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Calculate Lotto, Lottery Odds Based On Hypergeometric Distribution Probability

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lotto Mathematics

Calculate lotto odds probability applying hypergeometric distribution formula.

Written by Ion Saliu on October 1, 2001- revised November 14, 2001.

Ion - Good to see you have recovered your senses.

One of the main advantages of newsgroups is that when someone (including me sometimes) begins to stroll down the wrong trail (mathematically that is), that there are others here that can help straighten one out.

P.S. Maybe someday I may show you how to *REALLY* play roulette with my "Sorry_it_is_not_for_sale" roulette system.

Royce Penny
Royce Penny's Money Machine

Good to see you, too, have recovered your senses. I no longer see those disturbing C(0,5) and 'combination sequence number'!

As of roulette: Are you the same Canadian who sent me some info on his roulette software? Maybe you want to show me your roulette system. I don't think I want to explain to you my system. But, of course, you can see me playing. Unfortunately, the conditions in the U.S. are not proper for gambling. Many people are afraid now to go to casinos. There are too many unknown persons in there. We all heard about terrorists frequently meeting in Las Vegas prior to September 11. I thought the Canadian casinos might be a better destination now. If you are the same person who sent me roulette info, let me know. We might have the opportunity to see each other's systems.

May Almighty Number give you always the most favorable Probability, and Odds, and Payouts! And thus your pocket shall not be empty, as your mouth is never empty of words.

Ion Saliu

Calculate lotto, lottery odds based on hypergeometric distribution probability formula: EXACTLY K of M from total N.


you have winned a jackpot, ... inside you. Now you can admit many hypothesis to explain why you have not seen these conclusions before. Perhaps many guys here told you that 1in6 is different from 6in49 but your creative mind couldn't let you read/hear/see that. But, what really mind here is this tread you wrote. We cannot put our ideas without defending them, ... like a dog defends "his" owner. Sometimes we don't own our ideas, they own us. But now you got out as a owner of your mind and with a honest position.


Franc José:
I was hesitant to respond to your post. Some people might have suspected I asked you to put up nice words for me. Of course, you said what you wanted to say on your own. But you know the computing beast . . .
Moreover, I feel far more comfortable in an adversarial environment. I feel less comfortable in a sincerely in-your-face-nice environ. I still feel better in an in-your-face-nice-but-really-adversarial-behind-your-back environ. I am at my best in a sincerely in-your-face-adversarial environment. If it's about say-differently-and-I-kick-ass, don't hide it. The computing beast civilization named humanity benefited from it cosmically more than any other species. Only humans have the privilege to kick ass. Other species cannot do that. The lions, for example, can only go for the jugular. Had they been able to KA, their imperial palaces would display human statues at the gates as symbols of ferocious force...

Portuguese is not my mother tongue; it's my aunt tongue. I can't speak it. Yet I felt I knew Portuguese reading your post. I felt I know Chinese, and English, and Russian, and Arabic, and Fowuru, and any tongue, reading your post. Maybe some asked themselves (or the AHs asked you via email): “What the heck English wass that?” The answer: It is human communication. Great thought: “Sometimes we don't own our ideas. Our idea possesses us. It pushes us into leaving no stone unturned.”

May Almighty Number give you always the righteous count of consonants, and vowels, and syllables, and words. And thus your speech shall not be too short in any language, or too long in any dialect. For all the glory is in Number.

Ion Saliu

I wrote software to do all lotto odds calculations, fast and accurately:
Scientific Software: Mathematics, statistics, probability, combinatorics, odds, algorithms.

The software in this group is one of the best ever and highly unique. The programs deal with theory of probability; calculating odds for various games of chance, perform statistical functions (e.g. standard deviation, binomial distribution, hypergeometric distribution, etc.) There are also programs that perform tasks in combinatorics. The software calculates and generates permutations, combinations and everything else as far as the number sets are concerned.

OddsCalc calculates the odds of any lotto game, including power ball and keno. If the game draws 6 winning numbers, the program calculates the odds from '0 of 6' to '6 of 6'. Of course, '6 of 6' represents the jackpot case.
ODDS calculates the lotto odds using the 'hypergeometric distribution probability'. The odds are calculated as 'k of m in n from N'. More clearly, let's suppose a lotto 6/49 game. The lottery draws 6 winning numbers. The player must play exactly 6 numbers per ticket. But the player can choose to play a pool of 10 favorite numbers. What is the probability to get '4 of 6 in 10 from 49'? The odds: '1 in 90'.

See also the resource Random Generator, Odds Calculator in the foother of most webpages at SALIU.COM.

Learn to calculate lotto, lottery odds based on hypergeometric distribution probability formula.

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