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Ion Roulette Systems, Super Roulette Strategy versus Turnaround Gambling System

By Ion Saliu, Roulette Professor At-Large,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics

Read about Ian Harmer's Turnaround gambling system and test roulette systems with real spins.

Written on May 09, 2001.

In Reply to: Turnaround & Ion Saliu's roulette strategy systems posted by zippy on May 08, 2001.

I have no clue what Turnaround gambling system is about. I think one can say a few words about a copyrighted material without breaking the law. Moreover, an author has a duty to show off something that can prove the validity of a concept. Revealing some element of the logic can be done without damaging the author's interests. Look at my roulette page. I make public a substantial amount of data, both logical and factual. Yet, nobody can figure out my grand scheme of roulette gambling. But for a normal person it is solid proof that I know what I am talking about, that I master my domain, and I am not out there to cheat people.

In case you haven't checked my roulette site recently, please go there and read the two free roulette strategies. Then download the latest version of SPINS or, better still, SuperRoulette. Then download a data file with real roulette spins from Hamburg, Germany Casino. File name: HAMB.00; the spins were recorded in February 2000. Run the software to test the two systems, or to test other systems. Everything is saved to disk, so you can check the reports and the data files. Why don't other system developers do the same?

Turnaround gambling system, Test Roulette Systems SPINS-EXE: Real Random Spins.

Ion Saliu on gambling/betting systems based on doubling/increasing the bet after each win, such as Turnaround -
The wins and losses can be counted as streaks. There are two categories of streaks: single win/loss streaks and multiple wins/losses streaks.

The number of streaks can be determined by mathematical formulae. I will not post formulae here. If you don't trust me, do some researching of your own and at your own cost! (I am not implying that trust should be enforced!)
Of course, the number of streaks is dependent on the probability of the event. Let's consider here the event of a roulette player betting on red/black at double zero roulette (even money, or 1-to-1, or 1-for-1, or 1-on-1; it's even because both terms are equal).

The probability to win is closely equal to 0.474 (pW = 18/38 or 47.4%).
The probability to lose is pL = 0.526 (or 1 pW).

1) WINNING streaks for the player:
130 single win streaks (W) in 1000 spins
118 multiple win streaks (2 or more Ws: WW, WWW, WWWW, etc.) in 1000 spins.

2) LOSING streaks for the player:
118 single LOSS streaks (L) in 1000 spins
130 multiple LOSS streaks (2 or more Ls: LL, LLL, LLLL, etc.) in 1000 spins.

The ratio 130/118 = 110.2% shows the advantage of single win streaks over multiple win streaks, OR, equivalently, the advantage of multiple loss streaks over single loss streaks. You can bet baby milk money on the fact that the casinos know extremely well about that ratio. There are games (sluts, anyone?) that offer to the player, after every win, this wager: "Double your win?" or "Bet it all/maximum?" That is, if you win 1 unit, your total becomes 2. The casino wants (badly!) that you bet 2 next. The percentage greatly favors the house. Every player should be very suspicious when such a betting "system" is offered.

Roulette gambling science is mathematics of streaks.

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Turnaround gambling system is compared to Ion Saliu streak mathematics, systems, roulette strategies.

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