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I. Introduction to Loto

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You may experience a shock, so take it easy. This is the only place where Loto is treated with utmost seriousness. Loto is a branch of mathematics. The analysis of Loto is founded on theory of probability, more specifically on Ion Saliu's Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). Furthermore, all theory is embodied in very powerful Loto software. Absolutely no other Loto software title comes even remotely close to the scientific validity and the power of Ion Saliu's software. Sound like a commercial? It probably isn't! the Loto software spoken here is totally free — with your membership to download software.

The best Loto software is known under the names of LotWon ~ SuperPower ~ MDIEditor And Lotto WE ~ Bright Software ~ . You may regret that you paid for other Loto software, before landing here. We can't turn time back. Don't get mad at your friends, either. You'll do the same thing. Nine out of ten discoverers of this Web site and Ion Saliu's Loto theory and software will never tell anybody about it. Your friends and your foes will never hear from you about this site and goldmine—ever! Nevertheless, ninety-nine out of one hundred discoverers will keep using, studying, and delving more and more deeply in this powerful Loto software. The download site offers in excess of 100 software programs, in 7 targeted categories.

Just think how much others charge for software or systems worth less than 1% of what you get here. All other software applications elsewhere only come with lottery results, number frequency, or a few prepackaged lotto wheels — some asking you to pay $200, or yearly membership fees of USD 100! All creations here are founded on solid mathematics and the discoveries of this author. All theories are free to read — you might have already read several of Ion Saliu's Web pages. In every other place, you can only click on the Buy Now button without a clue!

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II. Essential Resources in Loto

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