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  • Important Revision of the Probability Theory, Live! Book (the PDF Version) - Augustus 20, 2014.
    • I activated all bookmarks and links. Navigation is a lot easier by clicking on the hyperlinks. You can read the PDF book, while opening Web pages for useful related information.
    • I updated also all information regarding calculation of the bust odds in the game of blackjack; pertinent URLs are provided.
    • This update is available for free to readers who already bought the previous release of the PDF version of Probability Theory, Live!

  • New Casino Games by Ion Saliu: Parpaluck Blackjack - Augustus 15, 2014.
      Ion Saliu created two new blackjack casino games based on two cards only and blackjack natural payouts, simultaneous BJ natural.

  • Best Forum Pages Were Saved: Gambling, Lottery, Software, Systems, Powerball, Mega Millions, Blackjack, Roulette, Horse Racing, Sports - July 21, 2014.
      The Super Forums came to an end in March of 2014, soon after my… birthday (March 9)! But — there is good news! I have copies in Word format of all posts I published in my forums. I'll have to convert them to HTML — not an easy task. I will republish here the most important posts. Importance is in the mind of the beholder. That is, I decide what materials will see life again. The pages will be listed in the second section.

  • Google Search Panda, Penguin Devilish Updates Hurt Webmasters, Businesses Quality Sites - April 27, 2012; November 22, 2013.
      Two new asphyxiating Google updates, Panda and Penguin, like the Florida update in 2003. After these updates, commercial pages were dropped or, at least, moved way down the rankings. Most webmasters realized immediately that Google was maintaining a list of money-words. Based on that greedy list, the non-commercial (informative) sites were listed at the very top of search results. Meanwhile, all commercial sites were most likely dropped from the first 10 or so result-pages. Clearly, the intent was to force commercial sites into advertising (Google AdWords), thusly allowing Google to make a lot more money.

      According to The New York Times, Google will be reviewed by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC):

      Federal regulators escalated their antitrust investigation of Google on Thursday by hiring a prominent litigator, sending a strong signal that they are prepared to take the Internet giant to court.

      "The Federal Trade Commission is examining Google's immensely powerful and lucrative search technology, which directs users to hundreds of millions of online and offline destinations every day. The case has the potential to be the biggest showdown between regulators and Silicon Valley since the government took on Microsoft 14 years ago."

  • Lottery - All About Lottery – Mathematics, Social Purpose, History, Software, Systems - June 18, 2013.

      The first lottery systems, followed later by gambling systems, were based on observation. It all happened long before the computers were invented. Such manual gambling systems are still in usage today, especially by old players and women. The so-called paper-and-pencil systems, for example, count how many times lottery numbers were drawn and how they were paired.

      The negative camp will stress two points in the modern era. One is a reminiscence of the mysticism era: fetishism. The other is pseudo-mathematical. They represent the facts in a fashion that belongs to fetishism. They claim, in a vocal manner: "The lottery is random" — as if there were other phenomena that are non-random! The fetishism factor: "The lotto balls don't have memory" — as if plastic balls were human beings to remember rules!

      • "The lotto balls don't have memory" is reminiscent of the mystical era. "The lottery is random" represents “modern pseudo-mathematics”.

  • Microsoft Windows 8: Schizophrenic Computer Operating System - November 3, 2012; May 10, 2013.

  • Google Search, Google Shit Anthem of Internet After Panda Penguin Updates - March 25, 2013.
      After Google released the Panda, Penguin updates, there is a loud anthem all over the Internet: Google Search, Google Shit.

  • Odds of One Powerball Jackpot Winner Relative to Prize Money or Number of Tickets Sold - November 29 & 30, 2012.
      What are the odds that at least one ticket will win the Powerball jackpot relative to the amount of prize money; e.g. 590 million dolars? See the accurate answer here … and then some Mega Millions included!

  • The Best Software to Calculate Odds (Probabilities) For Any Lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, SuperLotto Plus, Keno, Horse Racing - October 31, 2012.

  • Ion Saliu's Special Freeware: Software, Lotto Wheels, Blackjack, Roulette, Systems, Random Numbers, Lexicographic Algorithms, Backup, Source Code - October 26, 2012.

  • Software News: Lotto, Lottery, Horse Racing, Pairs Programs, LIE Strategy - May 29, 2012.
      The latest updates, plus error fixes to Bright lotto software, lottery software, horse racing programs. Lottery pairings and LIE elimination, combination reduction, reversed lotto strategies are emphasized.

  • Triple Crown History: Winning Horses Ranked by Program Numbers at Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, Belmont Stakes - April 27, 2012.
      The Triple Crown horse races are Kentucky Derby, Preakness Stakes, and Belmont Stakes. The past results or past winning horses are ranked by program numbers or post positions or betting numbers, trifectas. Large databases are also offered for free, one is from the beginning of the race: Kentucky Derby.

  • Draw the Golden Ratio, or Golden Proportion, or Divine Proportion; The Golden Number(s) in Geometrical Representation - March 16, 2012; last update March 20, 2012.
      I've seen quite a few misrepresentations of the Golden Ratio in its geometrical form. Wikipedia even erased a few badly constructed drawings of PHI! In fact, drawing the Divine Proportion is an easy procedure. You can find here the best methodology to divide a segment into two parts, a, b that satisfy the Golden Proportion. Segment b divided by segment a equals segment a divided by the entire segment a + b.

      You will find also some original mathematical concepts and procedures.

  • The Demise of Gambler's Fallacy, Reversed Gambler's Fallacy Caused by Ion Saliu and the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) - November 18, 2011.
      The infamous Gambler's Fallacy was the first bullet shot at yours truly, as it were. I was promoting the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG) and potentially winning gambling systems derived from the FFG. My opponents, most of them vociferous and aggressive, posed me with this “mathematical” situation:

      “You lose once; the probability that you will lose next time is the same as before. You lose twice; the probability that you will lose the third time in a row is the same as before.... and so on.... ad infinitum, if you will....” It's like a god of odds will always “create” losing outcomes for the player (always winning situations for the gambling house)!

      My forums, new and old, always have been a place of debating the gambler's fallacy and the reversed gambler's fallacy.

  • The Super Upgrade to BRIGHT6.EXE: High-Powered Lotto-6 Software - February 28, 2011; last update September 14, 2011.
      High-powered integrated lotto-6 software — the most powerful software packages for 6-number lotto games. Powerful features were added, plus a far superior documentation. This is absolutely a must-have upgrade of the best lotto software that ever was!
        The latest update incorporates the new lotto program UserGroups6.exe that works with groups of numbers, user created or computer generated. The lotto number groups are odd, even, low, high, frequency numbers, sum-totals.

  • The Super Upgrade to BRIGHT5.EXE: High-Powered Lotto-5 Software - December 30, 2010; last update September 14, 2011.
      High-powered integrated lotto-5 software — the most powerful software packages for 5-number lotto games. Powerful features were added, plus a far superior documentation. This is absolutely a must-have upgrade of the best lotto software that ever was!
        The latest update incorporates the new lotto program UserGroups5.exe that works with groups of numbers, user created or computer generated. The lotto number groups are odd, even, low, high, frequency numbers, sum-totals.

  • The Super Upgrade to BRIGHTh3.EXE: High-Powered Integrated Horseracing Software - May 20, 2011; last update August 18, 2011.
      The new high-power software for horse race wagering: BRIGHTh3.EXE — Serious software for serious horseracing bettors. Powerful features were added, plus a far superior documentation. This is absolutely a must-have upgrade of the best horse-racing software that ever was!

  • The Super Upgrade to BRIGHT4.EXE: High-Powered Integrated Pick-4 Lottery Software - April 26, 2011; last update August 18, 2011.
      The new high-power pick-4 lottery software: BRIGHT4.EXE: Serious 4-digit lotto software for serious lottery players. Powerful features were added, plus a far superior documentation. This is absolutely a must-have upgrade of the best pick-4 lottery software that ever was!

  • The Super Upgrade to BRIGHT3.EXE: High-Powered Integrated Pick-3 Lottery Software - April 1+0, 2011; last update August 18, 2011.
      The new high-power pick-3 lottery software: BRIGHT3.EXE: Serious lotto 3 software for serious lottery players. Powerful features were added, plus a far superior documentation. This is absolutely a must-have upgrade of the best pick-3 lottery software that ever was!

  • Scientia: Scientific Software for Mathematics, Probability, Statistics - April 11, 2011.
      Scientia is the best scientific software for mathematics, probability, odds calculations, statistics, combinatorics. It is a collection of powerful scientific programs previously available separately only.

  • XCOPY Command: The Best Backup Procedure, Method, Software in Windows - April 05, 2011.
      Using the XCOPY command of Command Prompt, we can create the best and easiest method to backup often-modified directories (folders) and files. Download a BASIC program and a batch file to make your backing up chores easy, even fun.

  • Upgraded Roulette System Based on Wheel Halves, Sectors, Layout, Bias, Betting - October 21, 2010.
      This is the original roulette system based on which wheel half the ball landed. Saliu roulette positional system was pirated and distributed at exorbitant prices by genuinewinner, Stefano Hourmouzis, Australia.
    • High-powered integrated roulette software - August 8, 2010; updated October 20, 2010.
        This is the most powerful roulette software application anywhere. It bundles in a convenient system the most important pieces of roulette software created by Ion Saliu. The latest version includes wheel layout forms to quickly and accurately apply the roulette system based on wheel halves layout, bias betting — the original roulette system that was pirated and distributed at exorbitant prices.
        Version 2.0; software category: 5.5.

    There is even a special musical welcome from the forum administrator:

  • El Compositor (The Composer) on YouTube - Music by Don Gabito of Puerto Rico; classical arrangement and vocals by Ion Saliu Parpaluck. Don Gabito and Parpaluck are the greatest musicians the world has never heard of!

    The Super Roulette Strategy: The Best Winning Roulette Systems. The Super Roulette Strategy: The Best Roulette Systems Ever Released = Now Free! - November 18, 2005; February 4, 2006; May 5, 2009.

      Updated software: SuperRoulette.exe, Roulette.exe, version 5.0. Possibly, this is the most advanced and promising act in roulette software programming. The new upgrade separates the roulette reports by the wheel type: Single-zero or double-zero. These programs perform multiple analyses of roulette spins: Real-life roulette spins from any casino or randomly generated roulette spins. The skips are calculated by the strict method of the Fundamental Formula of Gambling (FFG). The FFG skip is higher by 1 compared to the skip in the lottery software.

  • How To Run LotWon Lottery Software At The Command Prompt In Windows XP And Vista - April 1+0; April 4, 2009.
      How to run the best lottery programs and lotto software at the 'Command Prompt' in Windows XP and Vista, including 64-bit. All the information needed for under-the-hood operating ... the operating system.

    Results, Statistical Analyses for NFL, Powerball, Mega Millions, Pick Lotteries, Euromillions (Euromillones, Euromilhoes) - January 10, 2009 (2008 since tribunicia potestas).

      Posting the results (past drawings, scores) in NFL football, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, Euromillones, Euromilhoes. Covers also the pick-3 and pick 4 lotteries. Importantly, there are some meaningful statistical reports ranking the numbers by frequency, from hot to cold (applicable to Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions); the latest is the hottest; or, as they say, the trend is your friend, for it doesn't bend (too quickly, that is).

    Welcome to forums for lottery, software, gambling, lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions! The Official User's Guide To MDIEditor And Lotto WE - October 12, 2006.

      MDIEditor And Lotto WE Software: Tutorial, User Guide, Instructions. A comprehensive lotto and lottery manual.

    Visual Tutorial to Bright6.EXE and the Ultimate Lotto and Lottery Software - Ginuary 5, 2008.

      This is the book of Bright.EXE and the best-in-the-world software for lotto and lottery. The manual consists of a screen-by-screen tutorial. Applicable to the entire collection of Ion Saliu's gambling and lottery software.

    Lotto wheels for lotto games drawing 5, 6, or 7 numbers - May 29, 2008.

      The most advanced theory of lotto wheels or reduced lottery systems. Get also original lotto wheels for lotto games drawing 5, 6, or 7 numbers: Balanced, randomized, and free.

      An inventory of free and outrageously priced roulette systems - May 18 & 24, 2008.
        An inventory of roulette systems that only the casinos would be so fiercely aggressive and sell roulette and gambling systems priced from US $5000 (five thousand) to US $40000 (forty thousand)!

      Membership is required to download software, systems for lotto, lottery, gambling, probability. Download Great Free Software: Paid Membership Required - August 13, 2007.

        I decided to enforce a form of paid membership for the glorious visitors who also want to download my free lottery, gambling and scientific software at

      Study mathematics, probability, logarithms of gambling formula. The Fundamental Formula Of Gambling, Degree of Certainty, Probability Theory, Mathematics.

        Presenting the most astonishing formula in gambling mathematics, widely known now as FFG. Indeed, it is the most essential formula of theory of probability. This formula was directly derived from the most fundamental formula of probability: Number of favorable cases, n, over Total possible cases, N: n / N.

    • The occult science is mathematics, probability theory for casino gambling, blackjack, martingale. The Occult Science Of Gambling - August 16 & October 25, 2004 (4 WE).
      The Fear_Survival system never sleeps!
        Gambling is a branch of science: a part of mathematics and theory of probability. The occult aspect is caused by the absurdity of absolute certainty.

    • Theory of Probability: Best introduction, formulae, algorithms, software - August 16, 2004; final version October 8, 2004.
        Theory of Probability: The best introduction to probability theory, formulae, software, algorithms, equations, calculations, probability problems, probability paradoxes.
      Calculate the probability that NO man will be paired with his own wife in a swapping party; NO woman will be paired with her own husband. A lot more on hypergeometric distribution probability.

      Mathematics Of Combinatorics:

      • Calculate, generate permutations (factorial), sets, arrangements, combinations (including Powerball), exponents for any numbers and words - August 17 & 19, 2003.
          Software to generate every possible form of sets, random or lexicographic: Exponents, permutations, combinations, arrangements, plus lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions, horses.
      • Lexicographic, lexicographical order, index, ranking, sets: permutations, exponential sets, combinations - August 25, 2003.
      Software to find the index, order, rank, numeral of sets: Exponents, permutations, combinations, arrangements, plus lotto, Powerball, Mega Millions, Euromillions.

    • Standard Deviation: The Watchdog Of Probability (Random, Stochastic) Events - final version March 9, 2005.
        Standard deviation: Basics, mathematics, statistics, formula, software, algorithm. The most thorough analysis of standard deviation, variance, volatility, dispersion.

    • The Birthday Paradox: Combinatorics, Probability, Software, Pick 3 Lottery, Roulette, Social Security Number (SSN), Genetic Code - May 28 & August 16, 2004 — last update June 25, 2005 (5 WE).
        Software to calculate the 'Birthday Paradox': Probability that at least two persons share the same birthday. Analysis extended to many other real life situations related to coincidences, duplication, or collisions.

    This is the forum for Truth, including lotto, gambling, roulette, blackjack, software at its best.

    Theory of Probability Book consists of valuable mathematical discoveries applied to software. Read Ion Saliu's first book in print: Probability Theory, Live!
    ~ Founded on valuable mathematical discoveries with a wide range of scientific applications, including probability theory applied to software, systems for gambling, lottery, lotto, horse racing, sports betting, mathematics, statistics.

      Ion Saliu on YouTube:

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