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The Concept of 'Mathematics Above All', Including Lottery, Lotto, Gambling, Casino, Winning

By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

The concept of mathematics above all, including lottery, lotto, gambling, casino, winning.

Illinois lottery: Lotto drawings, data files, results

A lottery player wanted the Internet address of Illinois Lottery in order to get lotto drawings, results, data files, past winning numbers.

Best of Roulette, Ruleta, Links

The resources at that follow represent the roulette at its best. The best roulette theory and systems, probability theory founded on the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG).

LotWon Lottery, Gambling Software and Windows Vista Dual Boot

Windows Vista is a failure by any standards and Microsoft has come to terms with the truth. Don't discard Windows XP yet, but dual boot to run all LotWon lottery software.

Accept online casino advertising on Web site: Roulette

A visitor advises Ion to accept advertising at his website by casinos and online casinos. The revenue would help build a good bankroll to apply the roulette strategy systems.

The Any and Ver filters in MDIEditor Lotto

A lottery player from Belgium wants to learn more about two very effective filters in MDIEditor and Lotto, the most comprehensive lottery software application.

History, wisdom, cruelty, human nature

Homo sapiens is a very special species: Wisdom is one special quality. Humans descend from beasts, animals: Cruelty is another feature.

Online, Internet Sports Betting, Bet, Integrity, Fraud

Internet or online gambling is prone to massive fraud and cheating, unless strictly regulated by national governments. Only online sports betting may be fair.

Strategy to Win with Lotto Wheeling Software

The 32-bit Wheel-632 lotto wheels software available as freeware. Generate lotto wheels from 3 of 6 to 6 of 6 using powerful filters and reports to win the lottery.

Lotto programs, lottery software galore

Ion uploaded the best and most powerful lotto-5 and lotto-6 software you could imagine at that time, April 2000. Download it for a minor fee, but run it freely forever!

Price of Powerplay Roulette System Strategy

A demand to reveal the price of Power Play (Powerplay) roulette, baccarat systems, strategy, Goldmine roulette system, editors of advertising in New York Times.

Social lottery, numerical sociology, human qualities

Call it the law of social lottery or numeric sociology: Everything follows the theory of probability, including social, society, civilization, humans.

Best of Gambling, Casino Gambling, Links

The following resources represent the gambling at its best. The best theory — founded on the Fundamental Formula of Gambling — embodied in the best gambling software.

Updates to pick lottery, lotto, roulette software; Googoos

Googoo, googoos, hostile individuals can stimulate us our creativity by their adverse reactions to our achievements. One reason I developed so greatly my lotto software!

Turnaround Gambling System, Ion Saliu's Roulette Theory

Read about Ion Saliu's roulette strategy, systems compared to other systems. Roulette betting strategy, systems vs Ian Harmer's Turnaround gambling system.

Roulette Computer, Mark Anthony Howe, Stefano Hourmouzis

Insane gambling system authors Mark Anthony Howe and Stefano Hourmouzis scam gamblers with chimerical roulette computers, pirated gambling systems.

Stats, Statistics Web Site, Daily, Search

Search keywords on search engines related to statistics, stats, software, mathematics, probability, odds, Web traffic.

Dreams, Dreaming: Lost in Paris, French Revolution

The presentation of a lucid, clear, vivid dream consisting of three dreams. The dreamer was lost in Paris during the French Revolution.

Cool Stories of Truth: New Mythology, Lotto Software

Science of Winning is based on the Fundamental Formula of Gambling, rooted in Ion Saliu's philosophy. See New Truth, New Mythology, new powerful lottery software offered to the public.

Why would casino dealers work when they could cheat

The casino dealers could make millions by cheating at the roulette table. A gambler shows how easily the dealers could make millions if cheating was possible.

Thank to lottery players who play lotto combination 1,2,3,4,5,6

There are lottery players who are thankful to those who play religiously lotto combinations of the type 1 2 3 4 5 6.

Read Lotto Software Book Entirely, Pick-3, Pick 4 Lotteries

My interest is in lotto 6 play, as we don't have pick-3 and pick-4 games here in England. You need to read the tutorial, even for the pick-3 and pick-4 lotteries.

Search Gambling Mathematics, Philosophy, Statistics

Index of search keywords related to lotto, lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions, gambling, roulette, blackjack, software, horse races, sports, probability, odds.

Random generator of numbers, numeros for lottery, lotto, loto

The number 1, #1 online generator for lottery, lotto, loto, loterie, loteria, numbers, numeros, numere, gambling, roulette, keno, sports, horseracing, random numbers.

No more than 3 or 4 Powerball winning players

A skeptic lotto player says that never in the history of Powerball has there been more than 3 or 4 winning players.

Free lotto software for lotto sums or sum-totals

The sum of the winning lotto combination can go under 100. If you go to lotto . com, they offer free lottery software that uses sums or sum-totals as one of the filters.


The founder of equestrian mathematics presents real horse racing strategies based on horse numbers, not names. Software generates big-win longshot trifectas.


Lottery software analyzes lotto combinations from the perspective of LAST DIGITS of every number as strategies to reduce many lotto combinations.


BetUS, Teams are sports betting software programs to predict professional football, American Football League (NFL) and Canadian Football League (CFL).

Blackjack: Win, Winning Blackjack, Search

Search on blackjack: Queries, keywords on search engines. All related to the casino game of blackjack, bj, 21, systems, software, basic strategy charts.

GAMBLE TRIBUNE: Piracy of Fundamental Formula of Gambling

Gamble Tribune is an open source for the gamblers all over the Web. e-mail to webmaster. The Fundamental Formula of Gambling Pirated on Gamble Tribune.

Sports Streams, Live Sport, Football, Soccer, Basketball

Watch free live video streaming of many sporting events: football, NFL, tennis, ice hockey, basketball, baseball, volleyball, soccer, UEFA Champions League, other sports.


Intent to disrupt, hostility toward Ion Saliu by haters, jealous gambling, lottery authors, sore competitors, pirates who want him down and out.

Search Engines By Country, Domain

This is a most comprehensive list of the search engines that refer visitors to The list is broken down into countries, regions, domains, etc.

Set lottery filters to reduce the number of lotto combinations

The main point – and the hardest one – in LotWon lottery software is creating strategies. That is, setting the lottery filter levels to eliminate millions of combinations.

Probability, Mathematics, Gambling Formula, Median, Lottery

The Fundamental Formula of Gambling has a solid mathematical and theory of probability basis. It's an undeniable logarithmic relation started by Abraham de Moivre.

NFL American Football 2010 Results , Scores 2010 Season

The schedule and results of 2010 season in NFL professional American football: The games of every football team. Includes the results (scores) of all games to 2010 plus Super Bowl XLV.

Return to Socrates: Humans, Computers, Gambling Science

Socrates and the dialectical method. The fundamental formula of gambling, computational psychology and philosophy. Unique winning gambling strategy and systems.

Win at Roulette: Can Casino Dealers Cheat?

The wheel bias, the wheel speed are myths of the roulette game. Can the croupiers (roulette dealers) really cheat in the casino? Most roulette players doubt it.

Texas Lotto6 Lotto 6 Loto Change to 54 Balls

Texas Lottery: Lotto6 Lotto 6 Loto Change: from 50 to 54 Balls. Players must change their results, drawings data files as the lottery game format.


The founder of gambling mathematics proves that gambler fallacy and reversed gambler's fallacy are mathematical absurdities, aberrations.

Lottery strategy based on ending digits of lotto numbers

A lottery strategy based on the ending digits of lotto numbers. Eliminate combinations with such lotto numbers as 03,13, 23, 33, 43 using the best lotto, lottery software programs.

Questions on Ion Lottery Software, Lotto Software, Programs

A user compares various lotto software packages wants to know more on how to set the filters Ion Saliu's free lottery software.

A Beginner's Basic Steps to LotWon Lottery, Lotto Software

There are three basic steps to win with the best lotto and lottery software. One, create data files (results); two, generate the winning reports.

Life of a Webmaster: Advertising, Paid Software Download

Implementing Google advertising proved to be a challenge worth the effort in 2007. The year 2008 required even more effort, including paid membership for software.

Free Lotteries, True Random Numbers, Combination Generators

Computers can generate true random numbers if the software uses good randomizing functions based on randomness, such as one programmed by Ion Saliu.

Sports, Sports Betting, Soccer, Football, NFL, Search

Search keywords, queries on search engines related to sports betting, soccer, football, NFL, calcio, 1x2, sport, bet, Excel spreadsheets.

Roulette, blackjack, systems challenge in casinos

Even notorious gambling authors such as Edward Thorp were afraid to test their gambling systems (blackjack) in real-life casino play. They knew their systems were not up to the task!

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