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By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Lottery Mathematics, Gambling Mathematics

New software creates lottery, lotto, roulette, horse racing strategy systems based on SKIPS.

Written on August 30, 2002.

SKIPS version 2.1, September 2005 - Lottery and gambling software.
Major fixes and improvements. The application handles pick–3, pick–4, lotto–5, lotto 6, lotto–7, Powerball/Mega Millions, and Euromillions.

• A while back I posted in the newsgroups on the concept of googoos and I offered new software (freeware, again!). My post was entitled:
Free Skips Software on Googoo Appreciation Day.

We can always divide the humans we deal with in two groups: normal humans (the largest group by far) and googoos.

The term googoo was coined by noted anthropologist Mfwabie Ngo'uya. It describes the first possible form of human communication. Mfwabie Ngo'uya demonstrates that 'googoo' was the first conscious sound on Earth. The first humans (Homo erectus) started the long and tedious process of communication at point googoo. I borrowed the term to describe a form of primeval communication indecipherable to contemporary persons. We all face situations when we do not decipher what others communicate. It sounds like "Googoo! Googoo!" to our ears. In my usage, googoo defines indecipherable communication especially from people hostile to us. Then googoos become the communicators themselves. By the same token, we are other people's googoos.

I have always had googoos, thanks Almighty Number! I don't know what I would do without them. What would life be with all-friends humans? A boring monologue of stagnation, that's what! I have always been stimulated by interacting with my various googoos. For one, I have significantly improved by software in part because of googoo reaction to it. There is somebody in this group who was puzzled by my presence in newsgroups. How could I possibly take such abuse and hit back mercilessly? I explained the person that my newsgroup activity and behavior are really stimulating.

I advised the person to do the same thing. The poster almost did it, but not nearly as tough as my manner. Nevertheless, I have noticed clear creativity improvement in the man I'm talking about. He demonstrated to me new and worthy ideas. Plus, there is evidence of sophisticated software from a person who affirmed programming was not in the cards for him. Sophisticated software after only a few months in the rough neighborhood called newsgroup! The lottery player and programmer had also the privilege to speak in my forum.

If you don't have googoos, do your best to create them! If you have googoos, do your best to keep them! So, I took the opportunity to express my gratitude on the marvelous Googoo Appreciation Day by offering the new freeware. SKIP6. My thanks were expressed cordially to my googoos: Boober Zan Peetsoorker, gGeetzer gGooskey, MadAss Fish(), Joytsar Kokostirk, Wheely Kotkoduck, Phalkow Bullgill, Pushcotch Okseyak, Zamzalasheep.

Yeah, I got a few more. They follow me everywhere I go, or they think I go. Sometimes they sleep at the doorway of my cyber hou': They sleep sometimes on the doorsteps of the search engine palaces. They file complaints against me again, and again and again… Ye know, guys like Kokostirk, Kotkoduck, Kotskarr, Kulai, Koraklonchah, Doollow, Pulicker, Psychosama…

The 32-bit application generates two skipping reports on lotto-6 games. A draw like:
13 16 23 28 31 32
shows a string of skips like:
3 6 1 4 7 8 | 20 18 1 18 8 8
Number 13 was also drawn 3 draws back; 20 draws back in 1st position;
number 16 was also drawn 6 draws back; 18 draws back in 2nd position;
number 23 was also drawn 1 draw back; 1 draw back in 3rd position, etc.

The drawings (past results) file must be sorted in ascending order first.

The second report shows the skips of every lotto-6 number, regardless of position and position by position:

Number: 13

ANY Position: 1 3 2 11 4 15 2 18 2 3 12
Sorted Skips: 1 2 2 2 3 3 4 11 12 15 18
* Median Skip Any: 3
** Total Hits: 11 = 11%

1st Pos.: 1 20
Sorted Skips: 1 20
* Median Skip 1st: 1

2nd Pos.: 4 2 11 19 2 20 3
Sorted Skips: 2 2 3 4 11 19 20
* Median Skip 2nd: 4

3rd Pos.: 73
Sorted Skips: 73
* Median Skip 3rd: 73

4th Pos.: 56
Sorted Skips: 56
* Median Skip 4th: 56

5th Pos.:
Sorted Skips:
* Median Skip 5th: 0

6th Pos.:
Sorted Skips:
Median Skip 6th: 0

• • This type of lotto software surprised me how much interest it could generate. Honestly, I regretted its release, but only once, for a short moment! Because, new software has some problems more often than not! I received quite a few error reports. If more than one user sends two reports, the problems must be serious. The new software programs were routines in larger programs that handle pairings (my use only). Everything ran OK with my data files, quite large, incidentally. After receiving a few complaints I realized that some users have small data files. Furthermore, some users wanted to analyze ALL the draws in their files. And that's when the software crashed!

I fixed the problem. The software is now error-free, within margins of decency. Keep also in mind the situation when you analyze an entire data file. The last lines in the report cannot be accurate. For example, the last line always shows skips equal to 1, because there are no more draws to analyze!

Here is how the program treats a data file. The user selects a range (number) of lotto drawings to analyze; e.g. 100. The data file must have double that number of lines, plus 1; e.g. the data file must have at least 201 draws. If your data file is too small, you need to add it to a SIMulated file. You already have a file of simulated drawings; otherwise you can't use LotWon or MDIEditor And Lotto WE.

Use UTIL* to create the SIM file. The option Make/Break/Position will create the right big data file for you (e.g. DATA–6+SIM–6 D6). D6 will have a sufficient number of lottery draws to skip–analyze. There is no difference between the real lottery drawings and the output of my random generators. But when you have a large file of real draws, you can use it by itself to generate the skips reports.

••• Other users pointed out flaws in my previous software with regard to skip calculation. Actually, roulette players found inaccuracies in the skip reporting of SPINS. By contrast, the skips in the new gambling and lottery software (SKIP*) are 100% accurate and also intuitive. My previous software deducted one from a skip value. For one, that method was consistent with the way the filters in my software act. Also, I thought it was most intuitive to consider a skip as the number of draws between hits. For most people, however, a skip is more intuitively defined as number of draws back; i.e. how many draws back the number was last drawn. The previous method did not cause any errors in the skip reports. The number of hits was always accurate. The only difference: the previous skips were lower by one unit.

The exception: roulette. The roulette is a different kind of beast. The previous skip reports had inaccuracies, especially when many consecutive hits were encountered. A couple of thorough roulette analysts came across erroneous skip reporting for my Free roulette system #1. The +/- columns were always correct, but the skip rows had some inaccurate numbers.

I was about to face a devastating casino experience. I am talking about much more complex strategies, with very complex parameters and skips. Something was not adding up. The skip behavior is so much different in roulette data because of a minute detail. I mastered it, at last! The roulette skip reports are now 100% accurate. Guaranteed!

As a token of my redemption, I greatly upgraded SPINS. Version 3.0 is now 32-bit software, so that it can handle even millions, even billions of spins (if your hardware is apt)! The application has separate modules for single-zero and double-zero tables. The random generators follow the specific wheel layouts of the games. They also use the true random function as in my online ActiveX combination generator. Nobody will see the same seed twice in one hundred lifetimes. Now, that's the stuff randomness is made of!

Lottery Software: Jackpot Lotto, Pick Lotteries, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Keno.

The presentation of the latest software version is always here:

The skip systems for Powerball also apply to horse racing, roulette, American football.

Pick 3 4, lottery, lotto software has functions to calculate skips or gaps between hits.

"I'm searching for paradigms,
They search trash bins for dimes;
I always tell them some:
Their skulls are full of scum!"

(Humanitarian song inspired by Liru, liru, crocodilu II)

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