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The Super Roulette Strategy, Other Gambling Systems, Roulette Systems, Strategies, Fights Against Ion Saliu's Gambling Mathematics

By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Science, Founder of Roulette Mathematics

Super roulette strategy, other roulette gambling systems, PowerPlay Roulette, Epocal Storm.

No big documentation for free lottery software, lotto

The 2000 powerful free lotto software did not have a standalone documentation manual, but it provided intelligently embedded help.

Back Issues of Wine Spectator Magazine - Searching for Past Issues

Posted by Wine Spectator on April 05, 2001. I am looking for the back issues of the Wine Spectator Magazine.

Government-Condoned Attacks against Intelligent Gambling

The world governments at all levels are hostile to winning gamblers because they lose money in tax revenues.

Write lotto software tutorial for good money

Who can write excellent documentation for an excellent collection of lotto software and lottery programs unlike any other collection or lottery software application?

Contract: Super Roulette System is for buyer only

Gambling author and thief Lutz revealed the Super Roulette Strategy to another gambler, in contempt to the agreement he signed when he bought the gambling systems.

Correct testing of lotto, lottery software for accuracy

To correctly test LotWon lotto, lottery software for accuracy, the user must delete all lottery combinations above the winning drawing that's tested.

Play Free Online Megamillion Lotto Games, Strategy

Play online mega-million lotto games for free using winning lotto strategies, systems, strategies, lottery software, freeware. Beware of fraud in such lottery offerings!

Links, Best Resources on the Internet

By Ion Saliu, Resourcefully At-Large. Free-for-all links and spam have turned into e-Horrors! The FFA posting on this site has been disabled.

Fear to test $5,000 roulette system against $50 gambling

The price of Power Play (Powerplay) roulette and baccarat system was about US $5,000. Still, the developers and vendors fear to test it against the US $50 super

Huge Price for Powerplay Roulette System, Advertising in New York Times

The price of Power Play (Powerplay) roulette and baccarat system was huge advertised in The New York Times. The gambling rip-off scammer still refuses to test his expensive roulette system.

Play tens of millions of roulette spins to validate a gambling system

Play tens of millions of roulette spins? That's the method most gambling system authors avoid testing. The cowards say the theory of gambling and statistical logic.

Sale Price of Ion Saliu Roulette Systems, Strategy

The only truly winning roulette strategy system based on mathematics; free systems, software, spins. The only roulette systems and software that do win in casinos.

Why Epocal Storm roulette gambling system is so expensive?

Why Epocal Storm roulette gambling system is so expensive? a gambler asks. The Epocal Storm roulette system is a very expensive scam, big-time cheat, Fraud.

Casinos win lose gambling, betting, roulette system

Ion Saliu's roulette strategy, systems vs. other systems. Roulette betting strategy systems vs Turnaround system and other losing betting systems advocated by casino.


Formula of hypergeometric distribution probability is a precise calculator of odds or probabilities in lottery, lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions.

Internet Gamblers Notice Massive Fraud in Online Gambling

Internet gamblers notice massive fraud in online gambling, casinos, concurring with Ion Saliu's very strong and negative findings and opinions on online casino gambling.

Lottery Wonder Grid Revisited: New Lotto Pairing Research, Software

The wonder grid is a most potent lotto, lottery strategy. It consists of the lotto numbers and their top pairings (pairs). Read new research in lottery pairing, plus new lotto pair software.

ecashservice Online Casinos Not Paying: Cheating on the Internet

Advertising of Internet, online casinos not permitted, unless they clean up their act: Stop deceiving, cheating and robbing online gamblers.

Searching, Search: Keywords Directing Web Traffic, Visitors

The stats at May 2004: Search engines, referrals, keywords, keyphrases, visitors, page views.


The casinos, their agents, and jealous gambling authors such as Norman Wattenberger have adverse, hostile reactions to probability theory applied to gambling.

Commission to Regulate Internet Casinos, Online Gambling

A new commission was formed to regulate the Internet casinos and online gambling: eCOGRA. Fraud still rules! I already saw the list of fraudulent online casinos.

False roulette gambling systems, fraud, scam

A scammer claimed that he discovered a playable, reliable system to win at roulette in any casino, any roulette wheel.

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Beware of fraudulent roulette systems!

Read Ion Saliu's winning roulette strategy, system based on mathematics; free systems, strategies, software, spins. Beware of scandalous and fraudulent roulette systems!

The Republic, Dialogue by Plato - Book V

Plato's greatest philosophical work is an immortal writing in human history: The Republic. The dialogue by Plato, Book 5.

NFL American Football 2012 Results, Scores 2012 Season Super Bowl XLVII

The schedule and results of 2012 season in NFL professional American football: The games of every football team. Includes the results (scores) of all games to 2012 Super Bowl.

List of All Archives at World Message Board, Forums

List of All Archives at World Message Board, Forums for Lottery, Lotto, Software. This message board started way back (by Internet standards) in 1999.

Convert IP addresses numbers to DNS domain names CGI Script

Simple script form to convert IP addresses as numbers to DNS or domain names.

Lotto 5 Software: DOS Lottery Plus MDIEditor And Lotto WE

Lotto 5 software: Command prompt plus MDIEditor Lotto WE combined in one suite of lottery, lotto software programs for the ages.

Loto, loteria, lotto, lottery programos software in Spanish

A lottery player from Latin America wants Ion Saliu's lotto, lottery, loto, loteria software, programos to be translated into Spanish, espanol.


About lottery, software, lotto, casino gambling, winning, law, systems, blackjack, roulette. Casinos react against winning players and gambling systems.

Lottery post on martingale pick-3 system resembled Steve Player.

A lottery post on martingale pick-3 lottery system resembled Steve Player's and was deleted. The lotto and lottery systems offered by Steve Player are big-time fraud.

Keep the beast in the cage! Chip Gambler = Frank Accardi

Chip, once a famous gambler in forums, committed grand larceny in New York Public Schools. Frank Accardi (real name) is a felon who stole money from children he was supposed to teach at home!

Generator de Numere Loto, Loterie, Pronosport, Pariuri

Cel mai bun sistem, generator aleator de numere, alegere combinatii orice loto, loterie, curse de cai, ruleta, pronosport, pronostic, 1x2, Euromillions.


Lotto software performs statistical analysis that proves frequency strategies in lottery as little efficient.

Lottery Post on Martingale Pick-3 Lotto System Uruguay

A lottery player from Montevideo is disappointed that his post regarding the martingale of pick-3 quiniela game was deleted. He won 3 of 5 lottery drawings.

Sign-up to Download Software Gambling Lottery Lotto

Sign-up form to become registered member to download software for lottery, lotto, gambling, science. Get the best software and systems for your money, regardless of price.

The Republic, Dialogue by Plato - Book IX

Plato's greatest philosophical work is an immortal writing in human history: The Republic. The dialogue by Plato, Book 9.

The Republic, Dialogue by Plato - Book I

Plato's greatest philosophical work is an immortal writing in human history: The Republic. The dialogue by Plato, Book 1.

The Republic, Dialogue by Plato - Book IV

Plato's greatest philosophical work is an immortal writing in human history: The Republic. The dialogue by Plato, Book 4.

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