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Lottery and Powerball rigged: Prize money distributed evenly in all regions

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Posted by Barry Whittington on January 18, 2001.

In Reply to: History of lottery experience: Lotto systems, software, strategies posted by Ion Saliu on January 17, 2001.

I'm not speaking of the lottery being rigged in the same way as was done in Pennsylvania. It's certainly not rigged each and every week for one specific person to win. It is however rigged so that the prize money is distributed evenly in all regions. It is rigged to make sure that any one single person does not win multiples of the same prize level from the same drawing.

You may have won multiple prizes over a period of time by correctly matching 4 of 6 numbers. Have you ever won multiples of prizes by matching 4 of 6 numbers from the same drawing. That would imply that you had a level of certainty about playing those numbers. Which is something "they" will go to great pains to keep from happening.

As far as my example of demographics is concerned, you are right, that would be a conspiracy, and it is. Of course nobody will speak up about it, because nobody wants the lottery to be shut down. The average person does not care whether or not the numbers are drawn randomly. As long as they have the chance to pay a dollar every day or week for the chance of being one of the lucky people in the right place at the right time.

Let's talk about odds for a minute. Isn't it odd that every week a combination of numbers that nobody in the pool of players would ever think of picking is drawn. Why is it that a combination that many people have played is never drawn? The odds are the same that any combination could be picked, thus making the odds the same that few people would pick the winning numbers as the odds that many people would. Why is it always that few people do? Not because the odds are against it. The odds are the same.

The real odds we speak of are the odds dictated by those running the lottery. Sure we can review a history of the drawings. But I'm asserting that we're reviewing a history of drawings that are not random.

Draw six cards from a deck. Have 1 million people guess at what 6 numbers were drawn. Is it probable that only a handful of people were even close to being correct? It's just as probable that many many people were very close. Is it very probable that only 1 person in 3 million guessed the exact combination? It's just as probable that 500 people guessed the exact combination. In a random drawing there are no probabilities. Every thing and anything has exactly the same odds of happening. So how is it that each and every week, after a so called random lottery drawing, the same thing happens. Few people win anything. Why is it that many people never win something, when the odds of that happening are exactly the same?

It's been said to me by someone the the MUSL(Powerball) that they have 40 accounting firms on hand to review each and every drawing making certain there is no foul play. He also said "I know it's hard to prove the drawings are random, but they are." Yet there is one simple easy way to ensure the drawings are random. Take the handling of the drawing out of the the hands of those running the lottery. Put it in the hands of people not associated as organizers or players of the lottery. Hire an independent firm to not just analyze and oversee, but to control the drawings. A firm that has no access to the lotteries computer information of what combinations have been played where, and how often.

Just let them turn the machine on and pick some balls. I guarantee you'll see a significant increase and just as probable decrease in the payout and distribution of prizes. Do I just sound like a disgruntled player that is mad because I never win? Well I've picked 4 of 6 in a 6/48, 3 times in the last 7 years, and 4 of 5/36 in the last 2 months. I spend about $10 dollars a week on the lottery. I'm not mad that I don't win. I'm mad that the chances of me winning are not a matter of randomness, but a matter of controlled distribution to random people in designated areas.

Perhaps it cannot be guaranteed who exactly will have the right numbers, but it is guaranteed that it will be someone in an area that the lottery people decide.

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