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Concepts: From Blackjack to Roulette, Lottery, Lotto, Gambling, Casino, Lotto Wheels

By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

The concept of mathematics above all, including lottery, lotto, gambling, casino, winning.

Roulette, blackjack, systems challenge in casinos

Even notorious gambling authors such as Edward Thorp were afraid to test their gambling systems (blackjack) in real-life casino play. They knew their systems were not up to the hype.

Filters, Skips in Lottery Software, Lotto Systems

The primary lottery strategy at LottoWin is founded on the skips or misses of lotto or lottery numbers in consecutive drawings. A lotto player presents unreal lottery claims of winning at will.

Self Publishing Author: Ion Saliu, Books, Works

Ion Saliu started in 2009 the enterprise of self-publishing his major works in philosophy and theory of probability. The main method is via self-publishing book industry.

Professional gambler declines Ion Saliu's casino roulette strategy test

A self-proclaimed professional casino gambler (baccarat and roulette) refuses Ion Saliu challenge in casinos regarding gambling systems, especially roulette.

War strategies in gambling, lottery, lotto, software

Learn to play around with LOTWON lotto software to see the effectiveness of the lottery filters. For the 6/49 lotto game you will reduce the odds of winning.

Epocal Storm Roulette: Cheat, Roulette Gambling Systems

The roulette wheel bias and the wheel speed are myths of the roulette casino game. The Epocal Storm roulette system is a very expensive scam, big-time cheat, fraud.

Wizard of Odds: Gambling Challenge in Casinos

A gambling author and self-proclaimed guru, oddly named Wizard of Odds, wants big money to test gambling systems. Mind you, he is a casino consultant!

Fundamental Formula of Gambling FFG Pirated on eBay

Fundamental Formula of Gambling was pirated on eBay and plagiarized in a fraudulent lottery system.

Player in Georgia Lottery wants optimized lotto filters

A lotto player in Georgia Lottery wants to know how to better use the lotto data files and software filters to eliminate many lotto combinations in Fantasy 5 game.

6 lotto numbers came from 4 of the 5 lotto decades

A study in UK lotto 649: 56% of the winning lotto numbers are from 4 decades, with no results from one decade. Approximately 24% of the results were from three lotto decades only.

Wine, worship, philosophy, religion, In vino veritas

Wine made a contribution to the birth of philosophy in Ancient Greece. In vino veritas, but wine is not an object of worship here.

Filters in Wheel-6 lotto wheeling software

How many lottery filters to enable when using Wheel-6 lotto wheeling software in order to generate winning lotto combinations. Be mindful that wheeling aims at lower prizes.

Win roulette, queen of casino games: Free roulette systems

Winning roulette strategy, systems based on mathematics (Fundamental Formula of Gambling); free roulette systems, strategies, software, spins.

Reason ahead of emotions in searching the truth; lottery

Our formal education earned its money, if we learned to always put reason before emotions in searching the truth. Applicable also to gambling, lottery, lotto.

Social lottery or numerical sociology, Aristotle's law of affinity

The Everything is random, following the theory of probability, including social life, humans, qualities. Reminiscent of Aristotle's theory of correspondence.

Nietzsche, Aloneness, Father, Daughter, Philosophy, Life

Nietzsche's philosophy of aloneness and a father's real life sadness caused by separation from his beloved child.

Presidential Elections, Civil Rights, God, Religion

God, gay marriage, civil rights, religion, democracy are red-hot issues in the 2004, 2008 presidential campaign in the United States of America, held every four years.

Software for lotto strategy: High and low lotto numbers balls

A lotto strategy based on the highest lotto number in a lottery drawing being 33 or less. Play it with the most powerful lotto and lottery software.

Modify SuperPower lottery software for lotto-5 games

Lottery player in Texas wants to make Super Power lottery software work with lotto-5 or lotto 4 games, especially because of its special lottery filters.

Disputes in lottery newsgroups stimulate creativity

Disputes in the lottery newsgroup rgl, even hostility, can stimulate creativity. Ion Saliu's lottery software and gambling systems benefited from heated disputes.

Lotto strategy: Highest lotto ball less than or equal to 30

A winning lotto strategy based on the highest lotto number in a drawing being 33 or less. Play it with the most powerful lotto and lottery software, including the sums.


These Site Analytics reports display traffic and visitors

This report identifies the region and country of visitors to the Web site.

History of drawing lottery combination 1-2-3-4-5-6

There have been lotto drawings going on in the USA since 1970s or so and there has never been a set of winning numbers like lotto combination 1 2 3 4 5 6.

Ohio Lottery changed from a pool of 47 lotto numbers to 49

A player in the Ohio Lottery wants to know if he should change his lottery data file of results (drawings) for the new 6-49 lotto game format.

Will the best lottery software be converted to Macintosh

Lottery player is disappointed that the best lottery software, lotto software does not run on Mac or Macintosh computers from Apple (MacOS operating system).

Lottery winner thankful for the best lotto software

A player in South Africa Lottery thanks Ion Saliu for his great lotto software and lottery software. The player used LotWon software to win the lottery.

Gambling systems, lotto, lottery software paid download

Systems and Software: Free, Pricey, Priceless By Ion Saliu, Sensible Fees Applied.


Lottery commissions conduct computerized drawings instead of drawing numbered balls from machines.

Data files for lottery software, lotto software

The 2000 powerful lotto software required for the first time simulated random lotto combinations in addition to real results lotto files.

Positional Filters in Lottery Software, Ionian Pillars

Ion lottery software conceived the first lotto, lottery positional filters. Lotto software developers try to imitate unsuccessfully.

User appreciation for free lottery software, lotto software

Lottery players express their appreciation for the availability of powerful lotto software as freeware created by Ion Saliu, the lottery mathematician.

Correct format of lotto, Keno data files: Recent to oldest

The lotto software requires the data files (results, past drawings, past winning numbers) to start with the most recent result and go back in time to the oldest draw.

Contributions to Lotto, Lottery, Gambling, Statistics Analysis

A lottery player and software user expresses appreciation for Ion's original theory in lottery mathematics and statistical analysis of random phenomena.

Play 35 roulette numbers with Free Roulette System #1

A roulette player wonders why not cover 35 roulette numbers instead of 34 with the Free Roulette System #1.

Book: Learn using lottery software, Ion lotto software

A user of the lotto software and powerful lottery software spends 30 hours per week developing systems and strategies for Illinois' lotto and Illinois pick-3 lottery.

Interesting website on gambling, lottery, philosophy

A visitor finds Ion name as funny, but also finds an interesting website on gambling, lottery, philosophy, meditation.

MSN Download Help Inspired By Our Download Site

Posted by Ion Saliu on October 01, 2000. • My website has just received visitors referred to by MSN, specifically the download help page: http://computingcentral

$100 dollars for better directions excellent lottery software

A lottery player made an offer to pay for instructions on how to use the excellent lottery software and powerful lotto software programs.

Lotto drawings with a sum-total less than 100 are rare events

Lotto 6/49 drawings with a sum less than 100 don't happen very often. We appreciate lottery players who respond to check out their respective lottos.

Is it important what happened in past lotto drawings?

Lottery players wonder if it is important what happened in past lotto drawings. Yes, the individual probabilities are equal, but the degrees of certainty are different.

Message Board: Lottery Software, Lotto Books, Tutorials

Archive #7 of the forums analyzes lottery and lotto software and books, instructions for lottery players. Horse racing betting and software are also offered.


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Lottery system based on the skips of all lotto numbers

A lottery player has the idea of a lotto system based on the skips of all lotto numbers, not only the lottery numbers drawn in the last drawing.

Search Engines Referrals, Countries, Keywords, Visitors

The best stats ever at SALIU.COM: Search engines, referrals, countries, keywords, visitors, page views, keyphrases. Google alone recorded over 120,000 referrals.

Reaction, Action: Evolution, Annoyances, Hit Back, Defense

Many bad things take place because ordinary, ordinarily correct people ostrich bad actions by bullies, instead of hitting back hard, without dangerous risks.

Error in pick-3 lottery software: Correct filters

DEZ, an expert lottery player discovered an error in the pick-3 lottery software. Correct filter settings did not generate the winning lottery combination.

The most active lottery filters appear in 50-100 lotto

Apply only the most active lottery filters that appear in 50-100 lotto drawings and wheel the lotto combinations.

Lottery Filters in Free Lotto Wheeling Software: Wheel-632

The lotto wheeling software Wheel-632 employs a multitude of lottery filters or restrictions. Users want to know what lottery filters do, the minimum and maximum.

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