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Several Winning Systems and Strategies for Lottery, Lotto, Software

By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

Top sites for systems and strategies for lottery, lotto, software.

Bright Lotto Software, Lottery Programs, Filters, Strategy

The new lotto software combines DOS lottery software and MDIEditor Lotto in one suite of lottery programs.

Roulette Gambling Systems by Frank Barstow, Progressions

Ion Saliu had no knowledge of casino gambling systems by Frank Barstow, his Super Martingale and Beat The Casino book.


Read an index of outstanding resources, pages, links, search keywords related to philosophy, Socrates, Plato, Dialogues.

Texas Lottery Pick5 5/39 Lotto 5 Loto Software

Winning any lotto, lottery is possible only by using scientific software. Ion Saliu's is the best, most powerful loto software, including lotto-5 Texas Lottery.

Lotto Odds 6/49 649 6 49 Lottery Filter Probability

Ion Saliu's LotWon lottery software implemented lottery, lotto filters; imitated by many, especially LotWin - never duplicated!

Preakness Stakes Horse Race: Results, Predictions

The results at Preakness Stakes, a Triple Crown held at Pimlico, Maryland. The results are compared to the predictions generated by horse racing software developed by Ion Saliu.

Statistical Frequency Reports for 5-Number Lotto

Reports for Pennsylvania Lottery Cash 5 game (lotto '5 of 39'). The reports show the influence of the parpaluck (analysis length) in the appearance of the lotto pairings.


The founder of blackjack mathematics presents formulas to calculate the odds of a natural blackjack 21.

Pick Lottery Software, Strategy, Update, Fix

Bug fixes to the strategy checking programs for the pick-3 and pick-4 lotteries. Presentation of great methods to create pick lottery strategies.

Improve software to find combination lexicographical order

Improving NthIndex, the first software to calculate or find the lexicographic order or rank of a lotto combination; or find the combination for a given rank.


Israel must become officially a state (the 51st state) of the United States of America to assure global peace and stability in the Middle East.

BBS FAQ, Questions, Answers, Tips, Advice at World Forum

Ion Saliu's message board has clearly presented FAQ, rules, questions, answers, tips, advice, help. The facility is also a how-to on gambling, lotto, lottery, software, systems.

Standard Deviation, Median, Variance, Calculate, Science

Super FORMULA software: gambling, probability calculations: statistic and binomial standard deviation, binomial distribution, Gauss curve, normal distribution, variance, volatility, fluctuation.

Binomial distribution formula, probability, past, number of trials

Article on the Fundamental Formula of Gambling, probability, odds, standard deviation, binomial distribution, house edge, payouts. The past matters in random events (number of trials).


American sport betting software to bet on Favorite to win by more than the point spread, or bet on Underdog to lose by less than the point spread.

Psychology Of Laughter, Laugh, Laughing, LOL

The most hilarious essay in psychology. This is about laughter as a powerful survival tool.

Horse racing resembles pick-3 lottery

I have studied horse-racing for several years. The resemblance to the 3-digit lottery is unmistakable: trifectas and exactas.

Discrimination, Defamation: Lawyers, Opinions, Laws, Forum

Casino Control Commission of New Jersey (NJCCC) ruled that skilled players may be discriminated against by the Atlantic City casinos. Read lawyer opinions at Lawyers Forums.

Wizard of Odds, Gambling Author Paid by Casinos for Deception

The Wizard of Odds, phony gambling author, system developer, is paid by casinos to discredit gambling systems founded on mathematics and theory of probability.

Source Code Lotwon Lottery Software Worth Millions of Dollars

The source code LotWon lottery software, lotto software is worth millions of dollars. Many lottery, lotto software developers, authors, vendors want the source code.

Calculate Lotto Odds, Probabilities with Hypergeometric Distribution

Calculate lotto, lottery odds based on hypergeometric distribution probability formula: EXACTLY K of M from total N; e.g. 4 of 6 in 6 from 49 lotto numbers.

Triple Crown Horse Racing is last bastion of organized crime

Triple Crown horse-racing might as well be the last stand of organized crime. But there are several other things that make humanity cry - or at least shame!

Win Casino Blackjack, 21, BJ, Basic Strategy, Card Counting

Primer on winning casino blackjack, bj, 21, twenty-one: Basic strategy, card counting, rules, mathematics, useful references, links, tables, charts.

MDIEditor And Lotto WE: The best gambling, lotto, lottery software

The best, most comprehensive, totally scientific lotto, lottery, gambling software: MDIEditor and Lotto WE. Run software created by Ion Saliu based on theory of probability and statistics.

Lottery Analysis in the Spirit of Ramanujan, Great Indian Mathematician

Take 20 past lotto draws calculated by FFG. Establish all lotto pairs belonging to the same drawing or lottery combination. Rank the frequencies of each lottery number.

Super Roulette Strategy: Best collection of casino gambling systems

Selling my grand roulette strategy represents a much more complicated matter. The casinos could get their hands on it and prevent gamblers from playing it at the roulette tables.

New Jersey Casino Control Commission: Discrimination

The New Jersey Casino Control Commission rules that skilled players may be discriminated against with impunity.

Lottery Software, Systems, Lottery Strategy, Programs Search

Search on lottery keywords on search engines related to lottery, strategy, software, systems, programs, strategy.


Many lottery players requested lotto software to generate combinations based on low, high, odd, even, or other groups of lotto numbers.

Lotto system: Eliminate lowest 5 and highest 5 lotto numbers

A winning lotto strategy based on eliminating the lowest 5 and the highest 5 lotto numbers in the game. Play it with the most powerful lotto and lottery software.

Countries, Organization, Domain Name Codes, HTML, Traffic

See a list of countries, organizations and domains by HTML code. Read what countries send visitors, and what governments ban visitors and ideas.

Foundation of filters or restrictions in lottery software

LotWon lottery software implemented the first lotto or lottery filters (restrictions). It has been imitated by software developers, but never duplicated.

Roulette Strategy Real Test in Casino, Halves Roulette System

The Super Roulette Strategy tested in a casino - Taj Mahal, Atlantic City, witnessed by a gambler and roulette software programmer, gambling system developer.

Errors in Bright5, Bright6 Lotto Software

By Ion Saliu, Humbly At-Large. One user could not run Report5 and Report6 in the Bright lotto software packages. That was a tough one!

New Mozilla FireFox Web Browser - Big Fiasco, Again!

The new Mozilla FireFox 3 Web browser is yet another fiasco. It is a missed opportunity to beat the criminally-minded Microsoft, including their web browser known as Internet Explorer.

Logarithmic Function Shapes: Galaxies, Hurricanes, Universe

The logarithmic function shapes the Universe, galaxies, hurricanes. See digital images, pictures of a galaxy and a hurricane.

Gamblers report fraud in Internet gambling, online casinos

Another gambler validates Ion's point regarding the rampant fraud and cheating in online gambling. The Internet casinos only survive by cheating and robbing players.

Lotto Analysis, Permutations, Lotto Wheels, New Kind of Science

Writing on lotto analysis, permutations, lotto wheels, combinations, New Kind of Science, NKS, programming the lottery.

NFL American Football 2009 Results, Scores 2009 Season XLIV Super Bowl

The schedule and results of 2009 season in NFL professional American football: The games of every football team. Includes the results (scores) of all games to 2009.

Probabilities of consecutive increases or decreases

The Fundamental Formula of Gambling calculates the probabilities of consecutive increases or consecutive decreases of random events or parameters, including the lottery filters.

Web Hosting, WebHost: Problems, Prices, Change

The SALIU.COM web site experienced frequent and long downtime moments. A new web hosting company hosts now the website on the Internet: GoDaddy; iPage after that.

Sitemap of pages lotto, lottery, gambling, software, systems

Return to Socrates site map: comprehensive list of links to main pages, plus meaningful descriptions. Get offers of software for lotto, lottery, gambling systems, strategies.

Lotto, Lottery, Gambling, Message Board, Ion Saliu Forum Old

Ion Saliu Forums deal with lottery, lotto, gambling, mathematics, winning, software, downloads. Also offering the best odds calculator, random number generators.

Sports Betting, Gambling Theory of Sports, Bet Systems

Sports betting is the starting point of Ion's gambling theory in playing soccer pools 1x2. The best sport betting strategy is based on past results of teams.

Exquisite Corpse: Activity of Romanian American

Exquisite Corpse is a highly intelligent publication of the Romanian American intellectual named Andrei Codrescu.

Standard Deviation, Standard Deviation Formula, Search

Search keywords related to standard deviation, standard deviation formula, software, statistics, formula, calculate, algorithm, equation.

Filters in Lottery, Lotto - Lotto Jackpot and FFG Median

A study on filters, filtering, median, in lotto, lottery, gambling winning. Lotto jackpot is influenced by FFG median calculated by formulas, Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG).

Comparison of Lottery, Lotto Software, Lottery Systems

Winning lotto, lottery, gambling is possible by using scientific software. LotWon, SuperPower are the most powerful lottery, lotto software packages, systems.

Euromillions Lotto Numbers Ranked by Frequency, Statistics

The Euromillions 5/50+2/11 lottery numbers ranked by their frequency: From the hottest lotto numbers to the coldest.

Pope Benedict XVI, Christianity, Islam, Reason, Faith, Violence, Intolerance

The fanatical Muslims, Islamic fanatics reacted extremely violently after Pope Benedict XVI delivered a lecture on religion, Christianity, Islam, philosophy. Blind faith, as nurtured by all religions, always leads to intolerance, and ultimately violence. That's the history of the civilization, bloody brothers (and even sisters)!

Winning also applies to Powerball, Mega Millions, Thunderball, Euromillions, Keno.

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    The winning systems also apply to Powerball, Mega Millions, Thunderball, Euromillions, Keno.

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