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By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

Casinos react against winning players and gambling systems.

Lotto Tools: Software Utility for 5-Number Lottery Games

ToolsLotto5 is a special upgrade to the lottery utility software for 5-number lotto games. The new application adds two functions: Triplets and quadruples (3- and

Sistem loto: Perechi frecvente numere loto, loterie

De Ion Saliu, Romanian-American Fara-Restrictie. Posted on February 02, 2001. In Reply to: Perechi de numere posted by Attila D. on January 31, 2001.


Contact information for Ion Saliu, the author and creator of the best lotto, lottery software, gambling systems, author of probability theory.

Lottery and Powerball rigged: Prize money distributed

Lottery player thinks the lottery and Powerball are rigged so that the prize money is distributed evenly in all regions.

Updates to Bright Lotto, Lottery, Horse Racing Software

Complete updates to several Bright software packages: pick-3, pick-4 lotteries, horse racing, 5-, 6-number jackpot lotto games. Powerful new programs cover lotto

Probability of Repetition: Birthday Paradox Applied to Lottery, Roulette, Horse Racing

The Birthday Paradox, in fact the probability of repetition, can lead to winning systems for lottery, lotto, roulette, and horse racing. Random elements always repeat.

Software Tutorial for Lottery, Lotto, Powerball, Mega Mega Millions, Euromillions

Read a meaningful book, tutorial to lottery, lotto software. MDIEditor and Lotto WE is the best software to win the lottery and lotto games worldwide.

Copyright Lotto, Lottery Numbers, Combinations, Lotto Wheels

Legal matters, issues of copyright: lotto, lottery, gambling numbers, combinations, lotto wheels, mathematical relations, formulae, equations.

Geometric, Regular Patterns on Lotto Play Slips, Cards, Grids

Many lottery players aim at geometric or regular patterns and shapes on the lotto play slips, grids when selecting their lotto numbers.

Message Board: Best Lottery Strategy Software Is Lotto Created by Ion Parpaluck Saliu

Archive #8 of the forums analyzes a powerful lotto and lottery strategy, system - The Wonder-Grid, based on lotto numbers pairing. Test the Holy Grail of lottery strategy, systems.

Lotto Software for Groups of Numbers: Odd, Even, Low, High, Low, Hot, Cold

Lotto software that works with groups of numbers, user created or computer generated. The lotto number groups are odd, even, low, high, frequency numbers, sums.

Pick Lottery Software for Singles, Pairs, Triplets

Run free lottery software for the 3-digit, 4-digit lotteries. The pick lottery games draw three or four digits from 0 to 9 for a total of 1000 or 10000 straight sets.

Roulette Number Pairing, Roulette Strategy Wheel Bias, Systems

The roulette number pairing is a casino gambling system based on the mechanical bias of the roulette wheel.

Lotto Software, Lottery Software, Comparison, Gail Howard

In this thread of lottery software analysis, comparison, review: The Best Lottery Software, Lotto Programs, Lotto Software, Abbreviated Systems Wheels.

Quinto Software for Singles, Pairs, Triplets, Quadruplets

Lottery software for the 5-digit Quinto game, as played in Pennsylvania Lottery. The lottery game Quinto draws five digits from 0 to 9 for a total of 100000 straight

Markov Chains, Theory of Games, Gambling, Lottery, Lotto

Apply Markov chains analysis, gambling, theory of games, theory of probability, computer programming, software. FFG the most precise gambling instrument, far more

Euromillions Wheels, Wheel, Wheeling, Systems, Software

Get a group of special Euromillions wheels: Balanced and randomized. The reduced Euromillions lottery systems are created by free Euromillion lotto wheeling software.

LOTTERY, LOTTO: Software, Systems, Wheels, Mathematics

By Ion Saliu, Founder of Lottery Mathematics. Describes the main pages and links to the best in mathematics of lottery, lotto software, systems, wheels.

The Occult Science of Gambling - Martingale, Fibonacci, Betting

Gambling is science, mathematics, theory of probability. Presenting a gambling system based on win-loss streaks WL, limited Martingale betting.

Prophet Mohammed Film YouTube Video Muslim Islamic Violence against Art, Freedom of Speech

Prophet Mohammed Film: YouTube Video, Extremist Muslim, Islamic Violence Storms American Embassies, Kills Diplomats.


There are caveats in probability theory: People confuse individual probability for degree of certainty and ignore number of trials, past events.

Blackjack Basic Strategy for Double Down: Color-coded Chart, Card

Study this intuitive color-coded chart, table to best learn blackjack basic strategy for double down. The double down two-cards represent the most advantageous situations for the blackjack player.

Combinations: Gauss Bell Curve for Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions

BelLotto free software generates lottery, lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, ThunderBall combinations inside the Bell or Gauss Curve, around the FFG median.

Pick-3 Lottery Strategy, System Software by Expert Lotto Player

A powerful pick-3 lottery strategy devised by DEZ - an expert lottery player and LotWon lotto software power user.

Draw the Golden Ratio, PHI, Divine Proportion - by Ion Saliu

Draw the Golden Ratio, or Golden Proportion, or Divine Proportion The Golden Number(s) in Geometrical Representation by Ion Saliu I. The Mathematics of the Golden Ratio.


Lottery players report fraud and piracy by Steve Player of the lotto wonder-grid system developed by Ion Saliu, founder of Lottery Strategy Science.


The casinos, their agents, and jealous gambling authors such as Norman Wattenberger have adverse, hostile reactions to probability theory applied to gambling.

Index and Introduction to The Republic, a Dialogue in Ten Books

Read the introduction to the greatest philosophical work, an immortal writing in human history: The Republic by Plato, disciple of Socrates. This is also the index of The Republic Dialogue.

Enigma: Encryption, decryption, cipher, code breakers

Enigma typewriters proved that no code is unbreakable. There is a decrypting method for every encryption scheme. Long live randomness!

Horse Racing, Horseracing Information

Questions regarding useful horseracing information: Tips, books, sites on wagering at the horse tracks.

Apply Lotto Decades as Filters to Reduce Lottery Numbers

The lotto numbers can be grouped in decades. A lotto decade can miss several drawings in a row. Eliminating decades reduces the lotto odds dramatically.

Daemonion, Daimonion, Socrates: Philosophy of Inner Voice

Like Socrates, all humans experience the Daemonion: a controlling Inner Voice. The Inner Voice makes us believe the world exists because I exist.

Horseracing: Gambling ruled by theory of probability

Horseracing is a form of gambling ruled by mathematics (theory of probability). Theory of horse racing as digit lottery is extensively analyzed here.


Blackjack mathematics, theory of probability, gambling formula, card sequences applied to counting cards at casino blackjack expose deception and mythology.

The Best Roulette Software

The new powerful roulette software: Bright-R is best software for serious casino roulette players. Run a collection of programs for winning at the roulette table.

Lotto Decades in Lottery Systems, Strategy Software Generator

The lotto numbers can be grouped in decades. A lotto draw can miss one, two, three decades. Eliminating decades reduces the lottery odds dramatically.

Blackjack Basic Strategy Table for Split Pairs, Double Down, Hit or Stand

Study this intuitive color-coded table to learn blackjack basic strategy for split pairs, double down, hit (draw) or stand. All blackjack actions in one place (a spreadsheet chart in special colors).

Pronostic Italian Soccer, Toto Calcio, Totocalcio, Serie A

An Excel spreadsheet has one workbook consisting of 19 sheets. Each Italian football (soccer) team in Serie A has one spreadsheet.

Lottery System, Lotto Strategy, Magical Lotto Wheel

Wonder-grid lottery system or magical lotto wheel - there is no better method of wheeling lotto numbers.

Mathematics of Ion Saliu Paradox

MATHEMATICS OF ION SALIU PARADOX - 2 Soon after I published my glorious page on theory of probability, the adverse reactions were instantaneous.

Sum-totals, sums for 5 of 75 and 1 of 15 Mega Millions game

See the chart of all sum-totals or sums in the 5 of 75 and 1 of 15 Mega Millions game and the amount of corresponding 5 of 75 and 1 of 15 Mega Millions combinations.

Combine Lottery Strategies, Lotto Strategy Files in Various Software Platforms

Software programs for lotto, lottery to combine strategy files created by MDIEditor, command prompt lottery software. Lotto programs, lottery software work together.

Portal, Random Number Generator for Lottery, Gambling

Visit one of the oldest Internet, Web portals: Software, plus random numbers, combination generator for lotto, lottery, gambling, horse racing. Links to software

Blackjack Basic Strategy for Split Pairs: Color-coded Charts

Study and print this intuitive color-coded chart, table to best learn blackjack basic strategy for split pairs. The pairs are two like-cards and they are the least frequent in blackjack (under 8%).

Internet, State Lotteries: Lotto Drawings, Lottery Results

The state lottery commissions publish their past winning numbers, draws, drawings, results on the Internet. Copy and paste the past winning numbers to update data files.

Lotto Wheels Software: Cover, Missing Combinations, Systems

Download and run free lottery software to verify the lotto wheels for missing combinations. The user can also generate reduced lotto systems for 5 and 6-number lotto games.

Software News: Lotto, Lottery, Horse Racing, Pairs

Latest updates to Bright lotto software, lottery software, horse racing programs. Lottery pairings and LIE elimination, combination reduction, reversed lotto strategy.

Winning lotto numbers in last 10 lottery drawings

Eliminating 4 or 5 lotto numbers and that is 5 more lotto numbers, so if you look at last 10 or 12 lottery drawings, now you have 20 lotto numbers to play.

Casinos Bar Ban Winning Gamblers Skilled Gambling Players

Casino executives illegally ban, bar skilled players who win consistently despite Ken Uston court case against an Atlantic City casinos.


Software to find the lexicographic order, rank, index, numeral of permutations, combinations. This is about mathematics of lexicographical, lexicographic order.

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