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Posted by Ion Saliu on December 26, 2000; later updates.

In Reply to: Blackjack Card Counting never dies - posted by Ion Saliu on December 26, 2000.

I posted this message on the rec.gambling.blackjack forum:

Most of the posters to the original thread are also visitors to my website. I remember even kicking the rear end of one of them. I know also most of you hate math, for various reasons. I do not know any of you. I offer at my site what I consider to be the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). It is undeniable mathematics. I wrote also on my message board on the math of blackjack. Some of you still hate me for that. I offer also free software: FORMULA.EXE. Among other features, the program calculates the binomial distribution formula (BDF). The formula also calculates the permutations of N (N!). Let's say, there is a blackjack game with 100% penetration (all cards are dealt). There are 13 cards left in the deck. How many ways can the 13 cards be arranged? 13! = 6,227,020,800, i.e. 6 billion, 227 million, 20 thousand, 800 hundred. Huge number, isn't it? How can one count on an advantage, when there are so many possibilities?
Read one of my posts on the topic: The Myth of Blackjack: Card Counting; Real Gambling Mathematics.

I am available for the casino gambling challenge. Atlantic City would be the best place, since the casinos may not bar the blackjack card counters. It's the law. Every participant would play his/her best gambling method, without restrictions. One week should be sufficient time to prove a point. Now, the suckers will surface. Some would claim that methods such as card counting would validate only in one million blackjack hands. I would tell them, that's not mathematics, that's cowardice. There are two methods in mathematics and logic: the complete induction and the incomplete deduction. Based on the latter, if a relation proves to be true for 1 case, for 2 cases, . . . for N cases, then it must be true for (N+1) cases. You don't need to play 1,000,000 blackjack hands. The hands played in one week will suffice. Agree?

Ion Saliu

I am ready for the gambling challenge posted there. The casino challenge goes like this:

"... Considering that my blackjack card counting teams won more than any others in the history of the game, and my card counting schools processed over 60,000 card counters through my franchised schools, and I receive information from card counters from all over the world in respect to REAL-WORLD casino conditions, and that the U.S. Senate asked me over all others to submit written testimony in respect to casino card counting and casino countermeasures, and I have over 30 years of professional card counting experience (for real money not nickels and dimes) and that my system was verified a winner with a higher percentage expectation than any blackjack card counting system authored by Wong or Snyder by HOSTILE mathematicians (Dr. Peter Griffin) while working for the TropWorld Casino in aforementioned legal action, and that I have copyrighted 11 book level courses and methods of using card counting that heretofore have never been duplicated in efficiency nor percentage expectation by anyone, I believe that I have the credentials to say, with finality, that "under the present conditions that exist in the casinos today, it is impossible for any card counter to gain any advantage with published card counting system sold by any known system huckster or their agent."

Moreover, I should say that I have nothing to sell, nor am I employed by any casino, agent, or publisher. Nor do I have any financial connection with any casino enterprise, system huckster, nor are any of my copyrighted methods available for sale. I have devised a system for trading financial futures, and frankly, I make more money in one month now than I did in one year of playing professional Blackjack. (Yes, eventually I intend to sell my futures trading system once I decide to register as a CTA. Yet it will be sold exclusively to industrial clients with a 90 day free trial.) I should also mention that I have been offered a book deal once my litigation is finished with the casinos. No doubt some of my aforementioned methods of play will be revealed in my forthcoming book. So I do not have any ulterior motive to state the simple truth in respect to the fact that blackjack card counting systems have been irrefutably proved a loser against real world casino conditions.

If you feel otherwise, then as I stated above, you first need to state your background in respect to in-casino real world card counting for money, and your verifiable general background. Not to mention name a casino that you believe will lose to any card counting system you care to publish here.

Moreover, if you would like to demonstrate to me or one of my associates how ANY card counter can play with a long-term advantage undetected, I certainly would love to hear your proposition.

Depending upon the game and the rules and the system, it would not take very long for any card counter to play the amount of rounds necessary to prove card counting would win or lose against real world casino conditions. Moreover, if as you claim a card counter can still win, then he would be making big money all that time. So what's the bitch again Ed? Not enough time to make big money? You are starting to sound more and more like Stanford Wong...that is his typical whine whenever anyone asks him why he is not out there making big money with all those "winning" systems he sells.

So what excuse are you going to use now Ed? Card counting systems have been proved a miserable failure against real world casino conditions. I have offered you and any other the opportunity to prove me wrong in real world casino, or by using good BJ simulator software that will include ALL of the tactics the casinos use on a regular basis against suspect blackjack card counters. Real world casino or simulator, both reveal the truth that card counting systems can no longer win.

Doug Grant (Tm) dggrant@worldnet.att.net"

I, Ion Saliu, hereby posted my real name, email, and credentials. I am waiting for potential challenge-takers to do the same. How about you, Doug? Ready to prove your casino gambling system? You must have a really good gambling system. Otherwise, it would be impossible to fool 60,000 people and still be free, even alive...

Gambling is all about streaks the foundation of gambling mathematics, blackjack included. Software name: Streaks.exe. It is a component of the best collection of mathematical, probability, statistical software known as Scientia.exe.You might also want to take a closer look at the entire collection of blackjack software I've written.

Probability software proves that gambling mathematics is probability of streaks, including casino blackjack.

Good luck to you all!

Ion Saliu

The blackjack card counters do not dare to put their system to a test, including gambling author DG Grant.

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    D. G. Grant Blackjack Casino Challenge.



    Challenge to blackjack card counters to use their systems in real casino play.

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