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Strategy, System: Winning Lotto Numbers Come From Last 10 Lottery Drawings

How many winning lotto numbers appeared also in last 10 lottery draws?

Posted by DEZ ( ( on July 15, 2001.

In Reply to: 5% Frequency: The lowest lotto number in a lottery drawing is OVER 19 posted by BigJer on July 15, 2001.

: I would like to see the pick 3 lottery thing you have found as I spend more time on that game and the pick 4 lottery as there is a lot more lotto data.

: Taking 5 numbers off of the front and back end is 9 less than the 19 that could be taken off with my idea. However, the key here is to find what Ion refers to as "triggers". If we could find a trigger of WHEN to take the 5 off the front and rear, that would be great. I haven't looked at that at all, but if you have, and have found some tendencies in regards to that, it would be great.
: : The main idea of a trigger, ( as I am applying it), is not to play every drawing. If I can sit on my hands for say, 10 straight lottery drawings, I would save money. Then, when a trigger is hit, I can start betting, and because I haven't played for the previous 10 draws, #1:I can afford to play more combos, and #2: I have a better shot at winning because I have a higher probability that all of the numbers I played will be in the winning combination.
: : Again though, if you have some data on when it is appropriate to take 5 lotto numbers off of the front and rear, that is a great step toward finding a trigger.

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Strategy You can have 20 lotto numbers to play and win the lottery.

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Winning lotto numbers in last 10 lottery drawings create a lotto strategy system.


Eliminating 4 or 5 lotto numbers and that is 5 more lottery numbers to play.

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Winning lotto numbers appear with precise mathematical chance in last 10 lottery drawings.