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Gamblers report fraud in Internet gambling, online casinos

Cheating, Fairness in cyber, Internet gambling, casinos.

Posted by Scroodge on June 21, 2001.

If there is still someone out there that wondered about the correctness of Ion's online casino statement, then I'm sure you'll be convinced about it after this.

I've also been a bit sceptic about Ion's statement when I've just started to use the "net". Even after explaining the "James Bond roulette system" and the improvements made by Mr Saliu I've decided to proof him wrong.

I downloaded an online casino's software registred as a "guest", which meant no real money and better odds for me. I've started playing the system of betting 2 2to1 bets. After 100 bets I've won about 65 times but also noticed another pattern. Every 4 to 6 spins there will be 2 spins that are of the same color and then the next spin would be the other colour. eg: 2 times red followed by black and vice versa. Well I then decided to wait for the 2 times and then bet on all the numbers of the opposite color. Guess what happened.......

Yup! Two (2) blacks hit so if the pattern held a red should follow. Nope! After 30 spins still no red number. So I've decided to bet on all the black numbers with max. Guess what... Yup a red number came up. COINCIDENCE???
I don't think so...

Gamblers report fraud in Internet gambling, online casinos.

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A gambler validates Ion's point regarding the rampant fraud and cheating in online gambling.

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Gamblers Report Fraud In Internet Gambling, Online Casinos.


The Internet casinos only survive by cheating and robbing players.

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