Challenge to blackjack card counters by D G Grant to use their systems in real casino play.

Doug Grant ™ Casino Lawsuit and Blackjack Challenge to Card Counting Authorities ~
”How About Gambling Mathematics?”, Parpaluck Challenges Back-and-Forth

By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Science, Founder of Blackjack Mathematics

Doug Grant was in a lawsuit against Atlantic City casinos for card-counting at blackjack.

Posted on December 26, 2000; later updates.

In Reply to: Blackjack Card-Counting Never Dies - posted by Ion Parpaluck Saliu on December 26, 2000.

I posted this message on the rec.gambling.blackjack forum:

• Most of the posters to the original thread are also visitors to my website. I remember even kicking the rear end of one of them (Norman Wattenberger). I know also most of you hate mathematics, for various reasons (Norman Wattenberger, Arnold Snyder, Stanford Wong, Ken Smith, Rusty Martin, etc.). I do not know any of you. I offer at my site what I consider to be the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). It is undeniable mathematics.

I wrote previously a popular article on the math of blackjack subject. Some of you still hate me for that (notably, of course, the card-counting system developers and vendors!) I offer also special probability software applicable to gambling mathematics: SuperFormula.exe. Among other features, the program calculates the binomial distribution formula (BDF). The formula also calculates the permutations of N (N!). Let's say, there is a blackjack game with 100% penetration (all cards are dealt), and just one Player versus Dealer. There are 13 cards left in the deck. How many ways can 13 cards be arranged in that gigantically-optimistic blackjack situation? 13! = 6,227,020,800; i.e. 6 billion, 227 million, 20 thousand, 800 hundred. Huge number, isn't it? How can one count (pun intended) on an advantage, when there are so many possibilities? Read one of my articles on the topic, plus get combinatorial software to generate sequences (sets) of numbers:

I am available for the casino gambling challenge issued by the "Doug Grant". Nobody knows for sure who Doug Grant is. He claims his name is a trademark! Atlantic City would be the best place, since the casinos may not bar the blackjack card counters. It's the law of the state of New Jersey. Every participant would play his/her best gambling method, without restrictions. One week should be a sufficient period of time to prove a point.

Now, the suckers will surface. Some would claim that methods such as card counting would validate only in one million blackjack hands... some even argue for billions of events! I would tell them: “That's not mathematics, that's cowardice”. There are two methods in mathematics and logic: the complete induction and the incomplete deduction. Based on the latter, if a relation proves to be true for 1 case, for 2 cases, . . ., for N cases, then it must be true for N+1 cases as well. You don't need to play 1,000,000 blackjack hands. The hands played in one week will suffice. Agree?

I am ready for the gambling challenge posted there. The casino challenge issued by Doug Grant TM (!) goes like this:

I, Ion Saliu, hereby posted my real name, email, and credentials. I am waiting for potential challenge-takers to do the same. How about you, Doug Grant (you trademarked your name... or you lie like an old dog)? Hey, you ready to prove your casino gambling system? You must have a really good blackjack gambling system. Otherwise, it would be impossible to fool 60,000 people and still be free, even alive... In truth… the 60000 past students figure is a big lie!

Gambling is all about streaks — the foundation of gambling mathematics, blackjack included. Software name: Streaks.exe. It is a component of the best collection of mathematical, probability, statistical software known as Scientia.exe. You might also want to take a closer look at the entire collection of blackjack software I've written.

Probability software proves gambling mathematics is probability of streaks, casino blackjack too.

The blackjack card counters, Doug Grant, do not dare to put their system to a casino gambling test.

Challenge to blackjack card counters, gambling authors to use their systems in real casino play.

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    D. G. Grant gambling author issued a Blackjack Casino Challenge.


    Mysterious Doug Grant had a court battle against Atlantic City casinos on blackjack card counting.