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Who gets mad at lotto WHEEL-49 3 of 6?

By Ion Saliu, Lottery Peacemaker At-Large

Test lotto wheels performance with future lotto drawings.

Posted on June 21, 2000.

•• Some of you may know, some may not. My WHEEL49.36 lotto wheel and its winning report against the drawings sent by Guy received tough reaction in a newsgroup. The forum: rec.lottery.gambling. More exactly, the strong reaction has come from two individuals also involved in lottery research, software, consulting, lottery wheeling, etc. Usually, I have always met this type of reaction from what I consider to be competitors in my fields. One of them even insinuated that I "seeded" real drawings in the wheel! That is, I included Guy's 100 drawings in WHEEL49.36, then I made some slight changes so that the wheel will show 5- or even 6-winners quite often!

"• Hey, this becomes a thick story!"

1) Let me start with the innuendo that an author can "plant” or “seed” real drawings in a lotto wheel! Perhaps there are suckers who can do that. The question is, how many real drawings, from how many games can one “seed” in the system? Honestly, I DO NOT HAVE ANY DATA FILE FOR A LOTTO 6/49 GAME! I only extracted 100 drawings from a W6 report a user sent to me. He wanted me to tell him how to select strategies.

How many lotto 6/49 games are there? How many actual lottery drawings can be "packed" in 416 combinations of WHEEL49.36? My lotto wheel is readily available for analysis. Check the wheel against ALL possible lotto 6/49 games and see the results for yourself. I know some might try to falsify the results, but there are many other users who would do the same analysis and be honest about the results.

But here is the strongest proof against the “seeding” insinuation: The future. My lotto wheel WILL fare in the future exactly as against past drawings. So, is there a way to “seed” the future into the past or present? Are you really followers of Nostradamus or astrology? I am afraid you spend too much time in r.g.l. (Oops! My sin again: sarcasm. Actually, it is my typical form of humor.)

I believe we can put to rest the innuendo issue now, once and for all. Or should I have taken it as a compliment? “Man, your system does so well as if you “planted” real drawings in it! Gee! Can you “seed” future drawings, too? Just the tomorrow drawing, with the jackpot… Por favor!”

2) As for the testing, anybody is free to do it on its own or in group. I do not have any lotto 6/49 data file and have no time, nor do I have any desire to collect drawings. I have a lot more important things to do, and still don’t have enough time. I know some folks will report to me their own testing. (Incidentally, somebody reported me today a ‘5 out of 6’ win last weekend.)

As for CDEX testing, I do raise this important issue. First and foremost, show us the 416 lotto combinations you checked! You know why? So that other users do the same testing, against the same data files. Trust but verify. Remember Reagan and Gorbachev? Let a large number of people do the same testing. My lotto wheel and software is in the hands of whoever wishes.

The second issue refers to the lotto combinations selected. You can choose any lottery software or method to generate numbers. The only lottery software disallowed is my own (LotWon, or SuperPower$, or MDIEditor). The reason: All my lotto software generates optimized combinations. Therefore they are not random. I do not wish to explain what “optimized” is and how my software generates such combinations.

I can see immediately if my lotto software was used to generate numbers. Let a number of users generate combinations and tell how they obtained the combinations (lottery software or method used). Then we can randomly select one or two 416-combination sets for testing.

So, CDEX, publish first your 416 random lotto combinations. Make them available for free and let other people do the testing. By the way, why are you so insistent that I conduct the testing? You knew I didn’t have data files, didn’t you?

Ion Saliu

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Test the performance of lotto wheels with future lottery draws, as nobody can see the future.