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Posted by Duke on July 14, 2001.

In Reply to: 5% Frequency: The lowest lotto number in a lottery drawing is OVER 19 posted by DEZ on July 12, 2001.

I am posting this idea in response to Ionís and Dezís call for ideas.

I need some help with this so Iím hoping that by sharing this in the spirit of mutual cooperation we all can benefit. This idea is an extension of Ionís Keller Lotto Strategy (Lottery Wonder Grid) so all credit must go to him and also to DEZ for providing me with the encouragement to post it (I was afraid it would be shot down). I have emailed the idea to Ion, and he believes it has merit.

The idea is to apply the Killer Lotto Strategy to the Keno game. You would pick a favorite number and take its top 25% pairings. In 20/80 Keno game the top 25% would be 20 numbers. Since for each drawing there are 20 numbers picked, then in a certain amount of drawings all or most of the 20 numbers picked would be among the favorite's top 25% lottery pairs. So all you would have to do is choose 10 of these 20 numbers. Hopefully, in one of these draws this would be the jackpot ($500,000 in New York).

Also, if an abbreviated wheel could be designed to wheel the top 20 lotto numbers along with one favorite key number, then many lower tier prizes could possibly be won. Perhaps someone out there can design and share such a wheel.

Thatís the idea. I need help in finding good abbreviated keno wheels that can wheel 20 number with good win guarantees starting with 6 of 10. If anyone can design or post links to such wheels it would be very helpful. Any tips on choosing a favorite number would also be helpful. Unfortunately, Ion is very busy or Iím sure he would have taken up the challenge.

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The idea is to apply the Power Lotto Strategy to the Keno game.

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Winning Lotto Strategy, System to Keno Game, Duke.


The idea is to apply the Killer Lotto Strategy to the Keno game.

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Winning lotto strategy, systems to Keno game, Duke!