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Lotto Odds 6/49 Lottery Filter Probability

Other lottery, lotto software developers want the algorithms, formula or formulas to calculate the number of lottery combinations generated without running the software.

Posted by Ion Saliu on April 22, 2001; later updates.

In Reply to: 6/49 Lottery Filter Odds posted by James on April 22, 2001.

I emailed you a short answer after I upgraded the lottery message bord. Please do not reply here.

Later, I wrote new lotto software programs named UserGroups, components of the comprehensive collections of lotto software named Bright. They work with groups of numbers: odd, even, low, high, frequency, sum totals. The software can generate quickly, in memory, all lotto combinations generated by enabling the filters above. There are no direct formulas; there are only algorithms. The calculations are, however, very fast and absolutely accurate.

The main menu of UserLottoGroups, lotto software for odd / even, low / high, sums, sum-totals.

Ion Saliu

: Is there a way to create a formula, to calculate the odds for a combination of the following possibilities; without running all the different possibilities, through each lottery combination? It's easy to figure out the odds for each possibility, per filter; but to figure out the odds, for a combination of the filters, is driving me crazy. To run all the possibilities through each lottery combination, would be very time consuming; and I'de doubt that you could have a text file that big. A lottery formula, if possible, would be the only solution.

: Filters:

: Excluded #'s: (1-49) 49 possibilities
: Sums: (21-279): 259 possibilities
: Even #'s: (0-6): 7 possibilities
: Low #'s: (0-6): 7 possibilities
: Consecutive #'s: (1-6): 6 possibilities
: Lowest # Drawn: (1-44): 44 possibilities
: Highest # Drawn: (4-49): 44 possibilities

: What makes it hard to calculate the odds; is that changing one filter affects the other filters. It's hard to figure out, how many combinations are left in the remaining filters; and then to filter from the remaining.

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