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Government-Condoned Attacks against Intelligent Gambling

Government attacks, gamblers, casino, blackjack, card counting, Detroit, Michigan, United States.

Written by Ion Saliu (a.k.a. Parpaluck) on February 8, 2011

There are relevant questions on the topic that I receive in my email accounts, or I see posted in my forums, or I see posted on my Facebook message area.

The topic is actually a wide bush. But, in a nutshell, it all boils down to this:

Ion Saliu lives in the utmost individualistic democracy in history. Therefore, the American governments, at all levels, should protect Ion Saliu in every regard, including gambling.

I have never seriously complained about any government level in the United States. I have always been a free man ever since I was accepted here as a political refugee in 1985. I fled what was the Communist Bloc at that time in history. Now, democracy rules over there as well. I did have a serious skirmish with the state government of Michigan, however (a cruel child-support debt thrown over me as if to smother me).

On the other hand, this is as truthful as my statement above. The governments in the United States, at all levels, rely on gambling as a nutritious bloodline. The tax revenues from gambling bring to life very important government social services. There is no doubt about it. And the governments never hide the financing by gambling of such services. It is true about every government in the world.

As per above, the question is more intense when it comes to the most extremely privatized democracy in the world. The governments at any level in the U.S. do not want to own and do not own any business activity. It's all privatized, including the military. The government possesses via contracting with the private sector. One reason why the healthcare system in this country is so bad and insane — because the government does not want to bid-contract with the private sector (like they do in the military field or healthcare for the government employees, including the elected officials … starting with the President and the Speaker of the House).

I said extreme privatization because it resembles Mafia in some respects. The private casinos in the U.S. undoubtedly behave like big Mafia families. They do what they want, while the Law protects them (not only condones them gambling Mafiosi): Federal Courts, Casino Injustice, Financial Viability. It is no longer a secret now. But in the 1950s and 1960s few Americans knew officially that most judges, prosecutors, lawyers, police forces, in the New York - New Jersey area were on the payroll of Mafia. Actually, the area was as long as from New England, down to eastern Pennsylvania and Maryland. Then, it gapped mostly way down to Florida.

Pennsylvania, under a Democrat governor, legalized casino gambling in the state. The move was opposed mostly from the right, mostly Republicans. The state of Pennsylvania has a Republican governor beginning 2011. He shows no signs of repealing the gambling laws of the state. The Republican governor will NOT repeal the gambling law of the state of Pennsylvania — I bet you as much as you can think of!

There is still a fight around this historic town of Gettysburg. The county, Adams, wants a casino within its perimeter. They count on good money — that's how the county government campaigns FOR a casino in Adams County, around historic Gettysburg. “Tax revenue is good and the county government will improve many social services with that sure-fire money!”

The opponents are mostly very old people. The same age group also opposed the foundation of a Walmart store just outside Gettysburg: Prediction Science. The main obstacle was an ugly barn that was supposed to be a genuine barn from the Civil War (1863). In truth, that unsighted building had been restored many, many times. It had absolutely nothing genuine Civil War! Not to mention that the curators changed the haystacks every year!

People don't even want to remember now that there was an ugly and falsified barn in remembrance of the Civil War next to the very useful Walmart store of the area! We must live, first and foremost — there is a very limited place for history in our daily lives! Let the books play the role of history preservation!

The same very old people strongly opposed another form of gambling: Horse Racing. Those puritans claimed that off-track wagering (OTW) would bring addiction and high crime in their neighborhoods. The reality today is a far cry from such a fear. The OTW facilities in York and Chambersburg are nice and clean. They also have good restaurants, where friends and family meet for dinner. The OTW companies actually brought the crime rate to zero in their vicinity. The places were very crowded in the beginning. Now, they are half full more often than not. The current patrons would have otherwise spent (and lost!) much more money playing the government-sponsored lotteries (with monstrous odds and house edge)! Or, having played in the underworld of gambling controlled by Mafia!

There is no more illegal betting on horseracing now. Since it is all done in the daylight, the government actually collects some extra money in taxes. Why are other forms of gambling banned? I can see no other reason but to encourage illegal gambling! And anything that's illegal increases the crime rate and addiction, to say nothing of lost billions in uncollected taxes. Big Brother should regulate, instead of banning.

The old folk who oppose any form of gambling may or may not be present the very next meeting. Some of them die of the most natural cause: Age. But I salute them for their dedication to politics and democracy. I have voted in two precincts so far in the United States. Both are located in Adams County, where Gettysburg is seated. 95% of the voting volunteers are very old. I always say to myself: “I hope will see one another again, next election!”

And that brings me to what it all boils down to: MONEY!

No doubt about it. Gambling is one of most sure-fire cash cows! The way the governments campaign for legal casino gambling is appalling to me, however. They guarantee a minimum amount in tax revenues!!! What? Who guarantees you that? Just a county here, in Pennsylvania, promised over US$100 million in money for the school district! Adams County also promises millions and millions of dollars in newly found money for great social services!

Are you kidding me, unsavorily Mafiosi paid by the government (with taxpayers' money, that is)?

Who guarantees you a certain amount of money … any amount of money?! You are, in fact, in an open business, like the free market is. You can win, but you can also lose. Moreover, the odds you offer to the gamblers are so good compared to the state lotteries that the casinos are the most vulnerable businesses in the world! Yes, the casinos are more vulnerable than the hospitals (humans are getting healthier by the year) or the funeral homes (humans do live longer)!

I just heard in the summer of 2010 that a gambler in eastern Pennsylvania was accused of cheating! He just won some money at blackjack! He was accused of card counting, which is bullshit, mathematically speaking. But, worse, the state government condoned the crime initiated by the casino: Invasion of privacy. How can you, the government or a legal entity, prove card counting? Do you have reliable mind-reading devices? If so, who gives you the right to invade privacy? Mind is the most private quality humans have — the other animals don't possess mind… perhaps only low-level emotion…

I had my own experience in 2003:

Why casinos still ban the skilled players, winning gamblers.

I had also another experience, in 2009. I was witnessed by my daughter that time. We chose a Detroit casino as a host of our long-lapsed meeting.

Sadly, to my emotions, she didn't believe I wanted o gamble in earnest for her. Truth is, I was over there, in Michigan, for a court matter that I suspected was initiated by her mom and my ex-wife. I was totally unprepared for gambling. I and my daughter went to one (Greek name) casino in Detroit just for a hosting place.

My daughter noticed (I always do!) that a casino manager came close to our blackjack table as soon as I started to put together a few longer winning streaks! “Wow!” my daughter shouted. “They really know you!” And I asked her: “What would have happened if I had opened a notebook?!”

She answered: “Frightening situation… but you should always take your shots…”

The guys were using CSMs (Continuous Shuffling Machines… I always substitute C for Computerized). Those machines are computerized — you can take it to any court of law! At easiest, the machines shuffle the cards so that the sequences are low/high, low/high… etc. get it? You play basic strategy. You stand on under 17 if the dealer face card shows 6… right? I did that mistake, too. Then I realized I could never beat Dealer's 6! She had A+6 (17) more often than not! I was always beaten by a two-hand combination of low + high (or high + low, mind you!)

I knew without bit of a doubt that the books were cooked! The CSM has a brain (computer chip with a special software program). I proved it by playing the hand that brought a non-aggressive lady floor manager to my blackjack table. I had 12 against Dealer's 6. I knew the sequence — it was NOT going to be 10! The CSM assumed I would stand on 12! But what I did really looked shocking. I had done it before, in Atlantic City, however. Simply, I disturbed the flow, which was lopsidedly favorable to the casino. I DOUBLED DOWN. The lady dealer screamed to the floor manager: “Double down on 12 against 6!” I did win with 19 against Dealer's 17 (Yeah, again, 6 + Ace underneath on Dealer's side!)

But, what if I had opened a notebook, huh? BRRRRRRRRAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

Money is good, wherever it comes from. CasIONos — they are OK. Lotteries? They are OK too.

The governments don't make a big fuss about lotteries. The state government takes out at least 50% of total ticket sales (they do take out more than that, because accounting is delayed by days). Who cares who wins? The prizes are just 50% of sales, which leads to a huge margin of profit.

But, still, the governments do care of how players win the lotteries. There are states in the computer nation — U.S.A. — who prohibit computer-printed lotto play-slips! In fact, some lottery agents do not accept lottery numbers spoken by reading computer printouts! Insane, huh? You right about that, filler!

There is a mathematical foundation for government adversity towards computerized lottery players. I do not guarantee on an individual basis that lottery software will make you a sure-fire winner. There is no absolute certainty in the entire Universe. But I guarantee you this. My software will reach a larger number of lottery winners — for the same size of groups of lottery players. They don't even have to apply sophisticated lottery strategies. Just my online ActiveX control that generates lottery combinations will do.

Take two groups of players, 1000 each. Study them for one year, playing just 10 tickets each for a jackpot lotto game. The first groups of 1000 will use my online random number generator. Each player will run the generator, say, 100 times, before selecting 10 lotto combinations in the FFG median area of the output file. There is no secret that the lotto combinations randomly generated will not hit with the first seed, or the first few randomizing seeds. Therefore, the more seeds the random-number generator uses, the higher the degree of certainty of getting closer to the winning lotto combonation.

As the online generating control says, it is recommended to run the number generator several times — before attempting to play! The degree of certainty gets higher as you compress the time.

The second group of 1000 lottery players will not have access to my lottery software. But they may play random picks offered by the lottery agents. The lottery computer picks are first-come-first-served. The player has no choice what combinations to refuse or what computer-generated combinations to play.

I can guarantee you that the first group will have a significantly higher number of lottery winners!

And thus the governments are afraid of lack of fairness. A good proportion of lottery players will express the fear that they have a disadvantage compared to the computer users. The governments don't want to lose lottery players!

The governments are usually a step behind society at-large (just look how much hatred The Dalai Obama faces — and he is an in-step-with-technology President!) The governments are afraid to hear that old folks and poor folks complain about computerized lottery players. The governments don't want the computer become a real issue in lottery playing. Perhaps the next generation will be all-computerized… the computer issue will disappear…

And, speaking of federal — what interest have the federal-level governments in all that fuss about gambling and lotteries? It's all about MONEY! The federal governments always get the largest piece of the pie. The national taxation is far larger than local taxation everywhere in the world. Speaking of U.S.A., the tax rate is at least 10 times higher than the tax rate of any local government.

Gambling is not tax exempt. In fact, the federal government of U.S.A. gets tax revenues directly from the casinos — when they make a profit (not now, baby!) The federal government of U.S.A. also gets tax revenues from the individual citizens who make profits from gambling or win the lottery. Everything above US$ 600 in gambling/lottery winning is taxable!!! A big lotto jackpot gives at least one third to the federal government! The state gets nothing from your lotto jackpot by taxation — but they already took out half of your jackpot by allocating ticket sales as an accounting scheme! You gotta have precise cost records to diminish the tax (how much did you pay to win…)!

I've heard it for many years now. If you write lottery software the government is gonna kill you! Not directly, like shooting you, Don. But more like indirectly… like burning down your place! I know, the screamers were hateful competitors of mine… for the most part. But, maybe — just maybe — some of the screamers were religious-like-fanatics who worked for some government… BRRRRRRRRAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!

And, oh, there is one more F*Q issue: The government helps those with gambling problems! Bull … Bull … Bullshit again!!! The government doesn't care, really! Those Internet-advertised government agencies are just GHOSTS! They don't exist! You can try them — by phone or Internet — you will get nowhere! There is nobody there to even take your call — forget about psychological help! Perhaps there is one stupidiot in that highly paid room who would talk to you like the most stupidiotic Pennsylvanians would: "Sir/Madam … please open your yellow phone book and look for psychologists in your area. Thank you for calling…" F*Q you ugly, fat boy who once printed on my blood-analysis result printout that the level of my cholesterol was 3 times higher than beyond normal living!

My answer to them has always been the 3-digit salute: F*Q you, scums of two screaming bitches and three crazed dogs: One without an ear, one without an eye, one without a tail! That's valid to you too, Mr. Speaker! You ain't gonna stop me — only Evolution-Nature can. But you are too stupidiotic to comprehend Evolution and the power of Adaptation. That's how we, humans with mind and Reason, came up with the computers…

There is another loud issue regarding yours truly. I should be a BIG winner by now! INDEED! But think also of how much time I have spent in discovering rules and laws. How about the time spent writing software? The overwhelming majority of people don't even realize how much time computer programming takes! Not to mention that most of my software is totally unique. Nobody else has ever done anything similar — and there are many who would die to create what I have!

I put discovery ahead of personal interests. It was not a real mistake, as I have discovered things outside gambling and probability theory. I discovered also that, by interacting with other well-intended people, my software and theories have reached ripeness. Looks like now I can fuel my personal interests and pleasures as well…

Perhaps we all need go to Egypt of these days, January – February 2011. A great lesson in learning about democracy. But, hey, the Americans already did that against all odds — in 1776! People of established democracies no longer have to shed blood in the streets. People in established democracies only need to become better lawyers for themselves. American Mafia survived for so long because they had very good lawyers. You don't have to be a super special lawyer because you don't break laws. You only need defense against those who break the law against you — governments are included in that category of law-breakers…

I swear by the dog in Egypt, I love my time in history!

Best of luck!

Government-condoned attacks against intelligent gambling, including Ion Saliu Parpaluck.

Nice nu poti crede ca aista e Ion Saliu in 2010! Neither would you believe this is Ion in 20101!

You can even hear Ion... sing on YouTube: El Compositor (The Composer)!

Governments at all levels are hostile to winning gamblers because they lose money in tax revenues.

American governments, at all levels, should protect Ion Saliu in every regard, including gambling.

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