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Ion Saliu's Gambling Science (Roulette, Blackjack, Casino Systems) Triggered Casino Hostility Towards Him

By Ion Saliu,
Founder of Gambling Mathematics, Founder of Lottery Mathematics

Pages 501-550: Ion Saliu gambling science for roulette, blackjack got casinos mad at him.


Mathematics of gambling and lottery is intensely threatened. Even the federal court system is decidedly opposed to mathematics applied to gambling.

Casino Gambling Systems for Craps

Ion Saliu offers no specific gambling systems for direct play at casino game of craps. But there is the Super Roulette Strategy, applicable also to craps.

Worst-Case Scenario in Lotto, Lottery, Software, Wonder Grid

Lottery software to win at lotto with powerful strategies, systems such as the wonder grid: top lottery pairs. There are also caveats or worst case scenarios.

Sum-totals, sums for 5 of 50 and 2 of 9 Euromillions game

See the chart of all sum-totals or sums in the 5 of 50 and 2 of 9
Euromillions game and the amount of corresponding 5 of 50 and 2 of 11.

Turnaround Gambling System by Ian Harmer versus Ion Saliu Theories

Ion Saliu's roulette strategy, systems vs. other systems. Roulette betting strategy systems vs Turnaround system and other losing betting systems or strategies.

Lotto Lottery Software: Filter, Probability, Odds Formulas

Create a formula, algorithm to calculate the odds for a combination of the following possibilities; without running all the different lottery possibilities.

Run BELLOTTO Gauss (bell) curve software

Run BELLOTTO Gauss (bell) curve software in conjunction with LotWon lottery software to reduce the number of lottery combinations, with still high winning probability.

Best winning lotto 5, lotto 6, software - Saliu

LotWon is the best, most winning, scientifically founded lottery, lotto, loto, loterie, loteria software. Applicable to many lottery games, including lottos for 5 and 6 numbers.

NFL Schedule, Results, Scores of Football Games 2013 Season

Schedule, scores, results in the 2013 season of NFL professional American football, plus average scores, including Super Bowl XLVIII or 48.

Automatic and User-Controlled Filters In Lotto, Lottery

The automatic filters in Ion lottery software are built-in: The user can't set them. The external lottery filters in the lotto software are set by the user based on game format.

Maximum number of lines in lotto wheels software

The best lotto and lottery wheeling software Wheel-6 can generate up to 100000 lines (combinations) in a lotto wheel consisting of large numbers, like 6 from 49.

Statistical biases in horse racing

There is a number of statistical biases in horse-racing - for instance in a handicap race where top horses carry the top weight and weaker horses the bottom.

Tutorials and help for lottery software

Posted by russ on June 08, 2001. When viewing the tutorials for the LotWon lottery software if you are not a math expert it is very difficult to follow.

Time, Determination, Priorities, Creativity, Generosity

It is important to keep in mind these factors: Time, determination, priority (priorities), creativity, generosity. We must strike a balance between personal interests and doing common good.

Strategy number selection for lotto, loto, lottery software

The science and the art of selecting strategies to run the best lotto software and lottery software ever. It isn't easy, but not rocket science!


School district forced teachers to teach intelligent design as a parallel to theory of evolution. Theory of intelligent design is a disguise of creationism.

Lotto 1,2,3,4,5,6: Same Probability, Lower Degree of Certainty

The lottery combination 1,2,3,4,5,6 has an equal probability of appearance as any other but will be drawn far less frequently: Has a lower degree of certainty.

Upgrade, Updates to Software Lottery, Gambling, Odds

Upgrades, major updates to software applications for lotto, lottery, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, probability, odds, calculators, sum-totals, sums.

Software, Lotto, Lottery, Gambling, Odds, Probability

Web pages 51-100 for software, lotto, lottery, gambling, sports betting, systems, football, calculate probability or odds, algorithms, random number generators.

Lottery wonder grid: lotto strategy, system, software

The best software to win the lottery, entirely based on mathematics theory of probability logic science - created by Ion Saliu, great lottery software developer.

Ion Saliu recommends aiming at lower lottery, lotto prizes

The recommendation for the old lotto and lottery software was to aim at lower lottery prizes and even considering playing static lotto wheels!

Freeware lottery pick digit software, median, money

Upgrade the best pick-3 lottery software. The most comprehensive statistical reports, plus positional ranges for lotto, lottery games in new unique software programs.

Wonder grid lottery strategy hit the lotto jackpot

The first lottery drawing I checked contained my favorite lotto number and 5 lotto numbers of top 25% pairs!


Lottery player is skeptical about the fairness of lottery in general. He thinks the lotteries are rigged, fixed, fraudulent.

Software to reverse order: Statistical, Excel spreadsheets

Software to reverse the order in lotto lottery data, draw, drawing, history files. Can use other types of software as well, like statistical, Excel spreadsheets.

LotWon Lotto Lottery Software Greatly Enhanced in 32-Bit

LotWon lotto and lottery software has been greatly enhanced in the 32-bit versions. No more pesky errors such as 62. The strategy checking software works with huge data files.

Online, Internet Casinos, Gambling Sites Cheat Gamblers

Cyber, online, Internet casinos employ sophisticated schemes to cheat unassuming Internet gamblers. Online casinos cannot survive without cheating, fraud, rip-offs.


The test draws conducted by the lottery commissions prior to the official drawing have no effect on lotto strategies, systems, results files.

Calculate lotto probability of 20 numbers in a 6 of 45

Lottery player wants the formula to calculate the probability or odds for a 20-number system in a lotto game that draws 6 winning numbers from a field of 45.


The founder of lottery mathematics presents real lotto strategies, lottery strategy to win. Procrastination is an obstacle in winning the lottery.

Canadian Lotto 6 49 Draws, Results Database on the Internet

One of many Internet addresses to get the lottery results, draws (drawings), past winning numbers for Canadian Lotto 6-49 or any lottery game in the world.

Proofs of legal or illegal roulette system, strategy

No proofs of legal or illegal roulette system, strategy by a gambler considered to be a scammer. Gambling cheat repeats his roulette system post again and again!

Software, Best Free Software, Download, Search

Search and download a lot of gambling, lotto, lottery, scientific, editing software. Get top keywords and keyphrases on Internet search for software.

Sum-totals, Sums: 5 of 59, 1 of 39 Powerball Lotto Game

The following chart shows all sum-totals in the 5 of 59 and 1 of 39 Powerball game and the amount of corresponding 5 of 59 and 1 of 39 Powerball combinations.

Best Indexing Searching of Internet Search Engines

History and future considerations on Internet searching and search engines. Create the best Internet searching technology of the future.

Sum-totals, sums for 6 of 51 number lotto game

See the chart of all sum-totals or sums in the 6 of 51 number lotto game and the amount of corresponding 6-51 combinations.

Legal Abuse by Law Agencies: Destroy a Human

Servants of the law turn into abusers of the law, even criminals. The spirit of the Law is meant to protect humans, not to destroy lives.

5% Frequency: Lowest lotto number in a lottery drawing

If a lottery drawing that starts with a lotto 6/49 number no less than 20, we successfully filtered out 19 lotto balls, 5% of the times. Play with only 30 lotto numbers sometimes, based on skips.

Powerball, Thunderball, Mega Millions software, systems

Software, systems and strategies applied to Powerball, Mega Millions lotto games. Draw 5 regular numbers, then one more number that can be equal to the previous five.

Triple Crown Horse Racing, Kentucky Derby Results Horses

The importance in wagering of results by post position or horse numbers for Triple Crown horseracing: Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes.

Number of times to run BELLBET, BELLOTTO: Gauss bell curve

Number of times to run BELLBET, BELLOTTO: Generate lottery combinations inside Gauss bell curve. The chance is low to get the lottery straight hit in the first run of the program.

Reagan, Gorbachev: Trust but verify! Fixing Lottery

No software, including lottery and lotto, can be error-free. Always double check; never assume that the lottery software is perfect. Apply the Reagan-Gorbachev saying!

Law Violation Made Easy by Legislature: Damage Award Caps

Current legislation imposes very low caps on damage awards. Win the trial but you wind up in big debt! See relation to casino discrimination against skilled gamblers.

Winning money in Illinois Pick-3 Lottery with Ion lotto

A user of the lotto software and powerful lottery software reported a $500 win in Illinois pick-3 lottery daily game.


Calculate the probability, odds for the best strategy in the two dice and nine cards game, puzzle.

Piracy, Unauthorized Software Distribution by Lotterypost Forum

Piracy, distributing, offering, or selling software without written permission by lottery post forums.


Read about live roulette, issues of online gambling, betting, Internet casinos, trust, fraud.

Lotto Wheels Site for Admirers of Ion Saliu

A visitor and talented lottery player (expert lotto guy) recommends lotto wheels to Ion Saliu's admirers.

State lotteries must run online too or the Internet lottery

State lotteries must run online as well as in ticket stores for best convenience offered by the Internet to lottery players. The future reads Internet Lottery, Lotto online entirely.

Graphical Text File Viewer Software for Windows

This nice text file viewer for Windows is the creation of Cristiano Lopes. The program, CoolRevGUI is mainly a graphical file reverser for lottery.

Ion Saliu's gambling science (roulette, blackjack, casino systems) triggered casino hostility.

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