambling, lottery, philosophy website, meditation and wine.

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Ion Saliu: Software, Programs, Apps, Systems, Strategies.