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Special horse racing utility software for trifectas, pairings and exactas

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Horse Racing Mathematics

Presenting a new powerful horseracing software application for trifectas.

• SoftwareHorses3
~ Special utility software for horseracing trifectas. Last update: ~ Version 15.0 ~ July 2009; lifted all restrictions on generating straight trifectas (also known as triactors). The generating modules includes eliminating the least pairings from the straight trifectas. The two powerful packages will be also integrated in the Bright package that will run under 64-bit Windows Vista.
Software category: 5.3.

This program is a special upgrade to the horse racing software tools known as Util-H32. Many horseracing enthusiasts (I call them civitans) have used the package for several years now.

Horseracing is extremely popular in the English-speaking world. The interest is expanding to many other places. Meanwhile, horseracing is facing a serious decline in the United States. There are so many things in the United States... Sports and multiple forms of gambling leave horseracing in the dust, literally!

Only the Triple Crown races draw a serious attention in the U.S. That is, the TV ratings demonstrate some popularity for Triple Crown horse races.

From a gambling perspective, horse racing is not very attractive anymore. The payouts are low. To me, it only makes sense to go for long-shot trifectas. I noticed huge payouts for trifectas several years ago. My word went around ... and I notice now a severe decline in trifecta prizes.

For the bulk of the functions, I will refer you back to the material that presents the entire collection of lottery, lotto and horse racing utility software:

I will analyze here mainly the new functions: the Rundown functions and the Trifecta (straight) generating modules. First, let's take a peek at the main menu.

Run free horse racing software for trifectas, exactas and to-win.

Programming horseracing software is more difficult than programming lotto games, in some regards. Horse-racing trifectas represent a form of mathematical sets known as arrangements. The lotto games consist of combinations, a sub-set of arrangements (boxes). The position of each element is of the essence for straight trifectas. The lotto combinations consist of only unique elements (numbers); the position of the elements in the combination is not of the essence. Fortunately, the huge library of my previous programming helped a lot. Still, I needed mathematical discoveries to carry out the goal of writing the new modules of this type of software.

No wonder there is NO other comparable software for to handle horse races. I mean, from a mathematical perspective.

Analyzing horse number groups: singles, exactas, trifectas.

• The Rundown functions perform statistical analyses of single and multiple number groups in horse races. The horse names are irrelevant here. Only the horse numbers count in my software. Horseracing is treated like any lottery: A random event. We apply here the mathematical set of numbers known as arrangements. The arrangements are a subset of permutations. For example, the displayed results at a track: 1, 2, 3 or 10, 6, 7.

The number groups are:
~ singles: one horse number at a time, of course!
~ pairings: 2-number groups (expanded exactas).

You already saw the statistical reports for the triplets and the quadruplets in the total freeware (the ToolsLotto software). You also saw closer gaming forms: Pick 3/4 lotteries. The program determines the span of analysis or parpaluck for each number group. The span of analysis is calculated by the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). It represents N (number of past horse races) for a degree of certainty DC = 50%.

As I said in the case of pick lotteries, I came across mathematical discoveries. The most important flashes of creativity were related to the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) and its fundamental elements: Probability (p), degree of certainty (DC), and number of trials (N). Horseracing (arrangements) are different from pick lottery sets (exponents) and lotto (combinations), expecially from a programmer's perspective.

Programming SoftwareHorse3 helped me determine precisely the parpalucks for any probability, degree of certainty and number of trials. If the degree of certainty is 50% (the FFG median), then the parpaluck must output half of the elements, while half of the elements are still idle. SoftwareHorse3 does exactly that for single number groups, and pairs (pairings).

The singles, pairs (pairings), triples are the primordial lottery filters. Other filters, such as Ion1 to Ion5, Bun, Ver, Any, Pairs, Syn, Deltas, etc. are derived filters. The primordial filters are immediately derived from FFG. The derived filters, which have a minimum and a maximum level, necessitate a second step of applying the Fundamental Formula of Gambling.

Trifectas are the top finishers in a horse race; exactas represent the top two horses.

• • Lets look now at the modules that generate straight trifectas, with or without favorite horses, eliminating the least number groups or not.

Get a special software upgrade for horse number trifectas.

This new straight sets generating function has 3/4 subroutines:
1) Generate straight sets with NO favorite horses;
2) Generate straight sets with ONE favorite horse;
3) Generate straight sets with TWO favorite horse numbers (a favorite pair = expanded exacta).

Each subroutine has its own multiple choices:
1.- do not eliminate any least frequent groups;
2.- eliminate the least singles;
3.- eliminate the least (worst frequent) pairings.

Nota bene. There is a strategy error regarding the LEAST functions. Do NOT use the combination generators with the LEAST options in SoftwareLotto6! Always press N or n to disable the LEAST options!

I did perfect the probability calculations for every digit in pick 3/4 lotteries — no bragging, no false modesty. I also made corrections to issues in Util-H32 software I released earlier this year. I synchronized the code from the statistical functions to the code in the trifecta generating modules.

Let's take the case of pairings for 10-horse races. The probability is 1 in 24 for a pair. There are 72 pairs from 1,2 to 10,9. As you notice, the order counts. You might also notice that, for example, the 1-2 pair came out a few times in the parpaluck; on the other hand, pair 2-1 did not hit. The two pairs are now separate entities. Previously, my software added the two pairs and considered them as one entity. That approach is correct for lotto games, where the order of the numbers does not count. This approach fine-tunes the selecting of pairings as two-horse favorites.

Please pay attention to selecting a certain pair or you might generate some unwanted straight trifectas. If your favorite pair 1-2 is not in the least pairings, there will be straight sets generated, even if pair 2-1 is among the least-drawn group. The horseracing software is meant to be played straight, therefore we must consider the finishing order of the horses. By the way, a pair such as 1-2 is a valid occurrence in straight sets like 1-2-3 or 1-9-2; but not in sets like 2-4-1 or 3-2-1.

Be mindful of synchronicity, too. You may choose a favorite horse and try to generate triactors by eliminating the least singles. If your fave is among the entries in LeastH1, the software will not generate one...single triactor...of course!

Only the full version of SoftwareHorse3 enables the full horseracing trifecta generators. The kicker: Those applications will be fee-based. Such power deserves much more than that meager membership fee to download my free software. The full version, that I have the luxury to work with in some advanced beta, generates, sometimes, just one straight trifecta. Of course, the skips and streaks have an important role to play. The winning reports are still on the drawing board.

Very important! The Least Pairings are calculated differently in the Frequency function and the Pairings Rundown module. The Frequency option assures compatibility with the Bright packages, the Eliminate Least Pairs filter. Also, the compatibility is maintained in the Break/Position combination generating modules. The aforementioned combination generating functions work correctly with the LEAST files created by Frequency. They are spelled LEASTH or LEASTh. The Pairings Rundown module creates a file named LeastH2.

Also, the favorite number feature requires favorite horses in exact order. This feature is synchronized with the Rundown functions and assures maximum efficiency. You will notice that, for example, the pair 1-2 has a high frequency, while 2-1 has not yet come out.

I strongly advise against running this software with online horseracing outlets. Horseracing is the only form of legalized online gambling in the United States. It is not a problem of integrity. It is an issue of fairness. The online horseracing facilities pay trifecta unfairly: 300 to 1, no matter what. Trifecta is the most important attraction of betting on horse races. To me, it is the only reason. There are times, rare as they may be, when trifecta pays big time! Winning just a couple of huge trifectas a month leads to a nice yearly income.

I still have one more discovery to mention here. I did NOT discover the evolution theory while developing this software. Darwin did that one hundred and a few score years ago. I discovered, however, that the horse is the hybrid result of evolution and human engineering. Some people still believe in blind faith that the horse is the creation of God. God, being the ultimate environmentalist, needed to travel fast without emitting greenhouse gases. The horse delivers such a duty at a level of excellence. Others, like Einstein, believe that horseracing was a divine pastime. “God doesn't play dice with the Universe.” “His Almighty bets on horses, the sport of kings.” BRRRRRRRRAHAHAHAHA!!!

Something else to keep in mind: This software is not distributed on a definitive basis. The application might be withdrawn without notice. You might have seen quite a few pages at this web site with the header 'Offer withdrawn'. If you are a member, I warmly recommend you visit the software download page. Then, start the download ASAP. Keep good records of your membership and also the downloading of this horseracing software title. If the full versions released, only registered members would be eligible.

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